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Happy Thanksgiving to you, and Blogiversary to me!

Astrological MusingsIt was Thanksgiving of 2005 when this blog began.  My sister, already a , helped me get Astrological Musings set up on Blogger, and the rest is history.  At the time there were just a handful of astrology blogs: , of course, and , and blog at the time was “Astrology at the Movies.”   Things have changed – currently there are 187 members of our Astrology Bloggers Facebook group.

My second Saturn Return began last fall with a burst of productivity, but the second phase in the spring was marked by a blog crisis of major proportions as Astrological Musings quit BeliefNet to move to Patheos, only to be dropped by Patheos under threat of a lawsuit from BeliefNet.  Who knew Astrological Musings was so valuable!

The Saturn Return wasn’t all I went through this summer and fall – the Uranus/Pluto square fell right on Chiron in my natal chart, opening up old wounds and unearthing layers of emotional sensitivity that were ripe for the healing process.  During this period my mother nearly died, an incredibly intense experience that took me literally into the realm of Pluto and clearing some of the karmic garbage between my mother and myself.

I have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.  I am grateful that many of the readers who started this blog with me back in the early days are still with me.  I am grateful for the healing that has taken place with my mother and my sister, even though it was painful and disturbing at times.  I am grateful for the love and support of my husband […]

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Astrology in my world: more on the Saturn Return and adventures with Chiron

Susan Seddon Boulet Art by Susan Seddon Boulet

As I’ve been writing in this blog, I am in the middle of my second Saturn Return (also see this article if interested).  The Saturn Return is one of the major astrological life cycles in which we are brought face to face with the realities (Saturn) of our lives.  During the first Saturn Return at age 28-30 we have to face the fact that we are no longer freewheeling youths and we have to face up to the responsibilities of adulthood.  The second Saturn Return at age 56-59 requires us to face the fact that we are moving into what they used to call “old age.”  Now we call it the “Third Age” which better reflects the realities of being 60 in the twenty-first century. In any case, the Saturn Return is a slog through hard work and difficult responsibilities.  It can be an incredibly productive and successful time, and it can also be fraught with challenges.  Often these two occur at the same time.  My second Saturn Return has brought professional success in a number of different arenas, but also some major difficulties: the deteriorating health of my elderly mother, the demise and resurrection of this  blog, a 6 week-long battle with Lenovo over a laptop that never worked right, and too many more to list here. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you may know that I am a person who likes to have a lot of irons in different fires.  I have a busy professional astrological practice.  I own a real estate company.  I play four five different instruments (none very well) and also try to maintain a spiritual practice.  For […]

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“What happened to”

I noticed that a surprising number of people used this search phrase to find this blog, so I thought I would put up a post with this very title to make it easier for people to find me. For the whole messy drama of why I’m no longer on both Patheos and Beliefnet, you can read this post.  And I hope that some of you will leave comments on the Beliefnet blog that still uses the title Astrological Musings illegally and against the terms of my contract with them. At any rate, I am still very much here and glad that you have found me!  Please post links widely because I have to rebuild my readership from scratch. And thank you so much for visiting!!

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Astrology in my world: Mars, Pluto and the Astrological Musings blog

If you’re on my mailing list you received an announcement about the change to this blog, but some of you have emailed me wanting to know what has happened so here’s the scoop (the abbreviated version):

Many of you have been with me since the beginning in 2005 when I was on the Blogger platform.  In 2007 I was contacted by Beliefnet who wanted to carry my blog on their site, and in 2008 I agreed and signed a contract with them.  They pulled the RSS feed of all of my posts at that time.

As some of you know, over time the advertising on Beliefnet became more and more offensive and I started carrying an ad-free copy of the blog on my own website.  Last year Patheos contacted me about moving my blog to their site, and in January of this year I made the decision to move to Patheos. (Mars was stationing before turning retrograde but it was about a week from the retrograde turn.)

Everything was going fine until Patheos received a threatening letter from Beliefnet attorneys stating that they OWN the trademark and the blog Astrological Musings.  Rather than provide me with an opportunity to defend this charge, Patheos followed the advice of their attorneys and took the blog down.

Of course all of this is occurring with both Mars (aggression and defense) and Pluto (destruction and nuclear warfare) stationary in the sky, forcing latent conflicts into the open where they must be fought. I have filed for the trademark Astrological Musings and have sent a letter to the Beliefnet attorneys but in the meantime Beliefnet has hired another writer to write Astrological Musings on their site.

It’s hard to say how much effect my letter to Beliefnet […]

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Astrology in my world: The Grand Trine at work

I apologize to my readers about the light posting lately, I have been pulled in about 100 directions at once.  I generally do have my fingers in a lot of different pies: I am an astrologer, I have a real estate business, I’m a musician of sorts and play several instruments without playing any of them very well.  I’m very accustomed to having a lot of things going at once and with Gemini rising I enjoy all of the stimulation and change. But over the past few weeks since this Grand Trine has been in effect I feel like I’m in the middle of a whirlygig – like a circus ride that’s spinning and spinning with no way to get off. The Grand Trine closely aspects Chiron and Mars in my chart, and my wound (Chiron) tends to be in my need for DO-ing (Mars in Capricorn).  The circular energy of the trines feels somewhat like a whirlwind that lacks a cohesive or stable reference point.  Everything in my life is so amazing, and pretty fabulous, but there is just so much of it.  This is the burden, if you can call it that, of the Grand Trine. I’m reminded of a show that was popular when I was young called “Stop the world, I want to get off.”   Fortunately, as an astrologer I understand that once Mars turns direct again in April the sense of chaos will lift.  For now, though, I’m trying to remember to breathe and find my own center in the center of the maelstrom.

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