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Another failure of Sun Sign astrology

I could probably be a lot more famous if I was willing to write a Sun Sign column. I don’t know why I’m so stubborn, without newspaper horoscopes hardly anyone would even know about astrology. And after writing the Vanity Fair horoscope column for at least 15 years Michael Lutin is finally getting to write about real astrology.

But articles like this (thanks to the Townleys for the link) show that sun signs have little effect on our ability to make any kind of reasonable predictions using astrology.

Last month a magazine from Jordan contacted me to write a “horoscope” article for their January issue and I thought about it for awhile before turning it down. But at some point it would be difficult to say no. What if the New York Times called me to write “horoscopes” using sun signs? Could I say no? Or would it give me a wider audience to whom to reveal the secrets of astrology?

And really, I write celebrity gossip profiles for crying out loud. Is that any nobler? Of course, my goal for these profiles is to make REAL astrology accessible to people who otherwise would know nothing about it.

These are all questions buzzing around my brain as Pluto begins its descent on my Capricorn Mars.

Still – we really owe it to the magic of astrology to avoid simplifying it into sun signs that add, in my mind, nothing useful to the conversation.

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My eclipse experience

The eclipse has not yet occurred, but the intensity is out there. I’m usually not that sensitive to eclipses but this one has so many planetary aspects there’s something for about everyone.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with everyone because for me it really illustrates the power of the unconscious. I was feeling fine on Sunday, perfectly normal until I said something to Rich on the way to the gym about an idea I’d had. As is typical for his Virgo ascendant, his first reaction was negative. I’m used to that and he usually comes around but that time all of my buttons were pushed at once and I went into a tailspin about feeling unsupported, with plenty of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

My little drama took about two hours and then as quickly as it came, the bad feelings lifted but I felt oddly cleansed.

Anyone else having any drama lately?

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Steven Forrest : Rock Opera Composer

Noted astrologer Steven Forrest is an old friend and teacher of mine in Chapel Hill where we both live, and when his wife Jodi, also an accomplished astrologer, wrote a series of stories about the old Norse gods beginning with a book called the Rhymer and the Ravens. Steven, who you may not know is an accomplished musician, wrote a rock opera to accompany that first book.

About ten years ago I was fortunate to be involved as one of the dancers in the early stage productions of the Rhymer and the Ravens, which was succeeded by two more volumes in Jodi’s trilogy.  If you look carefully you’ll see my hair and one eye in front of Steven’s face.

If you’re a fan of Steven’s you’ll enjoy this article in the local paper about the band Dragonship who plays the music for the “Elves’ Prophecy” and this page on Steve and Jodi’s website about the project.

Steven’s books are a must for any student of astrology. You can find many of them in the bookstore on this page!

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Pluto transformations

My husband Rich is a very laid-back guy, nothing bothers him very much. He is in the middle of a transit of Pluto square to his Sun, a transit that can be very difficult as we are forced to face the dark side of our psyche as we enter the Underworld of consciousness that is Pluto’s domain. Pluto transits to the Sun can strip our lives down to the bare essentials. Jobs are often lost under these transits, relationships can end as we are forced to realize that those relationships do not feed the deepest hunger for soul connections.

Because Pluto retrogrades every year, Pluto transits nearly always occur in a cycle of three or five hits making them intense and long-lasting. Pluto transits can be like a tornado strike: The first phase is sometimes called the “breakdown phase” in which anything that doesn’t serve our ultimate soul evolution is broken down and stripped away. During the second phase we survey the damage to see what is gone and what remains. The third phase brings reconstruction and often a sense of relief as we recognize the freedom that results from liberating ourselves from experiences in which we have become stuck and stagnant.

This transit of Pluto square his Sun has been an amazing process for Rich and he gave me permission to share his experiences here. A few years ago Pluto squared Rich’s Moon (emotions and safety) and he went through quite a bit of emotional upheaval. He experienced a surge of emotions and memories surrounding his fear of his own power, something which had limited him throughout his life. Old memories of rage during infancy, ancient past-life memories of abuse of power – these erupted with clarity and focus as he relived his past. It was really […]

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A sad tale and correlated musings

From Tamil Nadu in India comes of astrology gone wrong:

A blind faith in astrology has led to a man killing his own son. The bizarre incident occurred at Veerappanchatram here recently.

Murugesan (40), working as a watchman in a private firm at Pallipalayam, killed his son Sadurshan (9) by pushing him into the Cauvery river after he was told by an astrologer that his son’s birth timing was the cause for all his sufferings. . . .

The police on suspicion interrogated Murugesan who confessed to have committed the murder. “I sacrificed my son for the welfare of my family,” he told the police. Murugesan was arrested.

Vedic astrology (from India) tends to be more oriented towards predicting the future than Western astrology which typically takes a more humanist or psychological perspective. Because astrology is so much more widely accepted in India there are many more astrologers serving the population, and therefore we tend to see more of these stories coming from India. Still, bad astrology is bad astrology.

Perhaps this man’s son was a difficult or even impossible behavioral case. I heard a story on NPR today about bipolar children in families and the toll they took on the healthy children in the family that started my mind wandering. I believe that difficult children are likely the more sensitive in the family who absorb the hidden dynamics of the other family members. Hidden stress, rage, sadness – all these emotions erupt from the soul of the sensitive child into the family arena where they can be seen by all. A friend of mine who worked at a training (reform) school told me years ago that when the “bad seed” enters the training school, one of the other children in the family suddenly turns bad. I […]

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