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There’s some good stuff out there for your reading pleasure:

is running a series of articles on the Saturn/Neptune opposition. I particularly like this: “You will see your fears dissolve, but before that happens you’re going to have to know what your fears are. So just prepare to be inundated with hologram fears only to have them roll out before they have a chance to materialize.”
is back with an interesting article on the politics of Eris as a right-wing blogger rants that politics should not be used in naming planet.

Jeffrey has a great in-depth analysis of the film “Death of a President” and the Jupiter/Saturn cycle.

rants about President Bush and says, “Don’t Cry for Me Condoleeza.”

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Current placement of Eris

Several people have asked where Eris is now: Retrograde at 21 degrees Aries 5 minutes. Just to give you an idea how slowly it moves, Eris will won’t advance from 21 degrees Aries into 22 degrees until 2013.

One way to get a better idea of Eris’s meaning is to watch transits of Mars to these points. I’ll start doing this as time allows.

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from the advice column – a difficult transit of Pluto

From time to time I’ll post a Q&A that might have relevance to others. Because Pluto has been making a square to the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of those born between 1963 and 1967 I thought this might be helpful for them and anyone going through a major Pluto cycle.

Q: I have been going through a tough time, lots of changes and adversity since March 2004. Loss of my job, having to go back to college in mid-life, being stalked. Things seem to be going better
since the beginning of July (new job). Am I going to be alright now, or is this just a quiet time before it hits again?


In order to understand what the past few years have been about we need to take a look at the makeup of your astrological chart which describes the issues that you carry with you so that they can be resolved during your lifetime. You were born in the height of the cultural revolution of the 1960s, and you carry that imprint within you in the form of the conjunction of Uranus (radical change) to Pluto (transformation) that took place the year that you were born. This is a generational thing – everyone born between 1963 and 1968 has this dynamic in their chart.
What makes yours more unique is that the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto also conjuncts your Moon which is in Virgo, This combination normally creates a fair amount of disturbance in the psyche, and often a tendency to draw a certain amount of violence into your life. I don’t mean to say […]

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Rambling thoughts on Eris

posted some interesting links on which is evidently a quasi-pagan pseudo religion or a quasi-pseudo pagan religion, I can’t tell which. It may in fact be little more than a . Although this religion evidently began in the late 1950s, its first bible was published, not surprisingly, during the conjunction of Uranus/Pluto in 1965 that brought about a radical change (Uranus) in cultural norms that destroyed the status quo (Pluto) and brought new ways of thinking into the public arena. Religion was in flux and this time period also coincided with the birth of Anton LaVey’s “Church of Satan” in 1966. However, the Eris that is discussed in Discordianism lacks the truly dark face that is one side of the goddess Eris of Greek mythology. It is she, I believe, who will give us clues to Eris in the birthchart.

Eris may embody the principle that a small gesture can instigate a big chaos (she is after all referred to as the goddess of discord AND chaos. One tiny golden apple thrown into a wedding party began the biggest war in Greek history. Another interesting aspect to Eris is that her children (also known as the Plagues of Mankind) were born without fathers. Carlos Parada writes:

And when Eris and her children have made themselves at home, Lawlessness [these are the names of the children of Eris] takes over, and simple Quarrel ends in Murders, and Disputes feed in Lies, and Oath comes to trouble the forsworn, and Battles and Fightings ensue, leading the whole community to Ruin and filling it with Sorrows, Toil and Famine.

Pretty grim stuff. Somewhere in here though is the light of transformation.

Zane Stein is a noted astrologer who […]

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The astrology of Eris, the newest planet

ErisAlong with the elevation to Planethood of 2003 UB313 (formerly known as Xena) now comes an official name: Eris, named after the Greek goddess that set off the Trojan war by throwing the golden apple into the circle of goddesses that would ultimately be for the fairest of them all. The goddesses (Athena, Aphrodite and Hera) competed for the apple, and the Trojan war was the famous result. Eris is a troublemaker: the goddess of strife and discord, and her Roman name was Discordia.

The tenth planet is aptly named, because her discovery led to a great deal of discord and turned the world of astronomy on its ears and led to the declassification of Pluto. Now Eris, Pluto and Ceres all rule jointly in their new classification as “dwarf planets.” has a great assortment of stories from the myths about the nature of Eris from which the stories below have been taken.

Eris is a sister of Ares, the god of war, and as a nurse to dying soldiers she has been known to fill their hearts with hate and the desire for revenge. Aeschylus says, “discord is the last of the gods to close an argument.” Eris is likely to rule over the domain of revenge which has previously fallen under Pluto’s realm. The role of Eris in the Trojan War did not begin from spite but from wounded feelings since Eris was not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. So Eris is concerned with wounds to the ego that result in a disturbed psyche.

Hesiod saw a more positive side to Eris:

She pushes the shiftless man to work, for all his laziness. A man looks at his neighbour, who is […]

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