Mars turns direct, April 13-15 2012

mars direct 2012Note: Planets are said to be “retrograde” when they appear to move backwards from our perspective on Earth.  They are not actually moving backwards, or “the wrong way” as a friend of mine likes to say.  And there is nothing “wrong” about retrogrades – it’s a normal planetary cycle. Retrograde periods help us to reassess and revisit areas of life that require more attention before we can move on with our lives, but for this reason they can be somewhat frustrating and demand attention.

Although Mars didn’t actually turn retrograde until January, its motion began to slow down in December 2011 marking the actual beginning of the retrograde period.  From my observations and from a practical standpoint, retrogrades begin when the planetary movement slows down in anticipation of the retrograde turn, and end after the planet has turned direct and picks up steam again.

In my own world this has been a particularly problematic time, especially with both Mercury and Mars retrograde at the same time.  While Mercury retrograde periods are rather frequent — usually we have four three-week periods in a year — Mars retro periods only occur every couple of years.

Managing these retrograde periods is rather like riding on a boat in choppy waters.  If you allow your body to move with the waves you tend not to get seasick, but if you resist the movement of the water you can become very sick indeed.  And even the most experienced of sailors can experience motion sickness if the rough waters continue for too long a period of time, and this is what many of us have experienced.

The stationary period of the Mars cycle begins April 13th and Mars turns direct on April 15th around 1 […]

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Pluto turns retrograde April 10th

Pluto retrogradeI don’t know where this image came from but I found it here. Having just completed a retrograde turn of Mercury, and just coming out of the retrograde period of Mars, you may not be overjoyed to learn that now Pluto will turn retrograde. However, like everything else astrological, retrograde Pluto serves a higher purpose. The outer planets travel retrograde for about six months every year, and for the last 30 years or so they have been retrograde in the summer (northern hemisphere). When a planet changes direction it is like a car that makes a U-turn, it’s motion appears to slow down and it becomes what we call “stationary” in the sky. Pluto has only moved two degrees since January and it will remain between 7 and 9 degrees Capricorn until the end of the year. No planet is better at completing old patterns and clearing away the leftover detritus than Pluto, and when Pluto is retrograde, as it is for about half the year, we are forced to look backwards at our successes, our mistakes, our plans, our relationships – anything in our lives that has unfinished business will be re-examined during this time and anything that we are carrying around that is no longer needed will be swept away like the pollen after a rain. Pluto is the planet of destruction and regeneration, and it also deals with issues of power and its uses. Its not surprising that now, with Pluto having been stationary in the sky (from our perspective here on earth) for the past few weeks as it prepared to change direction, things have been so intense for so many of us. When a planet is […]

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Mercury turns direct today!

Mercury direct 2012When Mercury is retrograde all kinds of chaos can ensue and this is the one astrological factor that more than any other single one helps to convince the skeptic about the validity of astrology. This Mercury retrograde period was likely more difficult for many of us because Mercury began the retrograde journey in Aries.  Aries is all about moving forwards – as quickly and with as little thought as possible.  So Mercury in Aries really resists that forced turn backwards of the retrograde, and on the journey it slipped back into Pisces where things may have become a bit confused.  What actually was happening, of course, was that intuition (Pisces) was taking a front seat to intellect, but that’s not always an easy transition to make. All retrogrades do serve their purpose, and these are times to look back over anything that needs revision or re-imagining.  But with Mercury turning direct we will begin to turn our attention once again to the future, and those pesky breakdowns of communication (Mercury) equipment are likely to diminish.  Mercury will re-enter Aries on the 16th, just after Mars (ruler of Aries) turns direct after a long retrograde period itself.  At that point we will likely feel that we are being shot out of a cannon, like a rubber band that has been pulled to its maximum before being released.

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Monday repost: Born on the Cusp

With over six years of archives, there are some older posts that still have relevance today.  This is a post from 2005 that I have updated and expanded for your reading enjoyment. zodiac cuspThe signs of the zodiac change every 30 days, and there is a brief period while the Sun passes from one sign to another that is known as the “cusp.” Some people believe that individuals born several days before or after this time possess aspects of both signs, but in actual fact a planet is either one sign or another, there is really no such thing as a literal cusp.  The idea of the Sun being on the cusp arose from newspaper so-called “horoscopes” which can’t pinpoint a Sun Sign for every reader because the date of entry of the Sun into a sign varies from year to year.  Technically, the Sun is said to enter a sign when the actual center of the Sun is aligned with the zero degree point of that sign.  However, in some cases the experience of being “on the cusp” does manifest in a chart. When the Sun is leaving a sign, during the last two degrees or so, it’s focus is moving towards the next sign and we often find an influence from the next sign beginning to make itself known; however, that doesn’t mean that individuals born during this time are hybrids of both signs.  If your birthday is on the last few days of Sagittarius, you are definitely a Sagittarian, but aspects of Capricorn are peeking into your personality. You may possess a greater degree of responsibility than those born even just a few days before, you may be more goal oriented and have less […]

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April Planetary Illuminations are posted

You can read the entire article here, but for your convenience here is an overview of the major planetary news for April:

As April begins, Mercury and Mars are both at a virtual standstill in preparation for their change of direction this month. Mercury will turn direct on April 4 th and Mars, retrograde since January 23 rd, turns direct on April 13 th. Mars and Mercury are both planets of motion: Mars represents our energy, our enthusiasm, and our drive to make things happen, and Mercury deals with matters of the mind and transmission of thoughts and ideas as well as people.

When the two planets of action are in retrograde motion, meaning they appear to move backwards from our perspective on earth, it can be difficult to get things moving. Mars retrograde can cause frustration and irritation as our will and desire are stymied at every turn, and Mercury retrograde can make it difficult to implement our plans and goals with its need to re-evaluate and re-pair which necessitates that we must look over our shoulder instead of forward.

In early April the stationary motion of both of these planets are likely to continue that frustration, but once Mercury turns direct on the 4 th it will become easier to plan and visualize the future although the actual implementation likely won’t come easily until after Mars changes direction on the 14 th. Many people have reported an inability to sleep and a great deal of agitation under the stationary Mars influence, so plan to get a great deal of physical activity to help to release the pent-up energy as productively as possible.

At the same time we are in the middle of a conjunction of Mercury to Uranus in Aries which began in […]

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