Cardinal Drama: Biggest intel leak in history

As Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto align in the big Cardinal Drama that is 2010’s biggest astrological story, a of 90,000 classified intelligence report concerning the war in Afghanistan have  been leaked via the Wikileaks website: — a whistleblower website — published on Sunday what it says are more than 90,000 United States military and diplomatic reports about Afghanistan filed between 2004 and January of this year.

The first-hand accounts are the military’s own raw data on the war, including numbers killed, casualties, threat reports and the like, according to Julian Assange, the founder of the website.

“It is the total history of the Afghan war from 2004 to 2010, with some important exceptions — U.S. Special Forces, CIA activity, and most of the activity of other non-U.S. groups,” Assange said.

More on the astrological significance later, but I wanted to post this story asap.

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  1. ScorpioX3 July 26, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    I heard a a number of items about this blockbuster revelation on NPR:

    – The material was (allegedly) released by someone in the U.S. military
    – The materials were vetted by three trusted news organizations: New York Times, Der Spiegel (Germany), and The Guardian (UK) whose reporter said most of the documents, some with very sensational allegations, are sourced by either Afghan officials or paid informers, so there’s the question of which of the lot are to be considered seriously.
    — Much of the documents provide a very textured report from the people fighting the war on the ground, “a soldier’s-eye view” of the war.
    — Julian Assange is known to be opposed to the war in Afghanistan.

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