More on Letterman’s Birthchart and What is Rectification?

The other day I wrote on Dave Letterman’s chart as it affects his situation at the moment, embroiled in a blackmail scheme and needing to make major apologies to his wife and staff.  My anonymous commenter Chiron questioned the birth time of 6 am which has been put forth by the wonderful people at Astrodatabank which is now posted on and is listed with a Rodden rating of A.

Rectification is the art, or fantasy depending on how you look at it, of assigning a time of birth to a person where no birth time is known, using the astrological correlations with certain events in a person’s life.
Rectification is more reliable when we have a smaller time range, for example, if I know that someone was born in the afternoon I can generally narrow down the time using rectification methods.  But if we have no birth time, such as in the case of a celebrity, and we rectify based on what we THINK we know about that celebrity, we are not doing ourselves or the field of astrology any favors.
The example of what happened with Susan Boyle’s birthchart is a good one.  Susan Boyle, as you may recall, exploded into public view overnight.  Nothing was known about her, but when a birth time was found astrologers all over the world began publishing what we thought were extremely accurate portrayals of her birthchart using this birth time.  Unfortunately for us, that birth time turned out to be incorrect and the correct birth time did not appear to be so accurate based on what we assumed we knew about Susan Boyle.
That said, the 6 am time for Letterman comes from a staffer and from his biography so it is reasonably reliable although when I see a rounded-off time […]

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Mercury takes a turn

Even people who don’t believe in astrology believe in Mercury retrograde.  I usually start hearing it around the office co-op where I spend my days about a week into the retrograde period.  “Is Mercury retrograde?” people start asking me.  Email can get glitchy, computer and other equipment starts to fail, contracts take forever to negotiate.

Well folks, Mercury turned direct this morning so it’s moving in the right direction again, but it will be in the news for a little while longer.  Mercury is still within a degree or so of an opposition to Uranus, and the thoughts and ideas are coming faster than we can moderate them.  This can lead to errors and miscommunication, especially since one Mercury is past Uranus it bumps right into Saturn on October 7.

Mercury is in Virgo right now, one of the signs it rules, so it is happy coming up with great ideas and perfecting them.  But Mercury is less happy with the kind of intense flood of data that pours forth from the opposition to Uranus.

This is a great time for writing and planning a lecture or conference, but the implementation will be easier after the 7th.

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Blessings of Mabon from Owl’s Wings

In modern pagan circles, the Autumn Equinox is known as Mabon.  Our favorite witch, Beth Owl’s Daughter, has a beautiful post and gorgeous imagery about this holiday :

Today is the Equinox, taken from the Latin for “equal night.” It is the Autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, and the Spring equinoxbelow the equator. In both cases, today consists of exactly twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness. At 5:19 this afternoon (Eastern time), the Sun will be directly above the Earth’s equator.

In some cultures, this date is known as the Witches’ Thanksgiving and many Earth-based traditions call it Mabon. Some lore says this is for Queen Mab of the Faeries, and the Celtic heroine Queen Maeve. But the name Mabon actually has links to the Mabinogion, the ancient stories of Gods and Humans in Welsh mythology. The tales of the Mabon are the “tales of the hero.” They derive this meaning from “mabon” or “meibon” — meaning a young man or youth. It is also the name of the God named Mabon ap Modron (Mabon in Welsh means “son”). So this is a reference to the son of the Welsh Goddess Madron. She is the Divine Mother and He is, simply, the Divine Son.

Most scholars agree that the Celts did not call the Autumn Equinox by the name Mabon. But this newer adaptation is certainly in harmony with the fine ancient Celtic practice of adopting festivals, myths, and Deities from other cultures.

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Happy Equinox 2009!

Before I complete the post on Carl Jung’s Red Book, which I promise I will post either tonight or tomorrow morning, I want to wish everyone a happy Autumn Equinox.

The equinoxes take place when the days and nights are of equal lengths.  This marks the end of summer, when the days are longer, and the beginning of autumn which takes us into the darker season.  The astrological charts for the turning of the seasons, which are marked by the entry (ingress) of the Sun into 0 degrees of the cardinal signs in the tropical zodiac, often serve as a predictor for the season to come.

The chart for this year’s Autumn Equinox and Libra Ingress chart reveals an exact square between the 0 degree Libra Sun and Pluto at 0 degrees.  This is a fairly intense aspect for an equinox chart, and suggests a high level of continuing change and transformation as structures (Capricorn) that no longer work are destroyed in order to clear the decks for something more real to occur.

We also have the Scorpio Moon forming a square (challenging aspect) to the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in the chart.  This will be a season of feeling things deeply, and not letting go of the matters that are deeply important to us.  With the Scorpio Moon and the Pluto square, we will be spending some time in the Underworld where life is not the way it may at first appear.  When we travel in the Underworld we must let go of our ideas and expectations as we forge a new direction.

On the positive side, though, we have an exact trine from Venus in practical Virgo to Pluto, showing that our alliances and […]

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Los Angeles wildfires and astrology

Jerry asked in the comments about the relationship between the chart of Los Angeles and the current wildfires and I thought this would make a good post.  There are a couple of charts for Los Angeles.  The first one, which seems to be most widely used, is the September 4, 1781 date of the founding of the city by fourteen families as directed by King Carlos III of Spain.  The chart for this date has the Sun in Virgo, with the Moon in Aries.

The second date used is April 4, 1850, the date of the incorporation of the CIty of Los Angeles as an American city following the Mexican-American war.  Warning: geeky astrological details ahead. This chart shows six planets in fiery Aries including a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Aries and a conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in Aries that forms a T-square to a Moon/Mars opposition.  Unfortunately, the time of incorporation is not known.

The incorporation chart makes more sense to me because Los Angeles is a uniquely American city and its founding as a pueblo was really a different incarnation than what we have today.  The chart also makes more sense, although as you know if you read this column I try not to select charts based on whether or not they “work.”  We all made that mistake with Susan Boyle when the initial birthdate, which worked very nicely with our imagination of who Susan Boyle might be, turned out to be incorrect.

Aries the sign of initiation and inspiration, but it is also the sign that is ruled by the God of War.  There is an aggressive energy to Aries that cannot be denied.  Following the incorporation of the city following the […]

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