Santa, Capricorn, and Mars Retro

Dharmaruci has a great post about getting things done before Christmas:

Have you noticed that there is no point trying to arrange anything between now and Christmas that hasn’t already been arranged? It just won’t happen. There is a good astrological reason for this: the Sun is in the final degrees of a mutable sign, Sagittarius. A sign of excess and office parties, yes. But being mutable, and at the end of the sign, it is particularly good for just going with the flow and letting things end, not beginning them.

I’d like to also add that right now it’s going to be hard to get things done because Mars is stationary and preparing to change direction on the 20th.  This is the astrological equivalent to being stuck in the mud while the wheels of your spin in an attempt to gain traction.
The mutable (flexible, adaptable) signs come at the end of the season, and the cardinal signs mark the entry into the next season.  Adaptable signs are not particularly energized but they help us to prepare for the next phase.
DR then goes on to compare the squeezing of Santa through the chimney to the Sun’s entry into Capricorn.   if only for the cute Santa pic!
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Take a Trip Back to 1969: Time Magazine Article on Astrology


I found from April 1969 when I was looking for statistics on how many astrologers there are in the world today (according to Time Magazine, in 1969 there were 10,000 full time and 175,000 part-time astrologers in the US alone.  I’m fairly certain right now we number in the millions).  Remember in the late 1960s the hippie mystique was just going mainstream, with “flower child” boutiques and head shops springing up all over America and Europe.

One notable quote:

Preposterous as it may be, the astrology cult suggests a deep longing for some order in the universe–an order denied by modern science and philosophy. This is expressed by Danny Weiss, a 24-year-old partner in an astrologically hip music-recording outfit called Apostolic Studios, which is guided by top-ranking Astrologer Al Morrison, president of the Astrologers’ Guild of America. Danny Weiss believes that the uptrend in astrology is a result of “an awakening of religious consciousness. People have lost faith in their old beliefs,” he says. But “if you believe in the order of the universe, then you’ll believe in astrology because the order of the stars expresses that universal order.”

There is indeed a comfort in understanding that when we’re going through a difficult time there is an associated planetary event happening at the same time.  It helps us to see the underlying purpose of the challenge, and it helps us to see when we will move through the challenge and end up on the other side.

The article spends quite a bit of time on Carroll Righter, who wrote syndicated newspaper horoscopes which was a […]

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Mars Retro and the Protests in Iran

Iran is in the news again as new anti-government protests result in a tough crackdown by that country’s military.  The Wall Street Journal writes: “Authorities appear concerned that the protest movement could pick up new steam after Monday’s demonstrations. have revitalized protests that erupted after the June re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which the opposition says he won by rigging the vote.”
I’ve written several posts (see the one from June here and the one from September here) about the astrology of these protests, mostly relating to the transit of Saturn (constriction) and Uranus (revolution) which have both been challenging Mars (anger and war) in the chart of Iran.  In those cases Saturn was equally powerful to Uranus and the crackdowns were successful.
That may not continue, however, because as transiting Mars, which stimulates aggression and loosens the restrictions that we keep on our anger, slows down to make a “station” (standstill) in a tight conjunction to the ascendant in the chart of Iran, the aggression that is simmering under the surface in the people will continue to erupt throughout the month of December.
Transiting Uranus will return to irritate the anger of the people in February through April as it returns to make the final  challenging conjunction to Mars as well as Mercury (thoughts and ideas) in the Iran chart.  Transiting Jupiter (expansion and freedom) will step in beginning in May and exacerbate the situation and at the same time, transiting Uranus (stimulating rebellion and the quest for authenticity) will harmonize with Jupiter (religion and ideas) in the national chart.
Taken together, there is a lot of energy […]

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The Astrologer’s Journey, From the Inside Out


One of the phenomena of the Internet Age is that anyone can be an expert.  Unlike the dark ages of the 20th century when you had to publish a book to gain recognition and renown, now all you have to do is open a free Blogger or Word Press account, write stuff that is relatively fascinating, and soon you have a following.  This phenomenon has of course benefited me greatly, because here I am.  But many of the younger people that are learning about astrology on the internet are missing the opportunity to learn from the elders in the field.
Partly this may be because the field is changing so rapidly.  When I was beginning back in the early 1980s, I was on the cutting edge because I worked with Chiron.  In those days we were limited somewhat to what we could calculate by hand, although even then there were math wizards like John Addey who spent their time devising complex interplanetary aspects that were defined down to one-half a degree, called “harmonics.”  With computer technology becoming more and more advanced, it is simple to switch between Vedic and Western astrology with the touch of a mouse, and to calculate planetary positions of over 10,000 asteroids.
But just because we can do more things now and do them faster, does that mean we are more knowledgeable?  Do we understand the nature planets from the inside out?  Do we honor their wisdom and look to them for understanding, or do we merely try to manipulate them with mathematics?
John Townley has a sterling pedigree in the astrological community: he was the first to introduce the composite chart technique which is now in common use in […]

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My Interview on the Occult of Personality

The Occult of Personality podcast is one of the most interesting sites around.  If you have any interest in the magical and mysterious, you’ll want to check out this site.
Greg and I sat down recently for what I think you’ll find a very interesting interview about astrology and the meaning of life and it’s the latest podcast. .
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