Mercury retrograde, June 26th through July 20th 2013

Mercury retrogradeMercury turned retrograde this morning and will appear to travel backwards from our perspective on earth for about three weeks.  Even people who don’t believe in astrology have come to believe in Mercury retrograde periods which can often bring communication snafus and equipment breakdowns.  Mercury rules (among other things) the mind, mental activity, interpersonal communication, short trips, and communication equipment.

Retrograde periods serve an important purpose – they encourage us to slow down, to look back over our lives and re-evaluate our path.  It can be frustrating to feel that we are going over the same ground again and again, but if we look carefully we will see that actually progress is being made.  Perhaps there is something that we failed to notice before – something that needs to be redone before we can truly move forward again.

Many of you already know this, but it bears repeating: during Mercury retrograde periods it’s important to be careful about communication.  Don’t be surprised if contracts require renegotiation.  Missed appointments are common.  Important documents may be lost in the mail.

These are typically not the best periods for initiating a major purchase or making a big decision, unless the decision is to REdo another decision that was made before.  But often in life we must make these decisions during Mercury retrograde periods, and then we just have to try to be extra careful to be clear with our communication and think through every possible pitfall.  Then when glitches occur we can just laugh and say “Aha!  That’s just Mercury retrograde.”

These are great times to study, to go back and relearn something you thought you already knew, to redo your website, to update your goals – anything that you can REdo, REnegotiate […]

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Planetary Illuminations for June are posted

You can read the entire article on my website here, and if you are on my mailing list you’ll soon receive an abridged version translated into English which is easier to understand.  (If you’re not on my mailing list you can sign up in the sidebar.)

Meanwhile, here is an introduction for the month of June.  Enjoy!

As June begins we see the influence of the square between Uranus and Pluto begin to wane somewhat, but the two will not see more than two degrees of separation until the end of the year. This clash between revolutionary rebellion (Uranus) and destruction and regeneration (Pluto) will continue throughout the year but in June there are quite a few more harmonious planetary interactions that will provide support and help to facilitate the process of change that is inevitable under this influence.  Read more about the Uranus Pluto square here.

Chiron and Neptune both turn retrograde this month, at which point there will be four retrograde planets (Saturn and Pluto are both already retrograde). We have been in a relatively rare period over the past few months where there have been only one or two planets traveling retrograde (meaning they APPEAR to move backwards from our perspective here on earth). When a planet is said to be retrograde its operation is more internalized – more personal if you will. When there are fewer retrogrades life chugs on at a faster pace… retrograde planets tend to slow things down and force us to look back into the past so that we can revise our viewpoint.

As a planet prepares to turn retrograde its motion slows down to a crawl and its influence is more powerful, especially if that planet is affecting our own chart […]

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It’s all about Mercury right now

image from Taranak’s blog.  Over the next few days and leading up to the New Moon Eclipse on May 9th, transiting Mercury will make no fewer than seven exact hits to other planets in its march through early Taurus. Mercury is the planet that rules over the mind and the mental function, but also communication and movement.  With Mercury activating this many planets, our minds will be active and energized by new thoughts and ideas and the necessity of adapting to the stimuli around us.

One of the things I love about the mythological Mercury is that as the messenger god he was the only  one of all of the gods that was allowed into Pluto’s domain, the Underworld.  Our mental understanding helps to facilitate our movement through experiences and provides us with a way to process the events in our life in a way that enhances our personal growth.

Mercury is in Taurus at the moment, and the fixed earthiness of Taurus makes the flexibility that Mercury requires more difficult to achieve.  With so many Mercury aspects over the next few days, our minds will be very active and we are prone to changing our minds like our clothing, and shapeshifting and mercurial shifts of demeanor and manner will be the norm.  But Taurus creates resistance to change resulting in a push/pull force pulling us in both directions that may be difficult.

So over the next few days we will find ourselves in this duality of motion versus resistance.  Meditation helps quiet the mind and will help the reality of our situation become more evident and keep the mental confusion to a minimum.  When we can’t make a decision, the time is not yet right and […]

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Planetary Illuminations for May are posted

Uranus square Pluto 2013And it’s on time!  You can read the article in its entirety here, and if you are on my mailing list you will soon receive your translation into easy to understand English.  (If you’re NOT on my mailing list, please sign up in the sidebar.)

Meanwhile, here is the overview for May:

Over the past few months we have moved from a dreamy and creative emphasis in Pisces, through a fiery Aries stellium with lots of passion and incendiary events. We are now in a Taurean period where we crave stability and the kind of peace that comes from knowing t hat our lives are secure. However, with Uranus and Pluto moving into phase three of their big challenging cycle, this security is limited. Taurus inspires us to hold firm to our ground, but the Uranus/Pluto square is forcing us to let go of anywhere that we hold onto something that lacks a solid foundation. Our ideas of what our lives should be – fears that keep us from moving forward. The tide is turning now, and we have to somehow find a way to find that peace and serenity while the world around us is shifting.

You can catch up on that here (as well as read my take on last month’s bombing in Boston). Uranus rules surprising events that shatter the status quo and create change, while Pluto regulates the regular destruction and regeneration of that which has decayed and is no longer useful. When these two planets interact in strong aspect (conjunction, square and opposition) the result is an earthquake of social and political change.

This can sound frightening, and of course there are aspects of this dynamic that will create fear and imbalance as […]

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Chiron is different from anything else in the Universe

Chiron astrology art by James Mesple.  The mythological Chiron was a creature that was half man and half horse, so he is often lumped together with other Centaurs who share those physical attributes.  Astrologers sometimes classify him as an asteroid (his original astronomical classification), and astronomers sometimes describe him as a comet because he exhibits comet-like behavior.  You can read more about Chiron’s classification here in this earlier post.

The Centaurs of Greek mythology were actually tribes of beast-like men who roamed through Thessaly and the Pelopenessian peninsula in ancient times.  Although Chiron was similar in appearance, because he was half horse half man, he was of a different lineage entirely.  His father was Cronos (Saturn) and his mother was the nymph Philyra.  Chiron’s bestial shape was due to Cronos having shapeshifted into a stallion in order to overtake and mate with Philyra, the object of his great desire.   So while Chiron shares a similar imagery to the race of Centaurs, he is completely unrelated.

In the same way, Chiron is very different from the other astronomically classified Centaurs. Most important is the location of his orbit which generally lies between Saturn and Uranus although that orbit is elliptical and peculiar.  Barbara Hand Clow has called Chiron the “Rainbow Bridge” between the personal planets (the visible planets through Saturn) and the transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).  The personal planets represent personality, and the outer planets are transformational forces.  Chiron serves the role of facilitating transformation through the healing of problems in the personality.

In mythology Chiron is often described as the wisest of the Centaurs, but in my mind this is erroneous on many levels.  Since he was not one of the Centaur race, […]

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