Do we need to work the north node?

This post may be somewhat advanced for some readers, for which I apologize in advance.

North Node South Node

I had an email from a client the other day lamenting the difficulty in working her north node.

The nodes of the Moon mark the passage of the Moon across the ecliptic, the Sun’s apparent path through the zodiac.  The North Node, also called the Dragon’s Head (Rahu in Vedic astrology), represents the direction in which we are heading, and the South Node, the tail of the dragon or Ketu in the Vedic tradition, represents the influences from the past – that which is familiar and comfortable, and to which we retreat when under stress.

In Western astrology we typically look at the South Node as being negative and something to move away from, and the North Node as being something to move towards.  Many astrologers advise us to “work the North Node” – to minimize the effects of the sign and house of the South Node, and maximize the influence of the North Node.

I talked about this in my radio show that I titled “The Why we are Here Show” and if you’re interested you can .  As I perceive the human incarnation, we come as a soul with a divine purpose, but we are working through a human personality.  The birthchart describes the trappings of the personality, and the kinds of experiences we will have that will provide tests and challenges as well as gifts and good fortune.  I believe that before we can fully absorb our spiritual and evolutionary purpose, we must heal and become fully actualized at the personality level.

Let’s say you have the South Node in Libra in the […]

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Native perspectives on 2012

Molly at About Astrology has posted some interesting links on the 2012 connection to native American wisdom.  Molly writes:

I recently moved to the edge of a forest, and it’s made it possible to have more direct experiences of both nature and the cosmos. I get the sense of coming home to things I knew as little girl. One is that animals and all life is sacred. I’ve personally felt a shift from living more in my head, to living in the heart. And that’s the shift that indigenous wisdom keepers say is happening now. It’s the heart that’s tuned in to nature and animals that way.

She has links to a wonderful video with a Lakota Sioux wisdom keeper that is well worth watching as well.

read more here…

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The Uranus/Pluto Square: Responding Creatively to Crisis

Astrologer D.K. Brainard has about the oil spill in the Gulf, the extent of which is still unknown but appears to be spreading at alarming rates.  D.K. writes:

In her 1980 book The Aquarian Conspiracy, Marilyn Ferguson noted that a funny thing happened on the way to the revolution of the 1960s. Frustrated by the lack of real change resulting from marching in the streets, confronting the authorities and inciting young people to rebel against “the System,” many of the leaders of the 1960s counterculture eventually dropped out of the movement.

But they didn’t give up on their ideals, Ferguson argued. Instead, they did something even more radical. Rather than continuing to struggle in the world of effects, they turned inward to find – and attempt to heal – the evils afflicting their world. They turned on to meditation, yoga, nonviolent communication, holistic medicine, organic farming, and so many of the other spiritual practices that have become almost commonplace in forty short years.

The oil still gushing from deep beneath the sea off the Louisiana coast threatens to become the major man-caused environmental disaster of our lifetime. It demands a creative response from us, something better than blame, resentment, despair or hopelessness. We are now squarely in the zone of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto “Cardinal Climax” of 2010. We knew the world would be galvanized by something; it appears we are being galvanized by the world itself – as Mother Earth erupts for the second time in less than a month.

Pluto represents the archetypal realms of the soul, both the individual soul and the world soul, and when dark clouds of volcanic material start spewing up from the depths of the Earth, we can be sure this […]

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Jupiter opposes Saturn this week: the Jupiter/Saturn cycle

Jupiter opposes Saturn on May 23, bringing its expansive qualities to the already tumultuous divisions between Saturn and Uranus, a larger planetary cycle that has been in operation since the fall of 2008.

Jupiter and Saturn are oppositional forces.  Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts.  Jupiter is optimistic, Saturn is pessimistic (although it prefers to think of itself as “realistic”).  I should say, Saturn IS realistic, but compared to Jupiter is SEEMS pessimistic.

The 20-year Jupiter cycle is used by mundane astrologers to forecast political events as the two planets cycle through conjunctions in one element for about 200 years and then transition into the next.  (See for 3,000 years’ worth of data.)

Since 1980 we have been in the transitional period between elements.  The last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Earth was in 1961, and the conjunction in 1980-1981 transitioned into air, moving  back into Earth for the conjunction in 2000.  The 2020 conjunction will take place in the air element. We are therefore at the end of the transitional period between earth and air.

Robert Blaschke writes:  “When Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in the earth element, societal infrastructure evolves globally and there is substantial wealth creation, along with extensive land settlement and territorial disputes.  The earth cycle began in 1802 and we can certainly see that this was in play.  We are now transitioning between earth and air, and Robert writes:  “[Jupiter/Saturn c]onjunctions in the air element historically correspond with rapid social progress, significant intellectual development, and new concepts entering into human consciousness. ”  I would add that with the air element there is a growing focus on fairness and equality, and we are in a transitional period between the Piscean age and the Aquarian age […]

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Mercury retrograde update

Mercury has slowed down to a crawl as it prepares to change direction tomorrow, so don’t be surprised if business matters or travel plans are stalled today.  It will take Mercury a few days to begin traveling at a normal speed (this is called the “shadow” period of the retrograde phase) but after Tuesday  the effect of this particular retrograde should be behind us.

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