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More on Israel/Palestine tomorrow

Today I’m working on the July Skywatch article, so watch for that to be posted tomorrow as well.

Meanwhile, I found covering the attack of one galaxy by its neighbor that sounded eerily apropo of what is happening in the middle east, including this quote:

When galaxies interact, it’s never a pretty picture. But it can be a source of rebirth and renewal. The tidal forces between galaxies cause huge clouds of gas and dust to compact, creating nurseries of giant, hot stars….

Life is not easy, even for galaxies. Some indeed get so close to their neighbours that they get rather distorted. But such encounters between galaxies have another effect: they spawn new generations of stars.

This is the lesson of Pluto and transformation if we can maintain a longer view when confronted with stress and tension.

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Astrology hits HGTV

Thanks to news section for this tidbit:

“What’s Your Sign? Design,” a show premiering at 9 p.m. Saturday, looks to the zodiac to bring harmony to star-crossed couples, roommates and homeowners. Hosted by Steven Lee, the show features interior designer Nicole Facciuto and astrologer Greg Tufaro, all Manhattanites, and who together will demonstrate that the solution to decorating dilemmas may lie in making your space more Aries than airy, adding pieces of Pisces or letting your inner Leo roar.

Each week, Tufaro reads the chart of each household member, based on his or her date, time and location of birth and maps a customized chart. Facciuto listens for style clues as Tufaro breaks down each individual’s likes and dislikes, based on planetary positions in the charts, highlighting the shared traits between the signs they’re dealing with and looking for elements that will please and balance everyone. Then, armed with a $2,000 budget, the team creates a plan for a 48-hour makeover.

Malverne resident Colleen Brady, … was ready to take the challenge. “Danny and I are both Geminis, which was something that they found interesting, because, although we have the same sign, we have two completely different personalities. Danny … has been in theater since he was 7, and I can’t sing.”

This to me is great, because it sounds like the show will point out that real astrology is about so much more than sun signs. However, it appears that design using astrology is not universally effective:

Indeed, Facciuto says most participants “really love” the results. “It’s funny,” she says, “because in the shows where someone didn’t love it, it was either we completely missed the board — you know, you can’t win ’em all […]

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The astrology of Israel and sudden violence in Gaza

israelLast night Israeli forces stormed into southern Gaza, attacking three bridges and knocking out a power plant in an effort to force the release of an Israeli soldier who had been kidnapped by Palestinian militants. Ironically, yesterday Hamas and Fatah (the two Palestinian political factions) came to an agreement on a shared political platform which formally recognizes the State of Israel. It’s doubtful, though, that last night’s attack will secure the peace process.

The for Israel (from astrodatabank) shows the Sun in the fixed sign of Taurus in square (challenging aspect) to Mars (warfare and aggression) in Leo. In mundane astrology, the Sun represents the spirit of the nation, and Taurus is focused in security and peace. A fixed sign, Taurus can be stubborn like the Bull by which it is symbolized, and does not easily adapt to the ideas of others. The square of Mars to the Sun shows a combative nature, and Mars in the royal sign of Leo can be arrogant and prideful. Chiron forms a T-square to the Mars/Sun opposition: the Sun is opposed by Chiron (the wounded healer), indicating a persistent healing crisis in the life of the nation that will pressure it to continually align with the truth. In the individual, failure to make this alignment results in chronic disease, and the same can be said of countries. Chiron also makes a square to Mars, indicating that an imbalance of aggression and the failure to create healthy boundaries will lead to great pain.

Four planets fall in Leo in the Israeli chart: Moon, Pluto, Saturn and Mars. Leo is the sign of self-oriented expression, and the Moon in Leo demands appreciation and recognition. Conjunct Pluto as it […]

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Aggression and Resistance Continues under Mars/Saturn/Jupiter

We are currently experiencing the second phase of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, an event which will conclude in September. Jupiter represents expansion, freedom, our search for meaning; Saturn rules conventional morality, social and governmental structures. Over the past week as reported below, Mars (warfare, aggression) joined with Saturn where it created irritations and challenged the established power structures. Because of the square between Jupiter and Saturn, Mars made a square to Jupiter as well. The aggression of Mars is expanded by Jupiter, and Mars in Leo is particularly expressive and dramatic.

The operation of the system formed now by these planets can be symbolized in the middle east: the Hamas party in Gaza (Mars), creates warfare against the established power structure of the Israelis (Saturn) which is resisting the efforts of Hamas to assert its dominance in the region. Hamas receives inspiration and support from Iran (Jupiter) who goads Hamas into greater violence against the common enemy. Consequently Israel and its ally the US (Saturn) places greater restrictions on Iran (Jupiter). The combination of these three planets makes for a combustible mix.

Of course Chiron (wounding and healing) is still within range of its dance with Saturn and therefore also opposing Mars over the past week; forcing to a head issues which may have been dormant. During this period North Korea came back into the picture, bringing with it fears of nuclear crisis and the activation of the US Missile Defense System.

The change of direction last week of Uranus, ruling unexpected and sudden changes as well as radical and revolutionary thought, has brought with it an increase in radical expressions across the world.

  • Chaos ensued last week […]
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