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Astrology goes to court in India

is wrong in so many ways (thanks to  for the article):

Mumbai: Is astrology a science or an art of making money? The city-based NGO, Janhit Manch, has started a debate on the issue in the Bombay high court.

A public interest litigation (PIL) filed by the manch and its convener Bhagwanji Raiyani, along with his associate Dattaram Kumkar, has questioned the validity of predictions by well-known astrologers, including Bejan Daruwalla, and unknown babas like Brahmarshi Shri Kumar Swami.

Is Daruwalla and Brahmarshi were not represented by their advocates, the court issued notices to them to file their replies in four weeks. The more than 100-page petition pointed to several cases, including that of Indira Gandhi and Charan Singh becoming prime ministers, despite opposite predictions.

Hearing the submissions, justice Rebello remarked: “It is difficult to understand how wearing a stone on a finger can change one’s fate! But astrology is a science and that has been accepted by the Supreme Court.”

The PIL referred to Daruwalla, the “famous name of an astrologer and that numerologist among the elite class” who operates “somewhere from Colaba and Ahmedabad”, with his contact numbers on his website. When Kumkar contacted the astrologer’s office, Bapu, his personal assistant, told him to send a Rs25,000 cheque/cash for an appointment, which would be any time after 10 days; if the appointment was urgent, an extra charge of Rs3,000 would have to be made, the PIL stated.

Representing the Union government, advocate Advait Sethna told the court that even the SC had accepted that astrology was a science and many universities had included it as a subject. “Science, which is 4,800 years old, cannot be banned,” Sethna argued.

The PIL urged the authorities to ban articles, advertisements, episodes and practices promoting astrology and its related subjects like vastu, […]

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“Free Reading” astrology scams

The FBI has listed the “free astrology reading” scam as one of the most difficult internet scams:

The FBI said this familiar scam has resurfaced in which a victim receives spam or pop-up messages offering free astrological readings. The victim must provide his/her birth date and birth location to receive a free reading. After receiving the reading, the victim is enticed to purchase a full reading with the promise that something favorable is about to happen. The victim pays for the full reading but never receives it, and most attempts to contact the “Professional Astrologer,” via email, return as undeliverable, the FBI said.

My husband Rich signed up for one of these, just to see what it was about.  He received an email from the “astrologer”  that was several pages long, telling him about an incredibly fortunate planetary cycle that was coming up for him.  Rich asked me, “is there something incredibly fortunate coming up in my chart?” and I had to tell him “Sorry, no there isn’t.”  He didn’t respond to the email but he kept getting more – probably 10 emails in total, and escalating in urgency letting him know that if he wanted to find out about this incredible time and how best to take advantage of it he needed to send in $60 for a complete report.

Now that anyone can buy pre-packaged astrological reports, anyone can make a good living selling these reports on the internet and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But relying on false predictions to attract business for your computerized reports is not helpful to the astrological profession.

So buyer beware!  Don’t fall for  There’s plenty of real astrologers out there who can be of real assistance.

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Where art and astrology combine

A collaboration of abstract paintings by Denver artist Tracy Weil and “horoscope-inspired poems” by writer Drew Myron is on display in Colorado at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.  The exhibit, called “Forecast,” will also feature astrology readings although the article doesn’t say who will do the readings.

Myron and Weil call themselves “amateur astrologists,” so I hope they are not the ones doing the readings.  Astrologist technically isn’t a real word.

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British MP caught studying astrology

While South Carolina Governor Sanford was accused of using taxpayer money to fund his trips to Argentina to see his lover,  received payments for several hundred dollars worth of astrology software and lessons.

“He said that after his studies, he was inclined to believe there was some truth in the astrology and the influence of the planets on the earth and said the payments had been approved in advance by the Commons’ Fees Office.”

Wouldn’t it be great if more politicians got into this kind of trouble!

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Digital Astrology: What kind of tech user are you?

smartphone brings us  from the Pew Research Center on the different types of tech users and suggests that perhaps there’s an astrological connection:

With all the various forms of smartphones and laptops entering our lives, it sometimes seems like the Internet is becoming a part of us: The connection is always on, and information is always just a click away. It turns out, though, the majority of Americans don’t feel that mobile electronics are tethering them to the digital world — in fact, most adults see the devices as being distant and unimportant parts of their lives.

A new report by the Pew Research Center attempts to categorize people into 10 different types of tech users. You could call it a kind of astrology for the digital age: a set of memorably named designations that tell you your preferences and personality when it comes to the electronic world. (Sorry — no “heavenly bodies” involved in this pseudo-science.

OK, there’s only ten categories, but if we get creative we can come up with sign correlations:  Remember that each of our charts is made up of many different sign combinations, so this is for entertainment purposes only!

Digital Collaborators: 8% of adults use information gadgets to collaborate with others and share their creativity with the world. These are the Libras – the ones for whom relationships and connections are critical, and probably also the Leos who feel that everything they do is important enough to be shared with the greater universe.

Ambivalent Networkers: 7% of adults heavily use mobile devices to connect with others and entertain themselves, but they don’t always like it when the cell phone rings.  It would be Aries and Scorpio, the Mars-ruled signs, that like to control […]

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