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Mercury Rx at Astrological Musings

This morning I wrote a long and well-thought out post about the 20-something generation.  Unfortunately, I made a big and stupid error by tagging that generation as the Pluto in Sagittarius generation.  Thankfully, I have brilliant readers who emailed me right away and called this to my attention.

Many of you know that in the best of times I am prone to typos and sloppy errors.  I like to blame this on my Gemini ascendant which is all too ready to move on to the next project.  But when Mercury is retrograde we tend to pay less attention to details which is why we often end up making big errors.

I’m just glad I have sharp readers who catch my mistakes before my articles get circulated in the wider world and cause me major embarrassment!  Especially with Neptune transiting my Midheaven and confusing my image in the outer world. 🙂

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Astrology in my world: Handling Jupiter/Uranus energy

Art by Alex Grey

Much has been written about the positive aspects of the combination of Jupiter and Uranus in the chart, and there is no doubt that when these planets come together it is a rockin’ opportunity to open doorways, both in our life and in our own being, that have been stuck closed.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune – it can bring pinnacle experiences and a sense of unlimited opportunity.  Uranus is known as the planet of change and sudden surprise, but it is also the instigator of experiences that serve to liberate us from anything that is holding us back – even if it is a prison of our own making.

The first conjunction (joining) of Jupiter and Uranus occured last week  in Aries, and the rest of the cycle takes place in Pisces.   Typically the first phase of a planetary cycle is most intense, because we encounter a new energy which has not yet become assimilated into our experience.  The initial conjunction took place at zero degree Aries, in an exact square to Mars in my own chart.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while may remember that my Mars has been hit repeatedly over the past couple of years.  It all began when Pluto entered Capricorn and hit my Mars at zero degrees Cap.  Then last fall, when Saturn entered Libra, it began a series of squares to my Mars.  Now, with Jupiter and Uranus both at zero degrees Aries, they are having a field day with my Mars!

From the comments on the it appears that I’m not the only one […]

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A day with Dharmaruci

This has been an amazing trip so far!! Today Dharmaruci and Vajramala hosted Rich and I and our friends Dianne and David for a delicious lunch on their courtyard. It was lots of fun meeting DR after corresponding for about five years. Many of you will recognize Dharmaruci from his Astrotabletalk blog (linked in the sidebar), another of my favorites and most sympatico to this one.

There was a debate a couple of years ago whether DR’s rising sign was Virgo, Leo or Libra – I’m pleased to be able to confirm that it’s definitely Leo! He is a very entertaining guy and lots of fun to hang out with.

From here Rich and I head off to Cornwall for more magical adventures. Meanwhile I hope you are enjoying the menu of posts I prepared for you!

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Meeting Kathryn in London

Kathryn Cassidy is one of my favorite astrobloggers. Her blog, Collaborate with Fate (linked in the sidebar) is a consistently interesting trove of hidden symbols and astrological insights. Over the years she and I have shared our interests in many things from astrological details to conspiracy mysteries. So it was fun to meet her on person today when she gave us a wonderful tour of downtown London.

Kathryn was a great tour guide and had sent me a long and detailed walking tour of some of the more interesting sites on Fleet Street and other areas with a history of fascinating mystery.  Her tip to tour the Freemason’s Hall was a great one.  When we met she took us on a long walk around St. James Park and Buckingham Palace that was better than any tour we could have purchased!  And most importantly, in that afternoon we became real friends.

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