April Planetary Illuminations are posted

You can read the entire article here, but for your convenience here is an overview of the major planetary news for April:

As April begins, Mercury and Mars are both at a virtual standstill in preparation for their change of direction this month. Mercury will turn direct on April 4 th and Mars, retrograde since January 23 rd, turns direct on April 13 th. Mars and Mercury are both planets of motion: Mars represents our energy, our enthusiasm, and our drive to make things happen, and Mercury deals with matters of the mind and transmission of thoughts and ideas as well as people.

When the two planets of action are in retrograde motion, meaning they appear to move backwards from our perspective on earth, it can be difficult to get things moving. Mars retrograde can cause frustration and irritation as our will and desire are stymied at every turn, and Mercury retrograde can make it difficult to implement our plans and goals with its need to re-evaluate and re-pair which necessitates that we must look over our shoulder instead of forward.

In early April the stationary motion of both of these planets are likely to continue that frustration, but once Mercury turns direct on the 4 th it will become easier to plan and visualize the future although the actual implementation likely won’t come easily until after Mars changes direction on the 14 th. Many people have reported an inability to sleep and a great deal of agitation under the stationary Mars influence, so plan to get a great deal of physical activity to help to release the pent-up energy as productively as possible.

At the same time we are in the middle of a conjunction of Mercury to Uranus in Aries which began in […]

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Astrology in my world: The Grand Trine at work

I apologize to my readers about the light posting lately, I have been pulled in about 100 directions at once.  I generally do have my fingers in a lot of different pies: I am an astrologer, I have a real estate business, I’m a musician of sorts and play several instruments without playing any of them very well.  I’m very accustomed to having a lot of things going at once and with Gemini rising I enjoy all of the stimulation and change. But over the past few weeks since this Grand Trine has been in effect I feel like I’m in the middle of a whirlygig – like a circus ride that’s spinning and spinning with no way to get off. The Grand Trine closely aspects Chiron and Mars in my chart, and my wound (Chiron) tends to be in my need for DO-ing (Mars in Capricorn).  The circular energy of the trines feels somewhat like a whirlwind that lacks a cohesive or stable reference point.  Everything in my life is so amazing, and pretty fabulous, but there is just so much of it.  This is the burden, if you can call it that, of the Grand Trine. I’m reminded of a show that was popular when I was young called “Stop the world, I want to get off.”   Fortunately, as an astrologer I understand that once Mars turns direct again in April the sense of chaos will lift.  For now, though, I’m trying to remember to breathe and find my own center in the center of the maelstrom.

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Why your Ipad can’t cast a birthchart

A friend of mine recently had a new baby, and he asked why her actual birthchart has a different rising sign than the “real one.”  With his Ipad (the Iphone and other smartphones also have this capability with the right application) he was able to determine exactly which constellation was on the Eastern horizon when the baby was born, and it was not the same as the rising sign, or ascendant, on the computer generated chart that he made on the Web.

The reason, of course, is the difference between the Tropical system of zodiac signs and the fact that unlike zodiac signs, constellations do not line up in neat 30 degree segments that fit perfectly around a 360 degree wheel.

Zodiac signs are based on and named after the constellations that we see the planets move through, but it’s often thought, erroneously, that the signs ARE those constellations.  For more details about this please visit Chris Brennan’s .  So while your planetwatching app may be brilliant at astronomy, it doesn’t know much about astrology.

Astrology makes no claim to be astronomically correct.  The Sun doesn’t orbit the earth, and planets don’t move backwards (retrograde motion).  We observe the movement of the planets from our vantage point on earth, and we assign symbolic meaning to the segments of the sky that are named after and are rough representations of the constellations and which we call the “zodiac.”

Some astrologers, possibly those who are of a more scientific than magical mind, have attempted to put forth the use of the constellation zodiac in astrology since it is more “accurate.”  Others have tried working with the heliocentric model (Sun-centered) rather than the geocentric (earth-centered) model used in western astrology.  The thing is, western astrology with […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I am a bit of a grinch about St. Patrick’s day because of the symbolism of the chasing of the snakes and serpents (natural wisdom) out of Ireland.  But I do love Ireland and today I will be at a pub playing Irish music, wearing green. So I thought I would share something about ancient Irish astrology as it might have been practiced by the Druids.  Unfortunately very little of their wisdom and practice comes down to us in any kind of authenticated form, but sheds a light on ancient Irish astronomy and astrology:

Greek and Latin writers show clearly that the Celts were not only advanced in astronomy but that they were respected, especially by the Greeks, for their ‘speculations from the stars’. Even the Romans, from Caesar to Pliny, paid tribute to their astronomy. One of the first to note that the ancient Celts believed the world to be round (not flat) was Martial (c. AD 40-103/4) who, himself, claimed Celtic ancestry. The famous 1st Century BC Coligny Calendar, once thought to be the most extensive document in a Celtic language but now surpassed by other fascinating discoveries, has been dated to its original computation, by its astronomical observations and calculations. This highly sophisticated lunar and solar predictor was, according to the leading Celtic scholar, Dr Garrett Olmsted, first constructed in 1100 BC.  It is important to note that the concepts of the calendar find parallels in Vedic cosmology. We will return to this later. It was the Greek Hippolytus (AD 170-236), using an earlier source, who stated that the ancient Celts foretold the future from the stars by ciphers and numbers after the manner of the Pythagoreans. Space precludes a discussion on the argument which took place among the […]

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The Great Grand Trine

Note to my readers:  This post contains a lot of geeky astrological lingo.  If you find it overwhelming skip to the bottom where I’ve translated this into English for you.


Throughout the month of March a Grand Trine is in effect between Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars in Virgo.  Normally Mars moves quickly through the zodiac but because it has been retrograde and is moving slowly now before it changes direction, it is at a virtual standstill as part of this Grand Trine.


A Grand Trine is a triangular formation that consists of three separate trines.  You may have noticed that Jupiter and Venus have been getting closer and closer to a conjunction in the sky and that formation peaked last night, and these two are conjunct the point in the sky known as the Black Moon Lilith.  The Black Moon Lilith is not an actual body but is more like a void out of which comes the darkness of our deepest and most fearful emotions.


The trine aspect promotes ease and harmony, which you would think would be a good thing and it can be, but it also can create laziness and complacency.  This Grand Trine is in the element of Earth which desires stability at all costs, yet we also have an opposition (stressful aspect) between the assertive energy of Mars and the raw emotional sensitivity of Chiron which forms what we call a Kite to the Grand Trine.


Kites add a layer of unresolved tension to a Grand Trine and yet the circular energy of the Trine makes it difficult to move through the tension towards resolution but also adds a dynamic quality to the stasis of the Grand Trine.  This suggests that even though […]

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