Astrological Musings Radio tomorrow: The Ceres archetype

Sunday morning at 11 am Eastern!  Tomorrow’s show, the first in a few weeks due to my bad flu which rendered me voiceless, will be a discussion of the Ceres archetype.  Ever since Ceres was reclassified with Pluto as a dwarf planet (I actually like the original name given to Pluto, Ceres and Eris:  The Plutoids), issues associated with Ceres such as the plight of women around the world and the health of the ecology of the planet have been at the forefront of global awareness.

We’ll be discussing Ceres, and then you’ll have a chance to call in with questions about your own chart if you’re a new caller.  To listen live, click on the player below at or after 11 am Eastern time on Sunday morning the 21st.  If you click on the player before that time you’ll get the last show.  The number to call in, or to listen to the show on your phone, is 646-478-5731.

To listen to the archives or subscribe to the podcast please visit my website for more information

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More on rage as Mars turns direct

rageWe have been seeing an unbelievable number of high speed car chases and road rage incidents in our local paper, as I wrote earlier, and it seems as though every day there’s another shooting from someone angry at something.  A search of Google news reveals that it’s not just in our area that people are chasing and shooting each other, and now an Ohio State University worker has killed a colleague and himself over a poor work evaluation.  The gunman was 51, the age at which Chiron returns to its place in our birthcharts and stimulates a healing crisis that is often emotional as well as physical. With Chiron and Neptune conjoined in the sky, that Chiron return for this age group is packing a major wallop.

But much of the fault for the heightened rage right now belongs with Mars which has slowed down to a standstill in preparation for its change of direction tomorrow at the zero degree point of Leo, where it is very powerful and expressive. Mars is the planet that presides over the aggressive instinct, but also our ability to become inspired and excited about our lives.  It energizes us, fuels us to achieve our goals, and instills us with enthusiasm and passion.  So Mars has a very positive place in our lives, but when thwarted and distorted it can become a difficult enemy.

If you find you are having trouble right now with anger or depression (depression is often the result of a thwarted Mars, or rage turned inwards) this is an excellent time to channel Mars in a positive way.  Kickboxing, lifting heavy things (either at the gym or in the garden), running – doing something to release any pent-up energy in […]

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The Geodetics of Astrometerology

Ever since I took a workshop on I have been fascinated by the idea that every part of the world has its own astrological signature that affects the lives of the people that live in that locality.  I hope some day to be able to discuss this idea with some degree of knowledge, but for now I’ll let Kathryn do the talking. She has a new article linking the Haitian earthquake and storms in Madeira with the Geodetics concepts.  It’s a fascinating read!


What you are looking at here is a map of the world divided into equal 30 degree sections of the 12 signs of the zodiac, centered on the Greenwich Meridian i.e. 0 degrees E/W or 0 degrees of the sign, Aries.

These are purely symbolic divisions as, quite obviously, when looking at any sphere or circle there is no beginning and no end point. However, since the Prime Meridian line was finally fixed to Greenwich (at one time there were many ‘start’ lines, two of these famously passed through Paris and in Washington DC) astrologers have noticed an uncanny correspondence between the position of transiting planets and these divisions – more specifically the position of the Sun and the faster moving planets, Venus or Mercury, although other correspondences can be noticed.

In astrology, when the Sun is in a house division it symbolically ‘shines a spotlight’ on issues relating to that division. The same appears to apply when we look at these symbolic divisions of the world on a map. As Above , So below; As within, So without; As in chart divisions, So on land divisions!

What is noted is that when the Sun enters one section, countries, or a country, located in that section will often hit the news headlines.

For example on 20th Feb 2010 the island […]

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The Mars Station and road rage

I wrote a post with this title back in December when Mars was slowing down in preparation for its retrograde turn, and now Mars has slowed down as it prepares to turn direct on March 10.

Mars typically is a fast-moving planet, spending on average two days to travel one degree.  At the moment Mars is traveling only 11 minutes of arc (about 1/6 of one degree) a day, and will only move another degree or so before making its turn to move forward again.

When there was a great deal of celebration back in December over the passage of health care, we astrologers just laughed.  “Mars just turned retrograde,” we said, ‘It’s not over yet.”  Once again, we were right!

As Mars slows down, the intensity of the aggressive energy that it brings will become more pronounced, especially if it hits a sensitive point in your chart (the early degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).  It’s very important to be able to express and release this intensity so that it doesn’t back up into some sort of explosion.  We are seeing this amplified on the world stage with political rage reaching new heights in every area of the world.  And recently there have been vicious accounts of road rage incidents in Miami, Orlando, Dallas, Pennsylvania, Sydney Australia, Massachusetts, Lincolnshire and West Cumbria UK, even Utah and Iowa.

Even after Mars turns direct it will take another two weeks or so to pick up the pace of its motion, so we will be in a Mars-y period for the next month or so.  Mars is impulsive and rash – it tends not to think through a problem or situation but instead to react instinctively.  This is our […]

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the TigerAs if Valentine’s Day, the Aquarian New Moon a Venus/Jupiter conjunction and the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune weren’t enough, we also have the Chinese New Year this week!

This is the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese astrological pantheon; it is the year of Metal Tiger, which is great for wealth, but it is also the year of the White Tiger because of the association of the color white to the element of metal.  The White or Metal Tiger has the potential for power, but also for destruction and social disorder and change.

It’s an interesting synchronicity that Uranus (revolution and change) will enter the sign of Aries (war and agression) this year, bringing about a similar tendency towards chaotic social disorder and change that Chinese astrologers are predicting with the Year of the Tiger.

Astrologer Marvin Artley writes:

It is said that when the Emperor rules with absolute virtue, the White Tiger will appear. The White Tiger is one of the four sacred animals in Chinese astrology. It rules over the western direction and is symbolic of strength, daring, commercial prowess, the competitive spirit and willingness to fight for beliefs. Of course, the White Tiger referred to here is not the sacred, or heraldic, animal but the same principles apply to the Tiger as one of the twelve zodiacal signs. The year of 2010, starting from Valentines’ Day, will be marked by revolutionary tendencies, advances and accidents in transport, attempts at imposing draconian legislation, advances in media and a resurgence of the working classes. Metal (White) Tiger years typically see antitrust legislation and insurrections in the political arena. The sudden reversals and consequent engendered insecurity that we saw in the Rat and Ox years just passed (2008, […]

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