Saturn/Pluto and teenage violence and depression

I was catching up on my local newspaper this morning when I found an article about a who had been shot and killed by police after he opened fire on them.  Searching his backpack, police found a handgun and 250 rounds of ammunition.
I wanted to find out more about the situation so I searched in Google News and came up with these other similar events involving 13 and 14 year olds:
Then I looked back a few months for more events, and found these:
  • A 13-year old teen in Mumbai killed himself
Thinking maybe this is just a fluke, and that other age groups are also killing themselves and each other at alarming rates I searched for “teen suicides” and found none other than the ones listed here.
Even in the best of times, kids aged 13-14 go through some rough patches.  This is the time of the “Saturn Opposition,” when transiting Saturn forms a 180 degree angle to Saturn in the birthchart.  Saturn is the planet that brings us hardship and challenges so that we will learn the attributes of discipline and hard work and the strength to overcome adversity,  Until we learn those skills, though, […]

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The astrology of the Haiti earthquake has posted its list of the . Note that Red Cross is not on this list.  My personal preference for disaster charities is either Americares or Oxfam America.
I took a look at the chart for Haiti from my Book of World Horoscopes by Moon Moore, and I’ve posted it here for you to look at if you’re interested.  Moon used midnight for the time of inception, and unfortunately he is no longer traveling the earth plane for us to ask his reasoning.  The chart for this time does seem to have a great deal of significance, and has been activated by the current planetary transits.
This chart has four planets in Capricorn, including a triple conjunction of the Sun, Chiron and Mars straddling the Nadir of the chart.  The nadir of a mundane (national) chart describes the fate of its people, and this is a strongly nationalistic chart.  Capricorn has to do with government and structure and morals that hold a society together, but the presence of Chiron here, especially at the Nadir of the chart which represents the psychology and the mood of the people, is very telling.
Saturn in the chart falls in the twelfth house which traditional astrologers view as a malefic placement – the lord of Karma in the house of Karma.  A twelfth house Saturn isn’t easy to manage, but in this chart it is exactly square to Mars, Mars in a national chart signifies the military and the nation’s ability to defend itself, and Saturn is in a constant challenge to Haiti’s Mars.  Saturn also is in a square to both Chiron and the Sun, which creates constant challenges and tests.
Haiti is in a Saturn return right now, with Saturn in the sky at 3 degrees […]

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41% of Australians believe in astrology

It has always amazed me that outside of the US, where I live, I have more clients in Australia than in any other country.  Well now it appears there’s a good reason for that anomaly:  Australians are much more likely to “believe in” astrology than Americans, where recent polls put the number of believers closer to 25%.
This whole idea of “believing in astrology” is really a misnomer.  When you see for yourself that something works, you don’t believe in it – you know it.  Faith and belief are very different attitudes than experience and knowledge.
At any rate, Australians as a people seem to be much more open to new ideas than their American counterparts, which is not surprising since Sagittarius is rising in the chart for the United States.  The Sagittarius ascendant marks the Seeker of Truth – the one who knows that they have found the way.  , on the other hand, has Aries rising – the independent adventurer who thinks for him/herself.
Read more about the attitudes of Australians , and thanks to for the link!


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The end of Saturn in Virgo: Chronotherapists

Thanks to Deborah at Wall Street Weather for this excellent article on Time which included a link to another article predicting something called Chronotherapy as “the Next Big Thing” in health care. Chronotherapy is healing that takes into consideration the circadian rhythms that make up the daily flow of our physical system.

This may seem like a fringe movement, but the Johns Hopkins website suggests that chronotherapy can be used to optimize the taking of medications for optimum results. Chronotherapy is being used to time chemotherapy treatments in cancer patients and for hypertension.

Saturn will be turning retrograde this month (meaning it will appear to move backwards from our perspective here on earth) and then it will travel back into Virgo in early April. Saturn represents the principle of waking up to the reality of whatever sign it passes through, and in Virgo, the sign of health and life in a body among other things, it has been forcing us to face the difficult realities of the health care system.

While Saturn has passed through Virgo all kinds of revelations have come out regarding the way we look at matters of health. From pharmaceuticals in the water, to food rationing in America and starvation in the developing world, to a nearly public acknowledgement of the dangers in plastics and beauty products, and of course the huge debate in America on revamping the insurance system – all of these bear the hallmarks of Saturn’s forcing the issue so that it can be handled with focus and pragmatism.

Saturn is the Roman version of the Greek god Kronos, and Kronos was the god of Time, an aspect of Saturn as well. Some sources say that it was Chronos and not Kronos that was […]

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Mercury Turns Retrograde Today

Mercury will shift direction today, beginning its four times a year journey backwards as we revisit areas in our life that require additional attention.
Because Mercury turns our attention to the past and in a more interior direction, often we experience communication problems which is largely due to a lack of focus or attentiveness.  Things can be more confusing, equipment failures can occur (sometimes due to a simple lack of following directions), email and phone systems frequently break down.
If you must sign a contract during this period go ahead and do it, but use extra caution when making agreements and be sure they are in writing if possible.  The inattention of these periods can result in misunderstandings and confusion in negotiations.  And then expect to have to renegotiate at some point in the future.
When we know that Mercury is retrograde these frustrations become less aggravating, because we expect them and understand that they can occur.  These periods (this one lasts until January 15) are wonderful for going back and revisiting unresolved issues from the past, redecorating your home, redoing your website, revisiting your life plan – it’s commonly said that anything with a “re-” prefix is a good idea when Mercury is retrograde.
What you don’t want to do is become paralyzed with fear and afraid to take any action during this period.  Life your life as it comes, but you’ll be prepared and have the resources you need to work through any problem.
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