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The death of Jonbenet Ramsey

The news that a suspect has been arrested in the murder of the young beauty queen ten years ago brought relief to some and more questions to others. The statements by John Mark Karr that he drugged and had sex with Jonbenet but killed her “by accident” doesn’t seem to square with the details of her death. No semen was found at the scene, and there was no sign of drugs, and this news has reopened the mystery of who killed Jonbenet Ramsey. No one escaped suspicion in the murder – not the father, the mother, the brother or the family friends.

Jonbenet’s chart (birth data from Astrodatabank) has a creepy quality to me – there’s a Grand Cross in fixed planets that includes Mars in Taurus (motivated to maintain security and harmony) in the twelfth house (a karmic placement that often involves sacrifice (12th house) of the will (Mars) of the individual, often to the family dynamic. Mars exactly opposes (180 degrees) Pluto in Scorpio in the sixth house. Taurus and Scorpio both have a strong sexual component; Taurus is sensual and requires sensory stimulation and Pluto deals with the darker and more obsessive aspects of sexuality. Mars and Pluto similarly deal with sex – Mars with the pure sex drive and Pluto with, again, the more compulsive need to transform through sexuality. The Mars/Pluto opposition in Taurus/Scorpio is strongly sexual and often indicates either a tendency to attract violence (particularly in the twelfth house where it remains hidden).

This opposition squares another opposition: the opposition between the Sun and the Moon. The Sun often represents the father in a birthchart and the Moon the mother, and here it appears that the father was the more nurturing parent and the […]

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I’ll be at the Expo in Raleigh this weekend

If you’re anywhere near the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina this weekend join me at the Body Mind Spirit Expo at the NC Fairgrounds in Raleigh. I’ll be doing 20-minute mini readings so it’s a good time to get a quick checkup, and my husband Rich will be selling beautiful crystals and minerals. If you want to reserve a time slot for a reading send me an email before the show. Otherwise, just stop by!

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Conspiracy and terrorism

I was never much of a conspiracy buff until a few years ago, although I did always think that JFK was assassinated by J Edgar Hoover. But after September 11 and inspiration, I became a voracious reader on all things conspiratorial. So when I read that in the UK and in Europe biometric screenings (iris screening, shades of Big Brother) are being proposed as a security measure I became suspicious. I don’t want to die in a terrorist bombing any more than the next person, but nor do I want my freedom to be hijacked in exchange for my fear.

News reports over the next few days are calling into question the veracity of the terror plot in the UK, including one from former British Ambassador Craig Murray who said that the fact that the suspects had no bomb equipment and no passports made the whole “plot” seem trumped up. interviewed Brits on the street and found them skeptical about the whole thing.

So I was very interested in astrological take on this, particularly since she lives in the UK. She reports (I’ve snipped a bit)

Up till last Thursday I had an open mind about conspiracy theories. Now after having a good look round the internet, at the reactions to the events of the last few days here in the UK, it seems that fear is fear no matter how it’s repackaged and labeled as ‘what’s really going on’.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s possible this bomb plot discovery has been publicised for a reason (Saturn in Leo remember), but that doesn’t automatically make it a puppet show. The other […]

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Astrologers get new planets!

AND we get to keep Pluto if a proposal by a committee of the International Astronomical Union is passed.

I’ll write more on this as I have time, but the new bodies classified as planets are Charon (formerly known as Pluto’s largest moon but now considered a trin planet), Ceres (formerly termed an asteroid), and 2003 UB 313 (temporarily nicknamed Xena – a name which I hope will become permanent!!).

The significance of Charon now being considered a twin planet of Pluto may tell us how Charon operates astrologically. Charon was the ferryman who brought the newly dead across the river to the god Pluto. Charon may therefore have significance as to the process of transformation and resurrection.

Stay tuned as more information unfolds! I’ll be cruising the astrology boards to gather more details.

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Upcoming Saturn cycles and financial considerations

This is not a doom and gloom column, but it’s useful to be prepared when difficult times are ahead, and we have a few configurations coming that will put pressure on the financial markets and create some economic instability.

Jupiter and Saturn will make the final square of their year-long dance, forcing a confrontation between our desire for expansion and growth (Jupiter) and the hard cold facts of reality (Saturn). This occurs is nearly simultaneous to the first phase of the opposition between Saturn and Neptune (glamor and illusion) which will force us to face any delusions that we have been harboring.

This column is full of references to the significance of Pluto’s travels through Sagittarius (1995-2008) which are nearly complete, but one highlight of this cycle which is relevant to this discussion is the obsessive (Pluto) optimism (Sagittarius) which has been so pronounced during this period. The rise and fall of financial markets is based on the confidence (Sag) of consumers, and the entry of Pluto into Sagittarius in February of 1995 witnessed the Dow Industrial’s first ever close above 4,000 points. As we know, the stock market continued to rise driven by the dot com industries. (Uranus, which rules technology, had just entered the sign of Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus and therefore shares its attributes and technology became the rule of the day.) [Side note: the entry of Pluto into Sag also coincided with the Oklahoma City bombing which was the first of the major terrorist attacks in the US.] The stock market bubble did pop in 2000 when Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Taurus (material security).

The Pluto in Sagittarius cycle also has seen a worldwide rise in housing prices as […]

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