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Jeffrey Kishner also posted on Mel Gibson’s Midheaven problems (thanks for the link Jeffrey!):

Mel was born with a Pisces Midheaven. His public image is that of Christ and the alcoholic, both archetypal expressions of Pisces. Pisces has two rulers — Neptune is the modern ruler, and Jupiter is the traditional ruler. His Jupiter is in Virgo, conjunct Pluto and square Saturn. Jupiter is the planet of religion and faith — his beliefs (Jupiter) are somewhat critical (Virgo), and he is also extremist (Pluto) and judgmental and rigid (Saturn) with regards to issues of faith.


Transiting retrograde Pluto on Friday 7/28 was at 24 degrees, 27 minutes Sagittarius. According to the birth time of 4:45 pm on January 3, 1956 in Peekskill, NY (chart), Mel’s Midheaven is at 24 degrees, 22 minutes Pisces — an exact square (give 5 minutes, which is a twelfth of a degree). Hence, the planet of destruction and rebirth is tearing down Mel’s public image, as well as exposing his Piscean complexes.

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Mel Gibson’s Meltdown

Mel Gibson has long been one of the most likeable and bankable stars in Hollywood. His charming and amusing character in the Lethal Weapon series brought women streaming into the theaters, something unheard of for action films. However, during the promotion and distribution of his film the Passion of the Christ a couple of years ago, chinks began to appear in the armor of his well packaged presence as stories of Gibson’s extremist views began to appear in the press.

Although these views and the fear of the spread of anti-semitism that surrounded the release of the Passion of the Christ subsided, they erupted again this week when Gibson was arrested for drunk driving while speeding in Malibu. A leaked police report has now surfaced at, revealing Gibson’s statements including his saying over and over “My life is f*&cked.” He also ranted about Jews being responsible for all the wars in the world (the arresting officer is Jewish) though he later apologized, saying that he has battled alcoholism throughout his life. Yesterday he issued a very peculiar statement, asking Jews to help him with his recovery in a frantic effort to salvage his reputation.

Mel Gibson has a Capricorn Sun, with a strong focus in responsibility and hard work. The Capricorn nature is to lead and to seek authority and respect, and Gibson’s Sun falls right on the cusp of his seventh house of marriage and partnerships, showing that these partnerships are very important to him and fuel his personal growth. (He has been married to the same partner for over 20 years, a rarity in Hollywood).

Gibson has some challenging planetary systems in his chart, […]

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Israel and the Second Saturn Return

is best known as the astrologer who writes the Vanity Fair sun sign column, and as you know, I have little respect for astrologers who try to condense this ancient art into an attempt to predict the future based on sun signs. But he has some interesting things to say about Israel/Palestine and its second Saturn Return which is approaching beginning in September and continuing through next year, as well as the planetary influences on suicide bombers..

The Saturn Return occurs when Saturn returns to its place in the birthchart – the first Saturn Return occurs at age 28-30 and is a time when we are tested for our ability to leave childhood behind and grow into adulthood. It can be a time of great success, or great failures. The second Saturn Return is around age 56-59, and our ability to successfully navigate through life’s structured passageways is confronted. This is the doorway to the “third age,” the time when we begin to ease off our responsibilities (as represented by Saturn) and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

From Michael Lutin:

If you speak fluent Hebrew
could you please explain to Israeli authorities
what the Saturn return is all about?
the Saturn return of Israel/Palestine
means that the events of these past weeks
will last well into 2007
This situation is setting off the Saturn return
and what’s going on there now
is setting up a situation that’s going to last a long long time
The roots of this situation go back to 1977
then 1948 when Israel/Palestine was first formed
and then back even further.
To solve the problem
new boundaries will eventually be created
and that may take a long long […]

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Skywatch for August is posted

You can read the whole article here but here is an excerpt. Much of this month’s article has to do with the major planetary events of 2006: Jupiter’s ride through Scorpio, Jupiter trine Uranus, and an introduction to the opposition of Saturn to Neptune which is moving into place:

The introduction:

We begin the month of August with four planets traveling retrograde: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. While there is a strong push by these “outer” or “transpersonal” planets to force us to re-engage ourselves in the process of accelerating our personal development, the personal planets (including Mercury and Jupiter which were retrograding over the past couple of months) are now moving forward and helping us to move forward as well.

The elemental balance, however, is not providing a great deal of fire energy to facilitate that process, with most of the planets now in earth and water signs. The elements of earth and water deal with the more passive (yin), or receptive energies; they are more concerned with the practical details (earth) and emotional connections (water) of life on Planet Earth. Mars, the planet of physical drive, is in Virgo now where it prefers to make plans and strategies than take direct action. Venus, governing relationships and interpersonal interaction, and Mercury, the planet of communication and short journeys, are both in Cancer where the focus turns to home life and feeding the family.

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A transit of Neptune – Astrological Advice

As some of you know, I write an advice column for Innerchange Magazine, and from time to time I will post some of the more interesting questions. Here’s one that came in the other day:

Q: I know a bit about astrology, but have not been able to find a satisfactory explanation of combination of transits that are now occurring in my chart. Neptune is on my ASC and Pluto is on my DSC, in exact opposition. This is a slow-moving influence, and websites call it “generational.” Do you know how this opposition might play out in my life and evolution?

A: While it is true that the opposition from transiting Neptune to natal Pluto is generational, it is still a powerful and life changing event. I disagree with certain astrologers who claim that the “generational” transits are limited in their effect on personal charts. While it is true that these transits are affecting a large group of people at the same time, the effect of the transit is still a powerful one.

That being said, this transit is especially powerful for you because it falls on the angles of your birthchart. Pluto in your chart is “angular”, it lies on the axis of the cusp of the seventh house (the descendant), opposing the ascendant. Pluto deals with issues of power, and on the asc/desc axis these power issues will play out primarily in relationships with others. Therefore, the transit of Neptune over your ascendant will aspect not only Pluto but the asc/desc axis as well. Transits of outer planets over any of the angles tend to produce major shifts in the life of an individual. Neptune transits can be challenging for many, and for you (with both Sun and Mars in […]

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