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Christie Brinkley’s liberation

My profile of Christie Brinkley’s divorce and relationship history is posted on the National Ledger site. There’s not much biographical information available on Christie so it was difficult to do an extensive profile, but her relationship dynamics are very interesting. She has jumped from one marriage into another, usually during a time of tragedy or disaster and most likely arising from a deep insecurity as shown in her .

Also interesting are the transits taking place during her very public separation – mostly from Jupiter, the planet of abundance and the Great Liberator which has crossed over Saturn and her Midheaven while squaring her natal Sun/Venus conjunction. Jupiter is known as the “Greater Benefic” (with Venus being the “Lesser Benefic”) because it generally bestows luck and good fortune. We often find transits of Jupiter at the time of death, and when we see them during a divorce we can be certain that the ending of the marriage will ultimately have positive results. This is also shown by the square of Pluto to Christie’s Mars indicates that life is not giving her what she thinks she wants: Mars represents the will of the personal self and Pluto the will of the higher self. During these cycles we often feel blocked from achieving our desires, but later look back to discover that Pluto really was looking out for our best interests.

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Happy Birthday Leo!

The Sun enters the sign of Leo today. Leo is a fire sign, and one of the most dramatic of the twelve signs. All fire signs are visionaries, idealists, and futurists, but Leo connects these traits to the development of the Ego and desires to manifest those visions through the personal development of one’s own will and personality. Leo is primarily concerned with his or her Self and the creative expression of that Self.

Leo is symbolized by the Lion, King of the Jungle, and there is always a sense of royalty or entitlement with Leo. Perhaps there was a royal bloodline in an earlier lifetime, perhaps in the genetic history. In any event, Leo needs respect and admiration from others in order to feed the internal need to develop self-confidence and self-esteem. It is not uncommon to find individuals with a strong Leo influence in the acting profession where the attention of others can be constantly focused on them.

Because Leo’s motivating force is to learn to recognize his own importance and achieve the confidence that comes from within, he or she often will instead seek this sense of importance from others. In doing so, Leo often will perform deeds of such heroism and generosity that are rarely found elsewhere. Leo strongly adheres to their own moral code and often requires others to adhere to these values as well. Leo is a fixed sign, and not flexible when it comes to morality or ideology. Like the Knights of medieval times, Leo follows a romantic and idealistic pursuit of the highest possible aspirations (Leo is, after all, ruled by the Sun).

Leo comes with an enormous amount of personal power and charisma, and when Leo is shining with positive light they have […]

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Mars enters Virgo today

Ever since Mars began its sojourn through Leo in early June, we have seen a surge in violence and aggression. Leo is a fiery sign that demands expression of the ego, and Mars in Leo for a time was conjunct Saturn in Leo, combining the aggressive urge of Mars with the repression of Saturn. A notable event during this Mars/Saturn period was the killing of Al-Zarqawi, head of the so-called Al Qaeda group in Iraq. Perhaps the current heat wave can be linked to the fiery combination of Mars, the fire planet, in the fiery sign of Leo. The firing of nuclear missiles from Korea and the Hezbollah rocket attack on Israel that began the current mideast crisis demonstrate the demand to be recognized (Leo) through flexing of the military muscle (Mars). The refusal of all sides to engage in ceasefire talks in the middle east is also symbolic of the need for Leo to feed the ego.

Mars in Leo is stubborn (Leo is a fixed sign) but also generous and wants to be recognized for good deeds. Mars in Virgo is much more cautious and reserved, and places little or no importance on ego. Virgo desires an orderly existence of service to others, and in Virgo, Mars becomes the strategist, the planner. Venus moved last week into Cancer where it desires to nurture and care for others, so perhaps the combination of these two influences will soften the bellicose posturing we have been seeing in the world recently.

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Haiku for Mercury Rx Rant

You’d think I’d know better, but our router died this week and I decided to go wireless. Hence this:

Installing a new
Wireless connection now is
Very bad idea.

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Mercury Retro at Huffington Post

HuffPo blogger Sheldon Drobny :

The global crisis has intensified recently with the recent Israeli military incursions into Gaza and Lebanon. This intensity of human crisis has fallen into an astronomical period in which the planet Mercury is in retrograde. In astronomical terms, retrograde is a time when the planets appear to have a backward movement in the sky.


Those who wrote scripture in ancient times and those who followed the planets as well may have observed coincidental astronomical occurrences that helped explain their perception of an irrational world. And it may be that when Mercury is in retrograde, there are forces of nature that effect the human condition in profound ways during that period that cannot be explained by traditional science. But, it is important for us to understand that those in power who are exploiting a perceived crisis are transitory. As was the fiction of WMDs in Iraq, the fiction of organized world wide terrorism will be exposed by the empirical evidence and those false leaders will lose their power. And as the astrologers advise about Mercury in retrograde, “this too shall pass.”

Slowly but surely, real astrology is permeating into mainstream culture.

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