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Moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius

As a species, we are currently crossing from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Although many people consider the Age of Pisces to begin at year 0 with the birth of Jesus with Aquarian Age beginning at 2000, most astronomers agree that the Age of Pisces actually begin in year 498 C.E., indicating entry into Aquarius in 2658 C.E.

Under the Age of Pisces we have seen the Piscean archetypes of sacrifice of the individual ego, universal love and compassion, assimilation, and the more negative projections of illusion, fantasy and delusion. Each astrological age has been represented by a deistic pantheon; the end of each age is marked by the ending of the worship of that pantheon. The Piscean Age has been marked by the growth of the three major monotheistic religions, each of which claims to be the only correct one, and the attempted dissolution of the individual ego. As we move from the Piscean age into Aquarius, the awakener, we are being shown that the Emperor doesn’t have any clothes, that any unreality upon which we have based our religious foundations will be shattered in the upcoming years. The ideas in The Da Vinci Code have been around for 2000 years, but they are only now erupting into the public awareness. What will this mean for humanity?

The equatorial bulge of the earth causes a shifting in the earth’s axis and the point at which the Sun at the vernal equinox points to the zodiacal constellations. This phenomenon is known as the “” and creates the period of 25,920 years that we call the “Great Year.” The “Great Year” is divided into twelve “Great Ages” each of approximately 2160 years. Because of the “orb of influence,” […]

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A Big Shift for the United States

Mundane astrology is the study of world events (mundus in ancient Greek means world) by examining the horoscopes of nations and events as if those entities were living and breathing beings, with personalities and characteristics just like humans. I confess that this branch of astrology has never held much meaning for me — my field of interest is in the evolution of the human spirit and character. But there is a lot of buzz right now about one specific event that is getting ready to occur: the change of direction of the Progressed Mars in the chart of the United States.

The date and time of birth of the American nation has been a matter of debate for centuries now. Most astrologers use the for the US, named after Ebenezer Sibley, a prominent American astrologer in the late 1700s. According to Benson Bobrick’s excellent work The Fated Sky, Sibley a Freemason was well practiced in the field of mundane astrology, known for his accurate political predictions regarding both the American and French revolutions. Sibley also predicted that America would one day “have an extensive an dflourishing commerce; advantageous and universal traffic to every quarter of the globe, with great security and prosperity amongst its people,” and eventually be “a new Empire that shall soon or late give laws to the whole world. ” This is rather startling considering the fact that Masonic historian Manly P Hall has reported that the US has a secret destiny: “Thousands of years ago, in Egypt, these mystical orders were aware of the existence of the western hemisphere and the great continent which we call America. The bold resolution was made that this western continent should become the […]

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Neptune turns retrograde today

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Neptune turns retrograde this morning, bringing the number of retrograde planets to four (Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron and Neptune). When planets are in “retrograde” motion, they appear to be moving backwards from our position here on Earth, and they tend to cause us to look backwards over issues that are governed by that planet’s energy. This is particularly significant in a year like this one, which has seen some strong planetary configurations. As these planets retrograde they will revisit some of the other contacts they’ve made over the past six months or so.

Robert Wilkinson gives a great summary of the effects we will be encountering over the next six months or so.

Neptune will be retrograde until October 29, reminding us that life is more than material reality. I love the way Kevin Burk describes it: “Neptune is the infinite creative potential of the Universe. Neptune is the Truth that everything we experience is illusion; but more than that, Neptune is the Truth that everything that we imagine is true.” Neptune dissolves our individual ego in a way that can be exhilarating and enlightening, or scary as hell, depending on the nature of our relationship with it. Neptune can bring confusion and cause delusion as it works to untangle our attachment to the material world, and requires us to go deep within ourselves for the answers.

Because Neptune and Chiron are both retrograde and both in Aquarius (a fixed sign), dancing in and around challenging aspects to Jupiter and Saturn (also fixed signs), those of us with planets in the fixed signs of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus will be particularly affected over the next six months. The fixed signs tend to be more […]

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Happy Birthday Gemini!!

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(Honoring the Sun’s entry into Gemini late Saturday night.) Gemini is the sign of the twins, and ruled by Mercury which entered Gemini yesterday. This gives us a strong Mercurial focus for the next month or so, dealing with issues of communication and information.

Those born under the sign of Gemini or with Gemini rising in their birthchart tend to be somewhat Mercurial in nature – they crave change and seek out a wide variety of activities. Though others may call them dilettantes because they may not stick to one thing for very long, Geminis know that their pathway to transformation is through their life experiences. They are curious and changeable, with a facility for languages and mimicry. Actors often possess the Gemini skill of being able to copy exactly the language and demeanor of another – to shapeshift from one character into another.

Mercury/Hermes in mythology was not only the messenger god, he was also celebrated for his cunning and quick mind. A thief from an early age, he was able to charm the gods into forgiveness (the character Frank Abagnale Jr. as played by Leonardo diCaprio in the film “Catch Me If You Can” was probably a Gemini). Mercury/Hermes was also known as the god of the crossroads and the giver of charm.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and in this archetype we see the two sides of Gemini: one dark and one light. Astronomically, one of the twin stars of Gemini is often inside the Milky Way while the other lies outside it. There are two faces to Gemini and they are rarely seen at the same time. As a result, there is a part of the Gemini individual that may […]

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Mercury enters Gemini today

Mercury rules matters of intellect and experience, and rules the sign of Gemini the twins. Its realm is all sorts of communication, and for this reason it rules the media and writers. For the past month or so, Mercury has been traveling through Taurus, which as a fixed earth sign has a tendency to be stubborn and unyielding. While Mercury has been in Taurus, very little has been accomplished in terms of diplomatic negotiations (the UN and Iran, for example), legal cases (the lacrosse rape case in Durham) or Congress (endless arguments over wiretapping and budgetary matters). Mercury’s entry into Gemini should facilitate all kinds of matters requiring communication, since in Gemini Mercury is able to process information much more quickly. Watch for unexpected turns of events as Mercury breaks up patterns it established while in Taurus.

Mercurius in the medieval alchemical language is a symbol of the process of integration. Mercury bridges the gap between opposites and acts as the process to transform lead into gold. It is therefore the perfect translator, the perfect mediator, and something that is desperately needed at this current point in time. On a personal level, the mind is more active – this is a great time to begin new projects as there is a great deal of mental energy available. It’s also a good time for short trips and learning as the mind will want to be busy!

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