The North Node/Pluto conjunction November 2010

The North and South Nodes of the  Moon are important parts of the astrological chart, but they are not planets.  Rather, they are points in the sky that mark the passage of the Moon across the path of the Sun.  I like to think of them as signposts in the sky that point us in the right direction so that we can accomplish our evolutionary journey.  The South Node is associated with the past – things and emotions which give us comfort but also hold us back.  The North Node is associated with our destiny and helps us to align with our future self.  On November 27th Pluto conjoined the North Node for the first time since 1994

Geeky astrological detail – some astrologers use the “True Node,” the exact position of the Nodes, and some use the “Mean Node,” the average position of the Nodes which tend to vacillate forward and reverse rather erratically.  In my work I have found the Mean Node to be more accurate but as in anything else, astrologers will differ which is why you may find differing dates for this conjunction.

Transits involving the nodes of the Moon do not usually set off major events the way planetary transits do, but they do tend to signify a change in course that alters the path of our journey.

The last few times Pluto conjoined the North Node occurred in 1961 (in Virgo), in 1977 (in Libra), and in 1994 (in Scorpio).  1961 marked the beginning of the turbulent 1960s (which were helped along by the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto from 1962-1968).  The years after the 1977 conjunction saw the fall of Iran and the rise of religious dogmatism around the world which necessitated […]

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Saturn in Libra: Romance and bedbugs

I couldn’t help but laugh at the synchronicity of this article in light of Saturn (challenges) in the sign of Libra (love and romance) at the moment:


have become a sort of anti-Cupid for city singles, in some cases slowing the progress of budding relationships and in others bringing romance to a dead stop.

“Condoms don’t protect against bedbugs,” observed Cameron Macay, a 29-year-old student who lives in Williamsburg. Macay, who is single, admits to panic whenever he stays over at a woman’s apartment and feels even a little itchy at night.

It’s still easier to get herpes than bedbugs (one in five Americans has herpes; about  has bedbugs), and sexually-transmitted diseases are a far more serious risk for amorous New Yorkers. But many city dwellers have an outsized fear of contracting the tiny pests in the course of a one-night stand or a burgeoning relationship.

A bedbug infestation, like a torrid romance, briefly and suddenly consumes the lives of the afflicted — only the insects stick their victims with weeks of cleaning and vacuuming, thousands of dollars in expenses and continuous stress. Simply put, it’s a lot easier to break up with a human than a bedbug.

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Predicting the future with astrology

The title of this post is misleading.  As my readers know, I do not believe that we can predict the future with astrology.  We can predict stormy weather; we can predict good fortune of some kind.  We cannot predict with any degree of accuracy when specific things will happen, the effort of many astrologers to do so notwithstanding.

An example of this is the question “when will I meet my soulmate.”  This is probably the Number One question asked of astrologers, and second is “when will I be successful.”  Both of these questions depend not on astrology, but on our own ability to resolve the inner issues of our personality that are keeping us from landing the job or the mate of our dreams.

I did what I like to call a  “repair reading” not too long ago after a woman was told by an astrologer that at a certain time she would meet a man in a once in a lifetime planetary cycle, and that this was her last chance to find love.  I can’t remember the exact planetary event but it had something to do with Jupiter and perhaps progressed Venus.  She was recently divorced and not really ready for a new relationship, so when she met a man at the prescribed time she was unable to make it work.  She was in extreme distress, worried that she had indeed ruined her last opportunity for happiness.

I recently did a yearly consult with a client, and in our previous reading I had told her that a period was coming up that would be very fertile for relationships of all kinds and which could bring an important relationship her way.  As it turned out, during that period she […]

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Mars meets Uranus

No scatalogical jokes please!  But check out this post by Astrofix about Mars/Uranus aspects, if only for the image which is a fantastic representation of Uranian energy.

Mars represents energy and enthusiasm and desire, as well as the anger and rage that can be stored if that energy and enthusiasm and desire are blocked in some way.  This is a great collection of Mars/Uranus keywords, including:

Disruptive force. Sporadic action. Eccentric actions. Klutzes. Independent actions. Independent force. Rebellious actions. Rebellious energy. Controversial assertions. The courage to act independently. The courage to do your own thing. Shocking anger. Shocking violence. Unpredictable angry outbursts. Reckless. Irresponsible. Accident prone. Unconventional desires. Daredevils. Thrill seekers. Extreme sports. Obnoxious behavior. Spastic. Quick actions. Instant action. Instant force. Sudden actions. Emergency workers. Crazy energy. Exciting energy. Sexual excitement. Needing exciting sex. Needing physical excitement. Needing to feel electric attraction. Electric energy. Electric sexuality. Nervous energy. Jittery. Technical ability. Unpredictable actions. Contrariness. Doing the opposite of whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing, even if it’s not in your own best interest. Doing the opposite because following orders is intolerable. Having the courage to go your own way. Asserting your individuality. Fighting the status quo. Extreme selfishness. Acting without approval. Leading the rebellion. Fighting on behalf of the underdog. Actions that provoke others. Fighting for independence. The ability to act outside of what society expects. Acting like a weirdo. Bizarre behavior. Restless. Fidgety. Inability to sit still. Easily bored. Needing new and exciting experiences constantly.

read more here…

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Jupiter/Uranus Tranceformation

I quoted from in the Breakthrough show on Sunday’s Musings on Astrology radio talk show.  The article evidently appeared last spring before the cardinal alignments, but it’s beautifully written by astrologer Ver dar Luz of Reality Sandwich:

The symbol of volcanic eruption is very important and pertinent to consider in what is beginning to emerge all around us. We feel at these moments both as the volcano and the lichen, the new life, on the crust of the volcano.  All the new life will sprout from us.  Every action unfolds in butterfly-effect repercussion.  Thus, we are nervous and erupting, we are anxious and overflowing, like the symbol of the cosmic ocean of Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Pisces.  In the ocean, we recognize that we’re all one, so our sensitivity increases and we feel everything.  Then we wonder, “Am I swimming or drowning here?”  That Jupiterian urge to expand and grow, as well as overindulge and overflow without borders merges with Uranus, the urge to liberate, break free, radically shift, even if it’s traumatizing… birth and the fetus bursting from the amniotic fluid.

With every Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, once every fourteen years, new cultural phenomena emerge.  Brilliant works of genius are channeled and shared with the world, forever shifting collective perception. In order for each one of us to become a conduit for this enlightened breakthrough, we must create the space in our lives to receive the divine mind, to listen to our intuition, and to leave our previous worldview behind.  Saturn’s opposition makes this easier said then done.  Due to all of these planets’ square from Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld and the transformations necessary for evolution, we must surrender to the catastrophic […]

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