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Full Moon coming into view

The Full Moon is still a few days away, but its energy is beginning to make itself known. This Full Moon is in Aquarius, opposing the Sun in Leo. Over the past week we have seen Mars beginning a harmonious dance with Jupiter which reaches the exact degree on August 8. During this first week there will be an expansion (Jupiter) of energy (Mars) available that will help to shake out the cobwebs of the inward push we have been experiencing with five retrograde planets during July. This provides an excellent lead-up to the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 9 (at 6:54 am EST).

This is a powerful Full Moon, nearly exactly conjunct the Saturn/Neptune opposition. The Full Moon occurs when the instinctive and unconscious principle of the Moon is illuminated by the conscious principle of the Sun. We have greater access to our creativity during this period, as well as our own inner sense of power which is released by the solarization of the unconscious. During this Full Moon the Sun conjuncts Saturn in Leo, bringing a stabilizing force desiring a practical application. The Moon is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius, expanding our creativity and inner awareness, as well as our ability to transcend the details of our reality and experience the source of all creation. There is potential here for a great transformation of consciousness if these two opposing polarities can be balanced and integrated during the shadow period of the Full Moon, three or four days before and after August 9.

However, unless there is a conscious awareness and application of intention this could also be a confusing time where we feel we are standing on sands that shift and provide no stability. Venus and Mercury are dancing towards […]

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Jupiter/Saturn: Possibilities + Boundaries = Wisdom

2006 has been an intense year so far, with planetary dances creating a cycle that alternates between a building of tension through the hard aspects: squares (between Jupiter and Neptune and between Jupiter and Saturn) and oppositions (Saturn to Chiron); and an opening of the doors of consciousness and awareness through the flowing aspect of the trine (Uranus and Jupiter).

The two planets that dominate these cycles are Jupiter (expansion and possibilities) and Saturn (contraction and boundaries). These two planets have been dancing in a square (challenging aspect) since December of 2005 and this cycle will conclude in late October of this year. Jupiter wants to expand our awareness, and Saturn wants to impose limitations. Jupiter believes all things are possible, and Saturn can be cold and judgmental, sowing the seeds of discontent. Saturn is often seen as the bad guy in this cycle, throwing a wet blanket over Jupiter’s exuberance and spoiling the fun. However, while Jupiter’s influence is no doubt a more enjoyable one, it is Saturn that teaches wisdom and practicality, providing the security that is needed to live on Planet Earth.

Jupiter is said to rule the sign of Sagittarius, and because Pluto is traveling through the tail end of Sagittarius the issues of Jupiter are in the process of being transformed by Pluto. Jupiter is said to be the “greater benefic,” and bestows good fortune and positive thinking. Jupiter is the principle that positive thoughts reap positive outcomes, and tends to be optimistic and expansive, ready to take advantage of all opportunities. Jupiter, of course, was King of the Gods, and as such he was the ruler of all and created his own […]

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Happy Lunasa!!

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Also spelled Lughnasad and later called Lammas, this holiday is traditionally celebrated on August 1st but as a cross-quarter day (halfway between the solstice and equinox) is more properly when the Sun is at 15 degrees Leo which is the midpoint between the Summer Solstice and the Autumnal Equinox, although it is also sometimes celebrated on the full moon nearest the midpoint.

For modern pagans, the cross-quarter days are the most magical times of the year, when the veil between the worlds (the spiritual and physical planes) becomes thinner and more easily traveled.

Lughnasadh is an ancient Celtic festival honoring the god Lugh for his triumph over the spirits of the other world who tried to keep the harvest for themselves. It was a celebration of the abundance of the Earth, and also a time of sports and games to celebrate good health and physical vitality, all aspects of Leo. Some sources say that Lughnasadh was a time for the crowning of kings, another correspondence of Leo. In some traditions this is a time when the corn god is sacrificed in order to guarantee the harvest, and the eating of bread is a major part of rituals and celebrations of the festival.

The Lughnasadh festival was later reborn in Medieval Christianity as Lammas (loaf-mass), in which a loaf of bread made from the newly harvested wheat was brought to church. St. Catherine’s Day was often celebrated at Lammas with the Catherine Wheel which was set aflame and rolled down a hill, reminiscent of the pagan fire festivals of the cross quarter days.

This year the accurate cross-quarter date falls on August 6, with the closest Full Moon […]

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More on Mel

Jeffrey Kishner also posted on Mel Gibson’s Midheaven problems (thanks for the link Jeffrey!):

Mel was born with a Pisces Midheaven. His public image is that of Christ and the alcoholic, both archetypal expressions of Pisces. Pisces has two rulers — Neptune is the modern ruler, and Jupiter is the traditional ruler. His Jupiter is in Virgo, conjunct Pluto and square Saturn. Jupiter is the planet of religion and faith — his beliefs (Jupiter) are somewhat critical (Virgo), and he is also extremist (Pluto) and judgmental and rigid (Saturn) with regards to issues of faith.


Transiting retrograde Pluto on Friday 7/28 was at 24 degrees, 27 minutes Sagittarius. According to the birth time of 4:45 pm on January 3, 1956 in Peekskill, NY (chart), Mel’s Midheaven is at 24 degrees, 22 minutes Pisces — an exact square (give 5 minutes, which is a twelfth of a degree). Hence, the planet of destruction and rebirth is tearing down Mel’s public image, as well as exposing his Piscean complexes.

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Mel Gibson’s Meltdown

Mel Gibson has long been one of the most likeable and bankable stars in Hollywood. His charming and amusing character in the Lethal Weapon series brought women streaming into the theaters, something unheard of for action films. However, during the promotion and distribution of his film the Passion of the Christ a couple of years ago, chinks began to appear in the armor of his well packaged presence as stories of Gibson’s extremist views began to appear in the press.

Although these views and the fear of the spread of anti-semitism that surrounded the release of the Passion of the Christ subsided, they erupted again this week when Gibson was arrested for drunk driving while speeding in Malibu. A leaked police report has now surfaced at, revealing Gibson’s statements including his saying over and over “My life is f*&cked.” He also ranted about Jews being responsible for all the wars in the world (the arresting officer is Jewish) though he later apologized, saying that he has battled alcoholism throughout his life. Yesterday he issued a very peculiar statement, asking Jews to help him with his recovery in a frantic effort to salvage his reputation.

Mel Gibson has a Capricorn Sun, with a strong focus in responsibility and hard work. The Capricorn nature is to lead and to seek authority and respect, and Gibson’s Sun falls right on the cusp of his seventh house of marriage and partnerships, showing that these partnerships are very important to him and fuel his personal growth. (He has been married to the same partner for over 20 years, a rarity in Hollywood).

Gibson has some challenging planetary systems in his chart, […]

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