Musings on the Fixed Stars

I am on vacation until November 12th, and until then I am posting some oldies but goodies along with more timely stories as internet access becomes available.  From 2007:

Dharmaruci :

I’ve lately been feeling more dissatisfied than usual with the imaginary nature of the zodiac in modern astrology. The planets are in real places, and their relationships with each other are real, but the constellations that are supposed to be behind them and influencing them are not there. This is partly due to precession, but actually the neat 30 degree segments they were divided into several thousand years ago are also a fiction, because nature is never like that.

In a way western astrology is more straightforward than Vedic astrology in this respect. A western astrologer will tell you that the zodiac we use bears no relationship to the stars. I don’t want to put words in the mouth of a Vedic astrologer, but their astrology takes precession into account, so there seems to be more of a relationship with the stars, but actually the neat 30 degree fiction still remains.

This is not to say that western astrology doesn’t work, because it does, and it does so very well. But as an astrologer, what turns me on is my symbolic relationship to the sky, that is the foundation, that is what moves me, and that is what in large measure is not there. It’s like modern western astrology for me is part relationship to the sky and part tea-leaves.

I think this is really undeniably true which is what makes the skeptics so crazy. The sky isn’t cut up into nice little 30 degree segments which we call the zodiac, astrology is a symbolic system and not an astronomical system. Yet there’s no doubt […]

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Stalin’s Astrological Secrets

You don’t think of Communist Russia as being a hotbed of astrological thought, but evidently Stalin’s seven Moscow skyscrapers were part of a with astrological symbolism (hat tip to ):

Rumor has it that Stalin planned to re-build Moscow to make it look like a Zodiac table. The metro loop line with 12 stations and nine skyscrapers representing planets were designed for these purposes. The Exhibition of Economic Achievements and the Ostankino TV Tower were to represent an asteroid belt. The metro loop line and the skyscrapers were built concurrently.

I’m not sure what a “zodiac table” would look like, but although there’s little evidence to prove that Stalin was a devotee of astrology, there’s no doubt that occult sciences played a major role in the scramble for power that followed World War I.  The occult practice of the Nazis are well-documented, and since Stalin was a bitter enemy of Hitler it would not be surprising if Stalin secretly pursued occult methods of gaining power.

Philosophies of the Russian Revolution centered around the use of science to improve the state (a very Uranian concept!) and astrology in many ways aligns science with mysticism.  In any case, it’s an interesting and thought-provoking article!
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Chiron and Kundalini

As many of you know, Chiron has been a specialty of mine for many years and one of the lesser-known roles of Chiron in the birthchart is to reveal the way energy flows in the body.  This energy flow through the energy centers that we call the chakras is called “kundalini,” and my friend Greg over at the posted an article by Gopi Krishna on his Facebook page today about Kundalini that I thought was particularly relevant to Chiron in the astrological chart:

I am irresistibly led to the conclusion that the human organism is evolving in the direction indicated by mystics and prophets and by men of genius, by the action of this wonderful mechanism, located at the base of the spine, depending for its activity mainly on the energy supplied by the reproductive organs. Though not in its general application as the evolutionary organ in man, but in the individual sphere as the means to develop spirituality, super-normal facilities and psychic powers, the mechanism has been known and manipulated from very ancient times.

When manipulated and roused to intense activity by men already advanced on the path of progress and subject to numerous factors, especially favourable heredity, constitution, mode of conduct, occupation and diet, it can lead to most remarkable and extremely useful results, developing the organism by general stages from its native condition to a state of extraordinary mental efficiency, conducting it ultimately to the zenith of cosmic consciousness and genius combined.

This indeed is Chiron’s role – to forge a bridge between the trappings […]

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Scorpio Time

With the Sun now in Scorpio, there is a cooling down of the heat of action, and a deepening of our awareness into the realm of emotion and raw experience.  The days are getting shorter, and the dark is in ascension.
Scorpio often gets a bad rap for being manipulative and full of secrets, but we can all learn from the Scorpionic fearless embrace of the sheer reality that underlies all of life.  Death, sex, jealousy – all have a role to play in the human experience.
The Sun illuminates any sign through which it passes, and for the next month or so we have the opportunity to delve deep.  Thanks to for this quote from Thoreau which exemplifies the passage through Scorpio:  “Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw at it still.”
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Saturn in Libra 2009-2012

Saturn will be entering the sign of Libra on October 29, leaving the sign of Virgo where it has spent the last two years and some months challenging all of our conventional ideas about health and healing and ensuring that we embrace the Virgoan virtues of modesty, thrift and caution.
Libra is the sign of relationships and balance between two polarities.  In Libra we understand the yin and the yang, the plus and the minus, the inner and the outer, and recognize that both ends of the polarities are valid.
Saturn is said to be exalted in Libra, but this does NOT mean that everything Saturn touches while in Libra is hunky-dory.  Saturn’s crochety penchant for discipline and commitment is best expressed through the harmony of relationships, and the desire of Libra for balance and harmony helps to bring out the best of Saturn.  However, Saturn has a tendency to create tests and challenges in any sign that he passes through, and he particularly dislikes an over-romanticized and impractical view of the world.  In any area of life or the political spectrum where strange bedfellows have been made, Saturn is likely to shine his microscope and reveal the chinks in the construction of our sandcastles.
Saturn in Libra also brings a desire for charm and a harmonious approach to life as we saw when Ronald Reagan defeated incumbent Jimmy Carter in the 1980 elections just after Saturn had entered Libra.  Saturn desires to build structures, and in Libra Saturn wants structures that will build relationships and alliances. But Libra can also sometimes be superficial, with its love of beauty and an appearance of harmony.  A president like Reagan was made for Saturn in Libra and his charm and good […]

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