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A sad tale and correlated musings

From Tamil Nadu in India comes this sad tale of astrology gone wrong:

A blind faith in astrology has led to a man killing his own son. The bizarre incident occurred at Veerappanchatram here recently.

Murugesan (40), working as a watchman in a private firm at Pallipalayam, killed his son Sadurshan (9) by pushing him into the Cauvery river after he was told by an astrologer that his son’s birth timing was the cause for all his sufferings. . . .

The police on suspicion interrogated Murugesan who confessed to have committed the murder. “I sacrificed my son for the welfare of my family,” he told the police. Murugesan was arrested.

Vedic astrology (from India) tends to be more oriented towards predicting the future than Western astrology which typically takes a more humanist or psychological perspective. Because astrology is so much more widely accepted in India there are many more astrologers serving the population, and therefore we tend to see more of these stories coming from India. Still, bad astrology is bad astrology.

Perhaps this man’s son was a difficult or even impossible behavioral case. I heard a story on NPR today about bipolar children in families and the toll they took on the healthy children in the family that started my mind wandering. I believe that difficult children are likely the more sensitive in the family who absorb the hidden dynamics of the other family members. Hidden stress, rage, sadness – all these emotions erupt from the soul of the sensitive child into the family arena where they can be seen by all. A friend of mine who worked at a training (reform) school told me years ago that when the “bad seed” enters the training school, one of the other children in the family suddenly turns bad. I […]

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Astrology and the False Identity

fakeSusan has a post today that reminded me of an experience I had before I was married. She writes:

I know astrology works. I have made mistakes in casting charts that have proved to me that it is valid. When I cast the wrong time, the charts didn’t fit the person, and the timing of events was off. When I corrected the chart, it made more sense and the timing was correct.

I experienced this also with a clients once; I began the reading and the client could not relate to anything that I said. I double checked her birth data I found I was off by ten days. The reading then was accurate.

Years ago, I met a gentleman that I was interested in, and since I was an astrologer when we started to get closer I asked him for his birth information. I did his chart, and was mystified. The chart did not reflect the person that I was getting to know. The chart using the birth data he gave me was for a more aggressive individual than the sensitive person I was getting to know; the chart had a strong Mars and Aries component and lacked a watery complement. I related my confusion to him, whereupon he admitted that he had gone underground in the 1960s and taken on a false identity in order to avoid the draft for the war in Vietnam. To this day I think that that I am the only person who knows his true identity and the story behind his adopted birthdate.

I have been surprised at the vehemence with which some people want to disprove astrology. Juno in the comments suggested that the burgeoning number of articles trying to prove/disprove astrology is […]

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Eight Random Things About Me

Jill has tagged me for this game, and because she’s my sister I can’t ignore her so I’ll go ahead and join in the fun. I generally find planetary information much more interesting than me, so I’ll include a bit of my own astrology as well:

1. Once I figure out how to have the time, I’d like to be a foster mom and rehabilitate rescued golden retrievers (Venus and Mercury in the sixth house that of pets, work environment & health).

2. I am a workaholic (Mars in Capricorn and Saturn/Sun conjunction) and overachiever (ironic, since as a child I was considered an underachiever due to the Saturn/Sun insecurity).

3. My favorite thing to do in the world is dance (three planets in Libra in the 5th house).

4. I love hip hop.

5. I believe I have had past lives as a plantation mistress in North Carolina who was horrified with the plantation system, a happy peasant woman in Ireland who loved music and dance, and a monk in a fifth century monastery.

6. I think entirely too much about food and food trips (Mercury in the sixth house of the body/mind connection and Jupiter in the pleasure-seeking sign of Taurus).

7. My favorite foods are Mexican food and chocolate.

8. I thought I would hate getting older and losing my looks (three planets in Libra), but I actually really enjoy the freedom it gives me not to be vain.

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Tales From the Trenches: Mercury Retrograde

I thought I’d share just a few fun things that have happened over the past few days:

A document that I was waiting for from Switzerland arrived late, and the post office lost the slip for me to pick up the document with. I went to the post office to straighten this out, and their computer crashed so they couldn’t locate the document. Today I went to the post office when the computer was back up, whereupon they discovered that the document wasn’t where it was supposed to be and spent most of the morning looking for it.

A friend of mine who lives in Germany had mailed her electric bill, but it was erroneously posted to the wrong address and her power was turned off. Because she didn’t live in the house she didn’t know that the power was off, and wasn’t aware of various repair problems that occurred as a result.

Today my Outloook program suddenly decided not to collect my email.

This morning I drove 30 minutes to a neighboring town to appear as a witness in a friend’s divorce case. I waited 2 hours in a local coffee shop, waiting to be called. When I received no phone calls, I returned back to my office only to find a message from earlier that morning that I was needed to appear.

What’s been going on in your world?

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