Mercury retrograde roundup, July 2013

Mercury retrograde
There have been some pretty spectacular examples of the kinds of snafus that Mercury retrograde periods cause in the news lately:

  • Google was down for about an hour today, cutting off access to online searches and email for millions of people. .
  • In Florida, a ban on internet cafes actually banned every computer in the state. .
  • The comeback of Eliot Spitzer after his scandal appears to be taking off.
  • A “rogue flight plan” affected passengers flying in and out of Southern England today. .
  • A computer glitch caused fireworks to malfunction in Iowa. .
  • Last but not least, there was a higher than normal incidence of wardrobe malfunctions among stars and wanna bes. If you want to know more, just google it!
When Mercury is retrograde we often have to go back over and over something that is already completed or settled.  Knowing that this is a period of time when this kind of thing can happen makes it much easier to simply go through that process without frustration.  But we can utilize this time to our advantage by performing tasks that involve REvision, REevaluation, REconnecting with old friends, REsolving conflicts, REdecorating our house, REassessing our life plan.
Mercury will turn direct again on July 20th.  Until then, be patient, the river may not flow through it right now.
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The need for a new Alexandrian library

Alexandrian libraryRecently there was a discussion on the professional astrologers’ Facebook group about the demise of astrology publishers and the need for a repository of the astrological classics.  It wasn’t until the early 1990s (under the conjunction of Uranus, astrology’s ruler, and Neptune) that a group of astrologers who formed began translating the classics and bringing back some of the medieval and, later, classic Hellenistic techniques.  Much of that knowledge resides on the web, in blogs and website articles but very few of them have made it into the hands of the public. Of course the argument can be made that most of this material is too dense and esoteric to be interesting to the public.  And there is some debate (mostly from me and other modern astrologers like me) about the validity of the ancient techniques in today’s advanced civilization.  But the question of what happens to knowledge that would otherwise have been in books, when books disappear, is a crucial one that bears discussion. In Sri Lanka a has just opened and was dedicated by the President of the Nation.  How incredible would it be to live in a country where astrology is given this level of respect. But it’s likely that a new Alexandrian type library would need to reside online since that is where the world of knowledge is heading.  This would require organization and funding, neither of which are in great supply in the astrological world.

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Solar Maximum and global warming

solar maximumIt seems pretty much everyone agrees now that the earth is warming, and the extreme weather over the past week certainly seems to confirm that both the weather AND the climate is changing.  Steven Forrest’s July newsletter included an article about the current Solar Maximum which reminded me that I haven’t written on this topic for quite awhile.  Steven links to a The Night Speaks which discusses the research of Aleksandr Leonidovich Chizhevsky who divided the sunspot cycle into four phases that correlate to human behavior: 

Phase One: The solar minimum. With sunspot activity at its eleven-year low, humanity is in an easygoing mood, tolerant but lazy. People are occupied with personal concerns and little inclined to organize themselves into any kind of unified, history-shaping force.

Phase Two: The solar increase. Social energies begin to coalesce. Exciting new Ideas and charismatic spokes people appear, planting seeds that quickly germinate into mass movements. Alliances form. According to Chizhevsky, at this point in the cycle some fundamental problem arises and demands radical solution.

Phase Three: The solar maximum. Energies abound. Everyone is excited, eager to respond en masse to leadership or inspiration, for better or worse. An air of enthusiastic drunkenness suffuses the polity. Emigration increases. Wars begin. Tension is high.

Phase Four: The solar decline. Exhausted and often disenchanted, humanity now loses steam. The seductive easy answers of the previous several years break down. Unity and collective focus drop off. Disillusionment increases. Groups disband. People go back to tending their own gardens – and gradually we descend again into the peaceful lassitude of Phase One, the sunspot minimum.

Chizhevsky divided the four solar phases into periods of three, two, three and three years respectively. Due to the varying lengths of the […]

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Planetary Illuminations for July 2013

My Skywatch article, Planetary Illuminations for 2013, is now posted and you can read it in its entirety here.  If you are on my mailing list you will soon receive your abridged version which includes translation into English from the original astrologese.  If you aren’t on my mailing list you can sign up in the sidebar.  Meanwhile, here is the introduction to give you an overview for the month:

As July begins, Mercury is in retrograde motion. This is a time when our attention is drawn back to the past in order to review and reconnect with the things that our important. Attempts to begin new projects or make major purchases may be thwarted so care must be taken in these areas. Expect glitches and delays and you will not be upset when they occur.

The influence of the Uranus and Pluto planetary cycle is still very strong since those planets are only two degrees apart from their square (90 degree) formation. You can read much more about that on the Astrological Musings blog but suffice it to say that this is a powerful period of transformational forces urging the destruction of structures (Pluto in Capricorn) which are decaying and preventing the regeneration of radical new ideas to grow and take form (Uranus in Aries).

The water element is powerful now, with six planets in water signs, so the realm of feeling is of paramount importance now. Feeling, intuition, innate understanding – these are the characteristics of a strong watery emphasis. In addition, Jupiter (abundance and expansion) has just entered the sign of Cancer, so the vulnerability and nurturing qualities of Cancer will soon be more important. Cancer longs to feel safe emotionally and connected to a tribe of caring individuals, and the role of the family will continue […]

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Mercury retrograde, June 26th through July 20th 2013

Mercury retrogradeMercury turned retrograde this morning and will appear to travel backwards from our perspective on earth for about three weeks.  Even people who don’t believe in astrology have come to believe in Mercury retrograde periods which can often bring communication snafus and equipment breakdowns.  Mercury rules (among other things) the mind, mental activity, interpersonal communication, short trips, and communication equipment.

Retrograde periods serve an important purpose – they encourage us to slow down, to look back over our lives and re-evaluate our path.  It can be frustrating to feel that we are going over the same ground again and again, but if we look carefully we will see that actually progress is being made.  Perhaps there is something that we failed to notice before – something that needs to be redone before we can truly move forward again.

Many of you already know this, but it bears repeating: during Mercury retrograde periods it’s important to be careful about communication.  Don’t be surprised if contracts require renegotiation.  Missed appointments are common.  Important documents may be lost in the mail.

These are typically not the best periods for initiating a major purchase or making a big decision, unless the decision is to REdo another decision that was made before.  But often in life we must make these decisions during Mercury retrograde periods, and then we just have to try to be extra careful to be clear with our communication and think through every possible pitfall.  Then when glitches occur we can just laugh and say “Aha!  That’s just Mercury retrograde.”

These are great times to study, to go back and relearn something you thought you already knew, to redo your website, to update your goals – anything that you can REdo, REnegotiate […]

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