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Spirit and Fate in the Astrological Chart

Art by Willow Arlenea

The ancient Greek term “daemon” has come a long way from its original meaning as guardian, guide or higher self,.  The term “demon” gained a malevolent bent in the early books of the Old Testament as nasty creatures who caused disease and plagues, and in the New Testament, they were considered to be angels who had fallen from grace and turned to the dark side.

For Plato, the daemon or guiding spirit was chosen by the soul before each incarnation. For most people the daemon was thought to be an unconscious guiding force, but the occasional enlightened beings were said to be able to communicate with their daemon. In ancient Egyptian astrology, the daemon was said to be symbolized by the Sun sign. Iamblicus , student and teacher of ancient mysteries (280-330 CE) wrote: “”For whether these arts are knowable or beyond comprehension, yet the aura or emanation from the stars brings the daemon to us, whether we ourselves are cognizant of it or not.” These ancient sages wrote before the age of monotheism limited the role of the divine in the lives of men and women, and offered a more personal concept of deity.

The question of fate versus free will is an ancient one, and astrology has been used for thousands of years to determine one’s fate and thereby avoid the painful process of self-discovery. Until the emergence of the outer, or transpersonal planets over the past few centuries, Eastern and Western schools of astrology all taught that one’s fate was preordained by the stars and that very few humans could escape their destiny. One’s horoscope was beneficial or detrimental, and one’s fortune in life was set […]

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John McCain will never be president (Part II)

Please note: After this article was written for John McCain was located showing that he has Pisces rising, not Libra. John McCain very badly wants to be president. He wants to be president so badly that he is willing to suck up to the very people who trashed his family in the last election, leading whisper campaigns that his wife was crazy and that he had an illegitimate black daughter (referring to his adopted daughter from Bangladesh). He wants to be president so badly that he has recreated his previous image as an independent maverick who thinks for himself (in 2001 he was one of only two Republican senators to vote against the tax cuts but recently voted to extend them). Now he has agreed to give the commencement address at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University even though previously he had denounced Falwell as an “evil influence.”

I profiled McCain last November:

John McCain works hard to maintain his image as a consensus builder. With Libra rising, and Mercury in Libra, the sign of balance and relationships, he struggles between his need to please others (Libra) and his Virgo sun which strives for authenticity and perfection. Virgos dislike the flattery and superficiality required to negotiate and capitulate; they tend to avoid the spotlight and prefer a quiet corner where they can utilize their famous discrimination to continually perfect themselves and their work.

Mr. McCain has Saturn retrograde, a placement that causes Saturn’s critical voice to turn inward. Individuals with this placement tend to be insecure and more dependent on the approval of others than they might otherwise be. Saturn opposes his Venus, demonstrating that he doubts his ability to really relate to others. With his Venus in Virgo, […]

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Bush, Saturn and the NSA Spy Scandal

Saturn is in the process of making the final pass over President Bush’s ascendant between now and June 2, and his poll numbers have slipped below 30% for the first time. Even conservatives are now calling him the worst president ever. The ascendant is the cusp of the first house of identity, and is also called the “rising sign” because it’s the sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of birth. It forms one end of a polarity axis with the descendant which is the cusp of the seventh house of partnership. As such, the ascendant/descendant axis deals with issues of personal identity versus identity in relationships, and personal experiences (first house) versus experiences shared with partners as well as open enemies (seventh house).

The Bush White House has been a cabal of partners in crime. Bush is famously loyal to his staff and his appointees, and as long as those around him demonstrate their loyalty in return their jobs have been safe. Faced with plummeting poll numbers and under pressure from Republican congresspeople who fear the end of their own power in Washington, Bush has hired Josh Bolten to clean house. As a result, Bush’s long-time associate and press secretary Scott McClellan (aka Puffy McMoonface [tm Stephanie Miller]) has been replaced with Tony Snow, and Karl Rove lost one of his jobs (policy wonk) and is now down to one (eviscerating Democrats in the next election).

The exposure of Bush’s deficiencies therefore exposes the entire Bush conglomerate including all partners in crime (7th house). The seventh house deals not only with partner and spouses but also with open enemies. The long letter from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (president if Iran, the open enemy of the US) requesting open dialogue and negotiation forces the Bush White House […]

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Friday poetry for the Full Moon

Midnight Temptations

Under the moon,
the fill blazing moon
In quiet repose i would waste away.
Dreaming, loving, letting myself fully bloom
Where peace is master,
Where grief has been slayed.
On soft, sweet smelling grass is where i’d sleep
With only Heaven’s blanket over me.
Cool fresh air is the company i’d keep
Forever mild nights my eternal destiny.
On vast cliffs overlooking the ocean
Day would be the moon directly above.
I’d gaze happily with no notions
Other than the benediction of Love.
Forever under the moon,
My tormented heart would beat glad.
Under the full blazing moon
I’d never again be sad.

Lamont Haywood

Artwork: Harvest Moon, by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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Grand Trine in Water and other planetary news

from May’s Skywatch

Mars joins Uranus and Jupiter tomorrow, forming a Grand Trine in the water element. Grand Trines occur when three planets form 120 degree angles to each other, creating a large triangle. Trines have an easy, flowing energy – they facilitate processes and create a comfortable dynamic. For this reason they were long considered “good” or favorable aspects as opposed to the “hard angle” (90 degree and 180 degree) aspects which were considered “bad” or unfavorable. However, we can get lost in trines – the danger is in becoming so comfortable that there is no energy available to us. However, this Grand Trine involves Mars (aggression and drive) in family-loving Cancer, which will add a dynamic component because of the fiery nature of Mars, even in the emotional sign of Cancer. In water, the Grand Trine indicates a free flow of emotions and an ability to tune in and be receptive to others. Water is empathic, flowing, compassionate.

The Uranus/Jupiter trine brings together the two planets that are most concerned with liberation. Jupiter represents expansion, opportunity, and the expression of shared beliefs such as theology and philosophy. Uranus instigates a break from conventional and mundane reality, representing innovation, radical change, and unusual behavior and beliefs such as astrology. Jupiter in aspect with Uranus brings about a break (Uranus) from conventional morality (Jupiter), an expansive (Jupiter) sense of freedom (Uranus) to follow one’s own destiny and path. This Uranus/Jupiter cycle began in December and we are currently in the second phase of the cycle, which will conclude in August.

Venus (relationships) enters energetic Aries on May 3 and begins to move into a trine to Saturn in Leo which will be exact on May 7. […]

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