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Baby Boomers: A Faustian Bargain

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While we’re on the subject of the sign of Leo, let’s talk about the Pluto in Leo generation. My friend Jon sent me this article:

My cohort of early baby boomers has been called a lot of names in its nearly six decades of existence—we were the insolent teenagers of the 1950s; the self-centered Yuppies of the 1980s; now we are the aging spendthrifts who will bust the federal budget and bankrupt our children with unreasonable demands for creature comfort in old age.

But maybe it would be more appropriate to think of us as the Faustian generation. We didn’t exactly sell our souls to the devil—not collectively, anyway—but as we jog toward senior status, it’s hard to escape the sense that we were complicit in our own unique kind of unholy bargain.

“The dull ache will not depart,” Faust says in the first part of Goethe’s epic, as he laments the cozy tedium of his cloistered life. “I crave excitement, agonizing bliss.” That does pretty well as a mantra for the best and brightest of the early baby boomers as they reached mid-adolescence in the early 1960s. [Baby boomers found themselves with] ever-expanding choice—the freedom to make important life decisions and then unmake them at will: new locations, new spouses, new careers, all subject to endless re-evaluation out of a concern that something more exciting might lie around the corner.

This article perfectly characterizes the “baby boomer” generation, so-called because they were primarily born when Pluto traveled through Leo during the post-war years (generally between 1939 and 1957). Pluto is a slow moving planet – it takes approximately 20 years to pass through each astrological sign, and although it […]

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The Saturn/Neptune Opposition, August 2006-June 2007

The challenging aspects of Saturn and Neptune can make it difficult to integrate the building of form and focus on the material world that Saturn urges with the Neptunian tendency to dissolve form and seek a more transcendent experience. In the opposition (180 degree aspect) there is a tension between these two planets that result in an experience that is disorienting and destabilizing. The effects of the Saturn/Neptune opposition bring our fantasies and illusions (Neptune) into collision with the cold facts of reality (Saturn).

Like the moon cycles, planetary cycles begin with the conjunction or new moon, then the opening square or challenge, the culmination of the opposition or full moon point, followed by the waning square which completes the cycle. In the opposition, Saturn’s urge to create form and establish solid structures confronts head-on the principle of Neptune which is to dissolve and transcend form in the material world. Remember that Saturn strives to build form where Neptune reminds us that there is a world beyond form; Saturn rules incarnation in the body and Neptune draws us into experiences that go beyond the body and the material world. In the opposition, where the two planets are 180 degrees apart, there is a tension between them that requires balance. This is a challenging aspect, but not so difficult as the square in which there is open conflict. The opposition is the apex of the cycle; it is the pinnacle of understanding the process before integration takes place. The combination of Saturn and Neptune requires that the spiritual self (Neptune) connect with the material self (Saturn). The result of the opposition is a disconnect between the grounding of the self into spirit of the Saturn/Neptune and the establishment of the individual identity (Sun).

The current opposition of Saturn in […]

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A new beginning?

The New Moon in Leo occured early this morning EDT, last night PDT, beginning a new cycle of creativity and play. Leo is the fun-loving sign of the zodiac, and this New Moon marks a new cycle to offer a respite and a chance to break out of restrictions that we may have been experiencing. In a New Moon the lunar feminine principle is conjunct the solar male principle, the yin and yang are joined and the positive and negative find a way to unite their expression. In the “lunation cycle”, the cycle of the moon phases from new moon to full and back again, the New Moon and the first quarter (seven days after the New Moon) represents a period of action and initiation. In Leo, as we saw in this recent post about the Sun in Leo, there is a tendency towards dramatic and expansive events that stroke the ego.

The Leo New Moon is a good time to celebrate the Self, to indulge oneself in play and pleasure. However, with Venus in Cancer with its focus on nurturing relationships and friendships highlighted now there will also be a sensitivity to the needs of others. Venus is approaching a trine to Jupiter and exactly quincunx (50 degrees) Chiron, showing an expansion (Jupiter) of compassion and desire for alliance (Venus), yet these efforts cannot reach fruition yet (quincunx to Chiron). The quincunx focuses the attention on the problem without offering a release, unlike the square (90 degree) aspect which forces a confrontation and resolution.

While we easily draw others to us now and life is generally flowing in a positive direction, we may find ourselves irritated (quincunx) by difficulties in our ability to balance taking care of others with caring for ourselves. […]

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Redesign coming!

I’m working on what I think is a cool redesign of this blog and wanted to give you a little warning because in the next few days you’ll log on for your regular astrology fix and find a whole new look. You can preview it here, and comments are welcome (either on the test site or here).

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Christie Brinkley’s liberation

My profile of Christie Brinkley’s divorce and relationship history is posted on the National Ledger site. There’s not much biographical information available on Christie so it was difficult to do an extensive profile, but her relationship dynamics are very interesting. She has jumped from one marriage into another, usually during a time of tragedy or disaster and most likely arising from a deep insecurity as shown in her .

Also interesting are the transits taking place during her very public separation – mostly from Jupiter, the planet of abundance and the Great Liberator which has crossed over Saturn and her Midheaven while squaring her natal Sun/Venus conjunction. Jupiter is known as the “Greater Benefic” (with Venus being the “Lesser Benefic”) because it generally bestows luck and good fortune. We often find transits of Jupiter at the time of death, and when we see them during a divorce we can be certain that the ending of the marriage will ultimately have positive results. This is also shown by the square of Pluto to Christie’s Mars indicates that life is not giving her what she thinks she wants: Mars represents the will of the personal self and Pluto the will of the higher self. During these cycles we often feel blocked from achieving our desires, but later look back to discover that Pluto really was looking out for our best interests.

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