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Saturn Square Pluto: Reshaping the World We Live In

Part II.
As we begin the final square of the current cycle in the between Saturn and Pluto, what can we expect? The opening salvo in this square occurs on November 15, and Saturn and Pluto will be in a tight aspect through the second phase of the cycle in January of 2010. The Saturn/Pluto cycle operates on a global level, but also on a personal level. What will we need to let go of personally (Pluto) in order to achieve a firmer footing (Saturn) in our lives? Where do we need to face the hard truth (Saturn) and break through barriers for change (Pluto)?

The fact that Pluto is traveling through Saturn’s sign of Capricorn is significant, as it provides a double emphasis on the need to build a strong foundation (Saturn/Capricorn) from which we can derive real power and transformation (Pluto). Anywhere we have been deluded or swayed by mass hypnosis into unconsciousness, we will have an awakening that can be exhilarating or rude in accordance with our ability to understand the process.

The impact of this Saturn/Pluto square will be particularly powerful in the United States because it is affecting the Midheaven of the US chart, the point of the government and its standing in the world. Events that were set in place during the opening square and the opposition will come to fruition now, for better or for worse.

The conflict between Saturn and Pluto often generates a great deal of fear, particularly in the face of intense events that occur around us. Any time we encounter Pluto in […]

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Musings on Anger and Mars

I am on vacation until November 12th and will try to post as internet access permits.  Meanwhile I am reposting some interesting articles from the past and since Mars will soon be turning retrograde it’s worth a re-examination.


[this post originally appeared in July of 2008.] Yesterday marked the peak of phase II of the conjunction of Pluto to my Mars, and what fun it was! I feel like a volcano is erupting in my soul. It’s pretty exciting, really, because when these planets pass through our energy fields they create permanent change within us. I can feel Pluto working to deepen my own inner ability to control my own destiny and access the true seat of my power.

Yesterday in a reading the subject of Mars came up. This particular client has Mars in Sagittarius, which does not care for anger at all. Mars in Sagittarius wants to leave the scene of the angry situation and head off for a more entertaining adventure. But what really is anger, and how does it come about?

When we think about anger as being rooted in Mars energy, we see that anger is just one way for this energy to be expressed. Anger usually comes about when the other potentialities of Mars are hindered in some way. Mars seeks to set boundaries and establish good defenses, and it is usually when those defenses are violated that we find ourselves feeling angry. When we submerge or mute that angry response in some way, the energy of Mars lingers and is transmuted into rage, which can lead to a host of physical ailments such as headaches, intestinal disorders, etc.

The […]

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Pluto Transformations

I am on vacation until November 12th and will try to post as internet access permits.  Meanwhile I am reposting some interesting articles from the past.


My husband Rich is a very laid-back guy, nothing bothers him very much. He [was in 2007] in the middle of a transit of Pluto square to his Sun, a transit that can be very difficult as we are forced to face of our psyche as we enter the Underworld of consciousness that is Pluto’s domain. Pluto transits to the Sun can strip our lives down to the bare essentials. Jobs are often lost under these transits, relationships can end as we are forced to realize that those relationships do not feed the deepest hunger for soul connections.

Because Pluto retrogrades every year, Pluto transits nearly always occur in a cycle of three or five hits making them intense and long-lasting. Pluto transits can be like a tornado strike: The first phase is sometimes called the “breakdown phase” in which anything that doesn’t serve our ultimate soul evolution is broken down and stripped away. During the second phase we survey the damage to see what is gone and what remains. The third phase brings reconstruction and often a sense of relief as we recognize the freedom that results from liberating ourselves from experiences in which we have become stuck and stagnant.

This transit of Pluto square his Sun has been an amazing process for Rich and he gave […]

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Musings on the Fixed Stars

I am on vacation until November 12th, and until then I am posting some oldies but goodies along with more timely stories as internet access becomes available.  From 2007:

Dharmaruci :

I’ve lately been feeling more dissatisfied than usual with the imaginary nature of the zodiac in modern astrology. The planets are in real places, and their relationships with each other are real, but the constellations that are supposed to be behind them and influencing them are not there. This is partly due to precession, but actually the neat 30 degree segments they were divided into several thousand years ago are also a fiction, because nature is never like that.

In a way western astrology is more straightforward than Vedic astrology in this respect. A western astrologer will tell you that the zodiac we use bears no relationship to the stars. I don’t want to put words in the mouth of a Vedic astrologer, but their astrology takes precession into account, so there seems to be more of a relationship with the stars, but actually the neat 30 degree fiction still remains.

This is not to say that western astrology doesn’t work, because it does, and it does so very well. But as an astrologer, what turns me on is my symbolic relationship to the sky, that is the foundation, that is what moves me, and that is what in large measure is not there. It’s like modern western astrology for me is part relationship to the sky and part tea-leaves.

I think this is really undeniably true which is what makes the skeptics so crazy. The sky isn’t cut up into nice little 30 degree segments which we call the zodiac, astrology is a symbolic system and not an astronomical system. Yet there’s no doubt […]

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