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Steven Forrest : Rock Opera Composer

Noted astrologer Steven Forrest is an old friend and teacher of mine in Chapel Hill where we both live, and when his wife Jodi, also an accomplished astrologer, wrote a series of stories about the old Norse gods beginning with a book called the Rhymer and the Ravens. Steven, who you may not know is an accomplished musician, wrote a rock opera to accompany that first book.

About ten years ago I was fortunate to be involved as one of the dancers in the early stage productions of the Rhymer and the Ravens, which was succeeded by two more volumes in Jodi’s trilogy.  If you look carefully you’ll see my hair and one eye in front of Steven’s face.

If you’re a fan of Steven’s you’ll enjoy this article in the local paper about the band Dragonship who plays the music for the “Elves’ Prophecy” and this page on Steve and Jodi’s website about the project.

Steven’s books are a must for any student of astrology. You can find many of them in the bookstore on this page!

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“Obama faces Machiavellian Enemy”

Michael Wolfstar O’Reilly and Jeff Jawer of Star IQ are covered in this article in the New York Observer ezine:

The fate of the 2008 presidential election might already be sealed—in the fine print on Barack Obama’s birth certificate.Was he born at 1:06 p.m.? Or was it just after 12?

According to America’s most popular political astrologers, what happened—or did not happen—during that crucial Honolulu hour on August 4, 1961 could determine the future of the free world.

Since Mr. Obama’s birth time is not yet publicly known, even to his own campaign, astrologers who make their living interpreting the impact of the heavens on the nation’s earthbound elected leaders can’t make up their mind as to whether he has one of the most ready-made “leadership charts” in recent presidential history—a strikingly similar one to Bill Clinton’s, save the seductive planets—or is cursed with the prospect of physical danger and a mentality too cerebral to run a country.

The only existing report of the time, which apparently originated from a shout-out from Mr. Obama over a noisy crowd to astrologer Frances McEvoy during a New Hampshire pass-through earlier this year, places him at 1:06 p.m., coincidently just 300 seconds after the moon transitioned from Taurus, a sign of resolution and leadership, to Gemini, a decidedly less confident constellation. And it’s only an hour before the ascending planet in the horizon, which determines first impressions, transitioned from a deeply powerful constellation to a more wavering and reckless one.

“If he were born an hour earlier, it would make a huge difference,” explained astrologer Michael “WolfStar” O’Reilly, who wrote about Mr. Obama’s alleged campaign-trail exchange with the astrologer on his Web site,

Mr. O’Reilly, who has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and is a weekly contributor to […]

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“Codigo Astral” on Miami TV!

Finally: Real astrology on television!! Not just “design by your sign” or “exercise by your sign,” this new television show on Spanish Broadcasting System channel 22 in Miami has real-life astrologer Mauricio Puerta of Venezuela analyzing the charts of three audience members beginning June 14th. Hopefully this idea will catch on and start to bring REAL astrology into the mainstream.

Thanks to Astrococktail for this news article!

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Thanks to the Townleys for this delicious tidbit that comes from Sri Lanka:

It is history how [Ranil Wickremesinghe, prime minister] mislead the public when he signed the surrender agreement better known as the CFA. It took hours for some and days or years for the others to understand the true intentions of the signatories. Now we know that surrender does not tantamount to peace as peace comes essentially with law and order. . . .Ranil did it again when he declared that he has a powerful raja yoga that would bring him back to power during April-May 2007. We didn’t need astrology to dispel his desperate claims to throne. However, the fact that he cannot be the national leader during this time is better known to him. Therefore, it is another case of attempting to mislead the public.

According to Ranil’s horoscope, he doesn’t have any planet exalted or in its own house, necessary for a great horoscope, thereby reducing any chance of the subject attaining greatness. However, Rahu and Ketu are in the same rasi and navamsa respectively giving them the status of power. Apart from these two, the subject has attained a very weak form of gaja-kesari yoga which may bring about prosperity, power, etc. However, the fact that both Moon and Jupiter (the curators of this yoga) are in detrimental rasis ensures that its good effects are reversed. Saturn is also in a rasi detrimental to him and to make things worse, Saturn is in retrograde! Misfortunes of this horoscope continues as Mars is combusted by a strong Sun; another very bad disposition, especially in relation to governance.

I confess I don’t know much of this terminology since it has to do with Vedic astrology of which I know nothing, but I still […]

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Astrology goes on the watch list in Saudi Arabia

From the Kuwaiti Times:

Powerful clerics in Saudi Arabia have warned Arab media against publishing “forbidden” horoscopes, which are hugely popular despite a clerical ban. “This is astrology, which is forbidden and is considered as a form of magic,” a committee of senior Saudi clerics said in a statement published on state news agency SPA late on Saturday. “The committee reminds Muslims and journalists in particular that it is their obligation to take advice from God, His Prophet and the clergy,” it said, adding that all schools of Islamic law forbid such practices.

“Certain newspapers and magazines have adopted the practice of carrying articles on astrology with catchy headlines which trick those who are unaware that astrology, horoscopes and fortune-telling are forbidden,” said the statement. “Certain satellite television channels have also grown accustomed to broadcasting programmes on astrology and fortune-telling,” said the statement carried by Saudi dailies. “All such practices are forbidden as they are a form of magic … that claims to see the unseen world.”

In Saudi Arabia, clerics of a puritanical school of Islam known as Wahhabism oversee the strict application of their reading of Islamic Sharia law. But they are concerned about liberal trends spreading in the Gulf Arab country of 24 million. “Believing that a certain star can be the cause of happiness or misfortune is a superstition from the pre-Islamic age…,” the prominent clerics said. Saudi-owned newspapers based in London such as Asharq Al-Awsat and Al-Hayat have started publishing horoscopes in recent years and fortune tellers appear on Saudi-owned television stations based outside the kingdom.

Papers within the kingdom stick to the Wahhabi line. “Many Saudis don’t know their birth date on the Christian calendar so they don’t care about horoscopes, but the new generation is […]

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