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Cory Lidle’s Plane Crash

The story of Cory Lidle’s plane crash into a New York City building seems bizarre to me. The trajectory that the plane took to crash into the building was completely unexpected, and the presence of an experienced flight instructor on the plane as it crashed for virtually no reason defies explanation.

Susan Custer has posted and her analysis. I have somewhat of a different take than Susan’s:

Lidle was an Aries, independent and self-directed. Aries people don’t like to take orders, and Cory Lidle was no exception from all accounts. Pluto was nearly exactly opposite his Sun, showing an individual who has difficulty with authority figures (Pluto represents power and death) and a need to come face to face with death and experience life on the deepest level. His Jupiter squared both the Sun and Pluto, adding a reckless (Jupiter) approach to the need to confront death. He was known for immersing himself completely in whatever he became involved in, and flying was no exception.

Jupiter in his chart was in Capricorn, giving him a strong work ethic and need to achieve that conflicted with the independence of his Aries Sun. Mars in his chart was in Taurus, which desires peace and serenity and stability — not the adventures that his Aries Sun required. There is thus an inner conflict between the need for accomplishment and stability of the earthy Capricorn and Taurus battling with the adventurous Aries.

As Susan writes, depending on the exact placement of his Moon Lidle had a Grand Cross in the Cardinal signs of Aries (Sun/Chiron/Mercury), Libra (Pluto), Cancer (Moon) and Capricorn (Jupiter). The Grand Cross is the most difficult of all of the major aspects, but it also creates the […]

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Saturn/Neptune and the Demise of the GOP

Even conservatives are now reporting the likelihood that the Democrats will win at least one seat in the house in November. The number of emerging scandals decimating the Republicans is staggering:

  • First Bob Woodward’s book State of Denial reports what many have been saying for years: that the Bush White House flagrantly ignored reports from his generals on the ground and the intelligence community that the insurgency was growing and the US-led attempt to transform Iraq into a democracy was a failure – all the while proclaiming success to the American public.
  • Then the Mark Foley scandal erupted, indicating that GOP Speaker Denny Hastert knew about allegations of Foley’s improper conduct and did nothing to eliminate it. Yesterday an email was published from Foley to Jeb Bush where Foley complained about being snubbed by the President during a visit to Florida, and there is speculation that the knowledge of Foley’s misadventures went all the way to the White House.
  • Next comes a new book by David Kuo, the #2 man in Bush’s Faith-Based Initiatives program, who claims that the Bush White House exploited evangelican supportives, promising faith-based initiatives and failing to fund them, all the while calling them “the nuts” and saying they were “out of control” and “ridiculous.”
  • The parliament in Iraq passed a law allowing the formation of federal regions, a move that is likely to lead to civil war.

The opposition of Saturn to Neptune which began in late August and continues until next summer was predicted to bring the end (Saturn) of illusions (Neptune). It was, after all, the dominating planetary influence during the Watergate scandal. Neptune tends […]

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Astrology goes on the watch list in Saudi Arabia

From the Kuwaiti Times:

Powerful clerics in Saudi Arabia have warned Arab media against publishing “forbidden” horoscopes, which are hugely popular despite a clerical ban. “This is astrology, which is forbidden and is considered as a form of magic,” a committee of senior Saudi clerics said in a statement published on state news agency SPA late on Saturday. “The committee reminds Muslims and journalists in particular that it is their obligation to take advice from God, His Prophet and the clergy,” it said, adding that all schools of Islamic law forbid such practices.

“Certain newspapers and magazines have adopted the practice of carrying articles on astrology with catchy headlines which trick those who are unaware that astrology, horoscopes and fortune-telling are forbidden,” said the statement. “Certain satellite television channels have also grown accustomed to broadcasting programmes on astrology and fortune-telling,” said the statement carried by Saudi dailies. “All such practices are forbidden as they are a form of magic … that claims to see the unseen world.”

In Saudi Arabia, clerics of a puritanical school of Islam known as Wahhabism oversee the strict application of their reading of Islamic Sharia law. But they are concerned about liberal trends spreading in the Gulf Arab country of 24 million. “Believing that a certain star can be the cause of happiness or misfortune is a superstition from the pre-Islamic age…,” the prominent clerics said. Saudi-owned newspapers based in London such as Asharq Al-Awsat and Al-Hayat have started publishing horoscopes in recent years and fortune tellers appear on Saudi-owned television stations based outside the kingdom.

Papers within the kingdom stick to the Wahhabi line. “Many Saudis don’t know their birth date on the Christian calendar so they don’t care about horoscopes, but the new generation is […]

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Owen Wilson’s relationship issues

OwenYou can tell Owen Wilson is unusual the first time you see him in a film. Shaggy hair, crooked nose: he doesn’t look like your everyday film star. And even though the parts he plays are typically the sophomoric doofus, his presence lingers and suggests a deeper and more complex character lies beneath. His astrological chart suggests that the same is true for Wilson himself. Recent gossip reports have suggested that Kate Hudson has left her husband for a romance with Owen Wilson, so I looked into their charts for the National Ledger entertainment column.

Owen Wilson has the Sun in Scorpio, along with three other planets (Neptune, Mercury and the Moon), giving him an exceptionally strong intensity and passion in everything he does. Scorpio is a fiery water sign that is anchored in the realm of the emotional underworld; the dark and deep underbelly of our feelings that others may fear to witness. There is a great deal of courage in the Scorpio personality, since they are the ones willing to face their inner demons and become transformed by them. This doesn’t sound like the Owen Wilson that we see in films, but this is due to the fact that it is actually the sign that is rising in the chart, the ascendant or rising sign, that describes the outward personality. The rising sign is determined by the time of birth, and this is rarely available for celebrities so all we can do is make a guess, and in Wilson’s case I would guess his rising sign to be something fiery such as Leo or Sagittarius. Wilson himself has said that he is surprised he ended […]

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The Archetype and Astrological History of Ceres

CeresPart I: A history of the use of Asteroids in Astrology

Ceres was first discovered in 1801 and immediately classified as a planet. Shortly thereafter, several other bodies were discovered and classified as planets beginning with Pallas in 1802, Juno in 1804, Vesta in 1807, and later Astraea in 1845. When Neptune was discovered in 1846, it was much larger than the other bodies and was therefore retained as a planet and the others were demoted to the asteroid belt along with thousands more asteroids that were discovered over the next 200 years. The “major” asteroids languished there until in a surge of interest in women’s issues in the 1960s and 1970s inspired the later use of the asteroids in astrological analysis.

We could argue that the modern women’s movement in the US began in 1966 with the founding of the National Organization of Women (NOW) (it incorporated formally the following year) when the Uranus and Pluto were exactly conjunct in Virgo, setting off cultural revolutions of various kinds around the world. In the mid to late 1970s the feminist movement inspired research into the history of women in societies that were matriarchal in nature, and the subsequent return of goddess worship in the form of neo-pagan rituals. In 1976, with Saturn trine Neptune, Merlin Stone’s book When God was a Woman retold the Judaeo-Christian story from the feminine perspective, reaching back beyond the god Yahweh to earlier matriarchal cultures and female deities. This groundbreaking work opened the doors to the study of earlier goddesses and their applications in women’s issues.

In the astrological pantheon of the time Venus was the only feminine archetypes. The love goddess that we know as Venus is significantly watered down from her origins […]

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