Lynn’s Skywatch is posted!

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Here’s the intro to get you started:

The big news for the year 2011 has been the challenging square aspect between Uranus (planet of revolutionary new ideas and radical action) and Pluto (destruction and transformation). We have seen the effects of this dramatic planetary cycle play out across the globe, from the Arab Spring which led to the downfall of Hosni Mubarek in Egypt, to the independence movements in many nations around the world. This aspect peaked in July and Uranus and Pluto continue to move slowly but surely away from each other. As October begins, the two planets are two degrees from the exact squre formation, and by the end of the month they will be far enough apart that the influence of the cycle is waning.

This gives us a planetary rest period with virtually no major planetary cycles to create disruption. It’s an opportunity for us to get back on track in our personal lives, and there will also be an unwinding of the stress that we’ve seen in the international arena. The month begins with four planets in Libra which helps us to regain our equilibrium (Libra is the sign of balance)

Throughout the month Jupiter, traveling retrograde, is moving into position to form a harmonious trine to Pluto. This is the second phase of a cycle that began in July and is a beautiful alignment for the expansion of our personal empowerment and confidence. Under this influence we can accomplish […]

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The astrology of prophets and holy beings

My friend Robert Wilkinson has an interesting article today in answer to a reader’s question whether prophets and wise people can be revealed from their birthcharts.  Before I go into Robert’s response I’d like to weigh in myself and say no – there isn’t any way we can look at a horoscope cast for a particular time and date and determine whether or not that person will be a holy being, wise person, prophet or sage.  In the same way, we cannot tell whether or not that individual will end up a serial murderer or world leader.

The birthchart is a map of potentialities, and what we do with it is dependent upon a number of factors: where the individual is in terms of his or her soul’s evolutionary process; the kind of environment into which he or she is born; the decisions and choices during the life experience that lead him or her down one particular path or another.

A powerful birthchart contains powerful components, whether it is the chart of a criminal or a holy being.  Generally there are strong outer planet configurations (involving Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and while these transformative energies urge us towards the highest expression of human life, some individuals choose an easier path of blame and addiction instead.

As Robert writes:

Everything depends on spiritual Karma and personal development. In the former, if your Soul comes into life highly evolved, then it’s easy to tap into Higher Self expressions. However, as is the case for most of us, if your Soul comes in somewhat evolved with many unhelpful habits of personality to transmute, then you have to work on overcoming the negatives and turn them to positives before the elements of […]

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UK Researcher says “seasonal interference” is not astrology

birth month determines careerRussell Foster, a researcher with Oxford University in the UK, has uncovered a correlation between birth month and career path.

According to researchers, a child born in December is more likely to become a dentist while someone whose birthday falls in January is more likely to become a debt collector. Those babies born in February are likely to turn their hand to painting, while March babies go on to become pilots.

Speaking earlier this year, neuroscientist Russell Foster from Oxford University says: ‘The effects are small but very, very clear. I am not going to give voice to astrology – but we are not immune to seasonal interference.

I’d like to see more details about this study but haven’t been able to find them.  Because zodiac sun signs run generally from the 20-23rd of the month people born in December and January could theoretically have the same sun sign which wouldn’t clarify the study from an astrological viewpoint.  Babies born in late February would be Pisces and therefore artistic talent could come naturally, and in late March the Aries babies would have the courage required to fly planes in the air.

I love how conventional science is willing to believe in “seasonal interference,” but thinks astrology is “mumbo jumbo.”  As Michel Gauquelin, famous astrological researcher, wrote:

Having collected over 20,000 dates of birth of professional celebrities from various European countries and from the United States, I had to draw the unavoidable conclusion that the position of the planets at birth is linked to one’s destiny. What a challenge to the rational mind!”[3]

(Neo-Astrology, 1991)

If anyone can point me to the original study, I would be quite grateful!

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Skywatch for September is posted!

Skywatch for SeptemberYou can read the article in its entirety here, or sign up on my website for my newsletter to receive a translation of Skywatch into easy to understand English each month.

Here’s the introduction to get you started for September:

The astrological indicators for September continue the trend towards less intensity than the energies we have been experiencing for much of the year, with only fast-moving planetary cycles.  Connections between outer planets have a more powerful influence that lasts longer, and we have had an incredible number of major cycles involving Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto over the past years.  Between now and next June there are no major planetary cycles so the crisis points have subsided somewhat for now.

Uranus and Pluto came closest in July to the challenging square that will dominate astrological news until 2015 or so, and these two planets are separating, although they are still within orb of the square which will continue to apply some pressure for change and a radical response (Uranus) to outmoded structures that no longer work in today’s world (Pluto in Capricorn).

Jupiter has just turned retrograde, and Pluto is stationary throughout the month.  Pluto, very much still a planet, inspires us to embrace the death of our old selves and emerge into a new life, very like the snake which sheds its skin as it grows and evolves into a new body.

Pluto will be changing direction on September 16th after traveling retrograde since April.  As Pluto prepares to to turn direct again its motion has slowed down to a crawl and is now “stationary” – it will only travel four minutes of arc between the first of the month and the direct turn, and […]

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Jupiter retrograde, August 30 2011

“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.”

Alexander Graham Bell

This morning as I was walking my dog I listened to a podcast of This American Life called “Million Dollar Idea.”  One of the stories was about Michael Larson, a perpetual seeker of “The Big Opportunity” who ended up beating a game show’s formula in 1984.  The game show was ironically titled “Press Your Luck.”

According to the program, Larson was always in search of that big opportunity that would bring him the big winnings.  Sadly, after he had his record-breaking game show win he subsequently squandered the money in a real estate Ponzi scheme and went on to lose the remainder of his savings and his wife after he was robbed of over $40,000 in $1 bills which he had saved in an attempt to win a radio contest.  He ended up an assistant manager at Walmart according to

This story reminded me very much of Jupiter.  Jupiter inspires us to think big and to achieve greatness.  Jupiter, remember, was the king of the gods and I like to say that Jupiter in the chart shows where we would like to be king and how we can accomplish our goals and dreams.  Nothing in astrological symbolism is black or white, good or bad, and that is true for Jupiter too.

Jupiter’s domain also includes our belief systems and the philosophies that we develop to give our life meaning.  These theologies and ideologies become a part of our world view and are also associated with Jupiter.

I had a boyfriend once who refused to work a regular job, […]

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