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“The stars align to ruin Christmas”

It evidently takes bad astrology news to make the mainstream blogosphere.  The Daily Beast has that predicts “holiday hell”:

The stars are aligning to ruin Christmas. Astrologers say that for the first time in years, the tumultuous astrological cycle known as Mercury Retrograde falls during the holidays, causing “tears,” “confusion,” and “throwdowns” during the busy shopping and travel season.

This article is largely based on an interview with Susan Miller, who is one of the best known astrologers in the US today and was one of the earlier pioneers of internet astrology with her Astrology Zone on America Online back in the early 1990s.  But in this article she seems to have lost her mind.

It starts with Black Friday and Saturday, which they say will be doomed by bad deals and under-stocked merchandise. And shoppers who wait until after December 9 will get stuck with faulty products or presents that no one wanted in the first place. By mid-December, holiday travelers will be hit with bad weather, mechanical errors and possibly, terrorist threats. Wars may break out, marriages will dissolve, people will lose their jobs and, as astrologer Gahl Sasson put it, “the whole planet is going to have Tourette’s syndrome.” But that’s not even the worst of it. The darkest day comes on the Winter Solstice (December 21), when a full moon eclipse will wreak its own special havoc.

“It’s a nightmare,” says New York astrologerSusan Miller. “People will be in tears.”

I’m in tears already thinking about the effect on humans across the planet whose fear in reading these words will inspire ridiculous behavior that is apt to make this prediction bear fruit.

Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks four times a year, every […]

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Uranus strikes in the North Sea

In a rare zing of astrological accuracy, a tanker named Uranus carrying fuel (Pisces) struck a huge (Jupiter) cargo vessel in the English Channel last week, just as Jupiter and Uranus were completing their conjunction!  ..

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The music of Dane Rudhyar

Many of my readers will recognize the  name as the father of twentieth century”humanistic astrology” that led to the psychological astrology many of us practice today.  Rudhyar was the author of many astrology books and a noted Theosophist, but he was also an acclaimed painter, musician and composer.

Rudhyar’s musical talents are largely forgotten, but in California includes performances by pianist Sarah Cahill of some of Rudhyar’s compositions.  Cahill quoted Rudhyar: “The inspiration for the music stems from a sequence of psycho-spiritual states of consciousness, not from anything resembling physical movement. Music here is a nonverbal speech aiming at communicating or inciting inner experiences.”

The group hosting the event is called , and it would be wonderful if a recording of this music could be made available to the public.


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Virginia woman sues over being called a “fortune teller”

A Chesterfield County woman claims county officials have violated her religious rights by defining her as a fortune teller rather than a spiritual counselor.

U.S. District Court Judge Robert Payne did not immediately rule on the county’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit after a two-hour hearing Thursday.

Patricia Moore-King claims she has been unable to obtain a business license because of the more stringent standards the county imposes on fortune tellers. For example, only fortune tellers are required get the police chief’s permission to operate after submitting five references.

King says her counseling methods employ Tarot, energy healing, astrology and psychic abilities. But she insists in her lawsuit that she’s not a fortune teller because she doesn’t predict the future.

Many states have laws against fortune telling and predicting the future.  The “anti-divination law” in North Carolina, interestingly, exempts fortune telling at church and school social functions:

It shall be unlawful for any person to practice the arts of phrenology, palmistry, clairvoyance, fortune-telling and other crafts of a similar kind in the counties named herein. Any person violating any provision of this section shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

This section shall not prohibit the amateur practice of phrenology, palmistry, fortune-telling or clairvoyance in connection with school or church socials, provided such socials are held in school or church buildings.

In Maryland recently, a judge for that state’s Court of Appeals decided that “fortune telling” was

“While we recognize that some fortunetellers may make fraudulent statements, just as some lawyers or journalists may, we see nothing in the record to suggest that fortunetelling always involves fraudulent statements.

“Indeed, fortunetellers, like magicians or horoscope writers, are able to provide entertainment to their […]

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“Astro-scanning” to be used in Indian law school

“[A]strology will be used as a effective tool for personality development of law students. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University is about to prepare astrological profile (database) of students.

Why? Planet has [sic] a lot to do in making of your personality. With the help of astro scanning, we can identify position of planet of students. On the basis of findings, students would be advised to perform certain things, which will bring positive change in their personality, said Prof Balraj Chauhan, the vice chancellor.

After having successfully done the Psychological mapping of students, Law University has taken a leap in instilling X-factor among the aspiring lawyers. Chauhan said that university plans to club both the psychological mapping and astro scanning of the students. Both cannot be looked in isolation.

I love India. 🙂  

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