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The End of Cowboy Diplomacy

Time Magazine this week declared,

All the good feeling at the White House at President Bush’s early birthday party on July 4 couldn’t hide the fact that the president finds himself in a world of hurt.
A grinding and unpopular war in Iraq, a growing insurgency in Afghanistan, an impasse over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, brewing war between Israel and the Palestinians — the litany of global crises would test the fortitude of any president, let alone a second-termer with an approval rating mired in Warren Harding territory.

And there’s no relief in sight. On the very day that Bush celebrated 60, North Korea’s regime, already believed to possess material for a clutch of nuclear weapons, test-launched seven missiles, including one designed to reach the U.S. homeland.

Even more surprising than the test (it failed less than two minutes after launch), though, was Bush’s response. Long gone were the zero-tolerance warnings, “Axis of Evil” rhetoric and talk of pre-emptive action.

Instead, Bush pledged to “make sure we work with our friends and allies … to continue to send a unified message” to Pyongyang. In a news conference after the missile test, he referred to diplomacy a half dozen times.

If you’ve missed my earlier articles on the President, one of the hallmarks of his chart is un unaspected Mars (meaning that the planet Mars makes no major aspects to other planets in his chart). Because Mars is the planet of aggression and warfare, when it is untempered by other planets in the birthchart it tends to operate as a loose cannon. Bush also has a stellium of four planets in Libra (hence the famous charm) including Jupiter which squares his Sun. The square aspect tends to brings […]

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The Astrology of the Full Moon

photo by Bill Bridge

The Sun and the Moon are opposite in many ways: The Sun is visible in the daylight, the Moon at night. The Sun is hot, the Moon is cool. The Sun is predictable and rises every morning in the same place and with the same shape; the Moon is changeable, rising at different times and shapeshifting throughout its cycle. The Sun is masculine, the Moon feminine.

Oddly, from Earth the Sun and Moon appear to be virtually the same size despite the fact that in physical reality the Sun is vastly larger than the Moon. Astrologically, however, the Sun and Moon (both called “luminaries” or “lights”) are similar in power and influence. The Sun is the conscious Mind and Spirit, illuminating the day with the spirit of conscious awareness. The Moon is the instinctive emotional realm, ever changing and deepening our need for security and safety. The Moon changes in response to the light of the Sun, waxing and waning as the Sun alternately obscures and reveals her.

During the New Moon, when the light of the Moon is hidden by the Sun and emotions and instincts are tamed by the Sun’s lights, the conscious Mind is strong and focused. When the Moon is fully revealed by the Sun’s light at the Full Moon, there is an opening of the subconscious and a power arises that is beyond the realm of space and time. Alice Bailey writes, “the fully-lighted orb of the moon indicates a free and unimpeded alignment between our planet and the sun, the solar centre, the energy source for all life on Earth.”

In many ways, the Sun represents that which is obvious, and the Moon shows the potential, the inner […]

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The Twelve Temples

Liz Greene is quite possibly my favorite astrology writer of all time, and yesterday I dug out her book The Art of Stealing Fire: Uranus in the Horoscope, which is actually a transcription of a seminar on the subject. In it she briefly touches on the work of the Roman writer Manilius, who in his work the Astronomica refers to the astrological houses as “templums.”

In the horoscope, which is a map of the sky at a particular time from the perspective of earth, the space above and below the earth is ringed with the symbolic zodiac system and then divided into four quadrants. Each of the four quadrants is divided into three sections, and we call the twelve resulting pie-shaped sections “houses.” Each “house” is associated with a sphere of existence. Liz Greene describes the houses as being like empty stages before a play, each of which is already set with its “decor, furniture and objects according to the domain which the house rules and the sign on the cusp of the house.”

The use of the word “templum” to describe the houses is a fascinating one. Greene writes that the templum, or temple, was any empty building or space used for sacred purposes, and until the cult statue of the god was placed in the temple, the space had no real purpose. Writer quotes an earlier work by linguist Zacharie Mayani describing a ceremony dividing a templum into twelve sections:

Two priests are seen marking out the bounds of a holy area consisting of a square in which two medians were marked, one running from north to south and the other from east to west. The quarters of the square are also […]

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Current planetary events and the Capricorn full moon

On July 10 Mercury retrogrades from Leo back into the more watery sign of Cancer, and communication issues will be focused more on family and those around the home. Home equipment and media may break down and family issues that we thought were resolved will erupt again for renewed consultation. Mercury will remain in Cancer for the remainder of the month.

The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs July 11. Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, of structure, of commitment. The Full Moon illuminates our deepest desires and evokes a sense of power that comes from integrating fully within. In Capricorn, we gain the power to manifest those desires into form. The Capricorn Full Moon is the time to set goals, to make plans and commitments. After the intensity of June’s events and the lack of earth of early July, this Full Moon will help ground us. Still, patience will be required as the wheels turn slowly during this heavy retrograde period.

Around the 12th or so of July, Mars will move into position to form a trine (harmonious aspect) to Pluto on July 14. Mars represents our will and desires, and Pluto as the will of the higher self. Together they form a powerful duo that can assist us in manifesting our dreams and desires. Venus in Gemini is opposite Pluto at this same time, and Pluto may intensify our emotions and brings out the darker emotions such as jealousy and envy. However, the sextile dance between Mars and Venus helps to create an environment that is friendly and sympathetic.


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The Jupiter/Chiron dance

While I was struggling yesterday with issues of Mercury retrograde in the business world, I missed the fact that Jupiter changed direction and is now traveling direct (or forward). Jupiter in transit represents expansion and opportunities, and during this heavy retrograde period (five planets including Chiron are still in retrograde motion) the return of Jupiter will create additional opportunities resulting from the retrograde period.

Remember retrogrades are for re-establishing our goals, re-visiting friends we haven’t seen for a long time, re-novating our lives. When Jupiter is retrograde we often miss the opportunities it brings because we are too busy looking backwards. With Jupiter direct again, it will be easier for us to pay attention and open our eyes to the possibilities that are available to us. All too often when we are in distress we focus so completely on the problem at hand that we fail to notice the doorway to resolution that is presented to us. All it takes is a slight turn of direction on our part, and our life will open up to new possibilities.

Jupiter is exactly square (in conflict with) Chiron right now, opening up (Jupiter) old wounds (Chiron) and forcing (because it’s a square, it doesn’t come easily) us to deepen our understanding and expand our world view. However, with five planets retrograde, our attention on a global scale is still primarily looking backwards. Hence in the news we see announcements from Al Qaeda on the anniversary of the London bombings. Elections in Mexico were evenly split, meaning an endless battle over recounts and preventing that nation from being able to move forward.

In our personal lives, we have the opportunity now with the Jupiter/Chiron dance to […]

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