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Astrologers get new planets!

AND we get to keep Pluto if a proposal by a committee of the International Astronomical Union is passed.

I’ll write more on this as I have time, but the new bodies classified as planets are Charon (formerly known as Pluto’s largest moon but now considered a trin planet), Ceres (formerly termed an asteroid), and 2003 UB 313 (temporarily nicknamed Xena – a name which I hope will become permanent!!).

The significance of Charon now being considered a twin planet of Pluto may tell us how Charon operates astrologically. Charon was the ferryman who brought the newly dead across the river to the god Pluto. Charon may therefore have significance as to the process of transformation and resurrection.

Stay tuned as more information unfolds! I’ll be cruising the astrology boards to gather more details.

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Upcoming Saturn cycles and financial considerations

This is not a doom and gloom column, but it’s useful to be prepared when difficult times are ahead, and we have a few configurations coming that will put pressure on the financial markets and create some economic instability.

Jupiter and Saturn will make the final square of their year-long dance, forcing a confrontation between our desire for expansion and growth (Jupiter) and the hard cold facts of reality (Saturn). This occurs is nearly simultaneous to the first phase of the opposition between Saturn and Neptune (glamor and illusion) which will force us to face any delusions that we have been harboring.

This column is full of references to the significance of Pluto’s travels through Sagittarius (1995-2008) which are nearly complete, but one highlight of this cycle which is relevant to this discussion is the obsessive (Pluto) optimism (Sagittarius) which has been so pronounced during this period. The rise and fall of financial markets is based on the confidence (Sag) of consumers, and the entry of Pluto into Sagittarius in February of 1995 witnessed the Dow Industrial’s first ever close above 4,000 points. As we know, the stock market continued to rise driven by the dot com industries. (Uranus, which rules technology, had just entered the sign of Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus and therefore shares its attributes and technology became the rule of the day.) [Side note: the entry of Pluto into Sag also coincided with the Oklahoma City bombing which was the first of the major terrorist attacks in the US.] The stock market bubble did pop in 2000 when Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Taurus (material security).

The Pluto in Sagittarius cycle also has seen a worldwide rise in housing prices as […]

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Another hollywood breakup and the fallacy of soulmates

It seems to be true that whenever a couple talks incessantly about how much in love they are they break up soon afterwards, and this was true for Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson. National Ledger has my profile of the breakup (turn on your popup blockers!) and I won’t repeat it here. But some of the emails I received in response to the post started me thinking again about the concept of the soulmate.

Most single people are looking for their soulmate, and some who are married too I suppose. Many people think the soulmate will be their perfect match in every way, perhaps a mirror to reflect their own value. In real life, the soulmate relationship usually doesn’t work that way.

Often when two people meet and feel an immediate connection there is a linkage between their two charts, sometimes a harmonious connection (trines and sextiles) and sometimes a challenging one (squares and oppositions). Often it is the challenging connections that feel more exciting and dynamic, but then once the excitement of the new relationship dies down the intensity of the connection has a tendency to fade, leaving the conflicting nature of the connection to be dealt with. That’s usually when we see breakups, but that is often the point where real soul growth can begin to take place.

Marriage has been called the “yoga of relationships,” because like yoga it connects the body, mind and spirit in connection with another. It’s not always the easiest of paths, particularly in the goldfish bowl of celebrity, but one of the most rewarding.

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Pluto – no longer a planet?

For several years now, scientists have been threatening to remove Pluto’s “planet” status because it has turned out to be much smaller than originally thought when it was discovered in 1930. Scientists now believe that Pluto may be a member of the Kuiper belt band of rocky objects that orbit the Sun just past Neptune. The International Astronomers Union meets today in the Prague to decide whether Pluto can keep its title. If Pluto is declassified as a planet, will it lose its astrological symbolism as well?

Anyone who has ever monitored the timing of a transit of Pluto will recognize its power to effect great change in our lives. Pluto, regardless of its physical size, exerts an incredibly strong astrological influence. Because it moves so slowly, taking twelve years to pass through one astrological sign, its influence can encompass a long period of time which is another aspect to its power. Pluto’s influence is transpersonal – it forces us through the upheavals in our life that it creates to surrender the reins of our individual life and recognize that there is a larger process at work here. If Pluto is relegated to the realm of a Kuiper belt object, that may have a lot to say about the workings of other Kuiper belt objects as well.

Some astronomers propose reclassifying the planets into three divisions which does make some sense astrologically:

  • terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth), which correspond astrologically to the personal functions of communication and information processing (Mercury), relating and affection (Venus), assertion of the individual will (Mars) and experience of the pleasures of the body (Earth).
  • giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), or the planets […]
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Saturn/Neptune: A History Lesson

It’s always fascinating to look back into the historical record to see how planetary configurations applied themselves during those times in order to learn more about how those planets work together and to derive clues of how they may manifest this time around. Saturn/Neptune is a 36- year cycle which gives us plenty of interesting information.

Remember that Saturn strives to build form where Neptune reminds us that there is a world beyond form; Saturn rules incarnation in the body and Neptune draws us into experiences that go beyond the body and the material world. In the opposition, where the two planets are 180 degrees apart, there is a tension between them that requires balance. This is a challenging aspect, but not so difficult as the square in which there is open conflict. The opposition is the apex of the cycle; it is the pinnacle of understanding the process before integration takes place.

In the opposition between Saturn and Neptune our fantasies and illusions (Neptune) bump up against cold hard reality (Saturn), but there is also potential for manifesting our dreams (Neptune) into physical form (Saturn) and incorporating a life of spirit (Neptune) into our day-to-day existence (Saturn). Politically, the cycle of these two planets tends to bring conflict that arises as a result of the desire to manifest an ideal (Neptune) against the established order of Saturn. This cycle can also manifest in the exposure of governmental (Saturn) corruptive and deceptive behavior (Neptune).

In this century, Saturn in Pisces opposed Neptune in Virgo in March and October of 1936 and then again in January of 1937. This was a heavily Neptunian period since Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and Saturn in Pisces has difficulty grounding into […]

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