Britain cracks down on astrologers

New consumer protection regulations in Britain classifies astrologers along with fortune tellers and double-glazing salesman under a new consumer protection act. Astrologers, faith healers and spiritual advisers will now have to post a sign that says “for entertainment purposes only.” Consumer protection is a wonderful thing, and I am all for prohibiting fraudulent treatment of consumers under any circumstances. But astrological consultations are NOT for entertainment purposes only!


Andy Millmore, a partner at the law firm Harbottle & Lewis in London, said: “What is significant is the sweeping nature of the regulations. They will effectively criminalise actions that might in the past have escaped legal censure, even if they may perhaps have been covered by industry voluntary codes.

“Personalised services may also come under scrutiny. A tarot pack reader, for instance, cannot just pick one of several templates – it would have to be a proper reading designed for that person.”

Claims to secure good fortune, contact the dead or heal through the laying-on of hands are all services that will also have to carry disclaimers, other lawyers say. “You could argue that this is no different from promises given by the Church of Eternal Life, which people pay for, in the sense that they feel obliged to give to the collection,” one said. “It’s no more proven.”

Mr Millmore said that the changes created a lower test for prosecution. “Before, a prosecution had to show that there was a false or misleading trade description. Now the test is, is it an unfair commercial trade practice? So we are likely to see more prosecutions,” he said.

Certainly no one wants to see little old ladies taken advantage of. But are spiritual advisers any less vetted than church parsons or priests? […]

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Astrology in the Mainstream: Mother Earth News!

Thanks to for this enlightening link about America’s Seventh Saturn Return by astrologer Robert Cole that appeared in in 1981. I love it when astrology is taken seriously by the mainstream media!

On October 22, 1981—in the midst of a massive solar system alignment which is currently happening in the ancient zodiacal symbol of Libra—the United States experienced its seventh Saturn return. (The return of Saturn in Libra occurs only once in approximately 29 years, and its strong influences can be noted for as much as a year’s time on both sides of such dates.)

Astrologically speaking, whatever was born on earth from 1775 through 1777—including nations such as ours—has Saturn “exalted” in the sign of Libra . . .the symbol representing the “Balance Beam of the Law”, which justifies the “defense of liberty” on one hand, and the “infringement of liberty” on the other. Indeed, according to its national astrological chart, the United States can represent both the positive and negative extremes of law and order. In the Declaration of Independence, for example, the country took on the responsibility of constructing a new order of freedom . . .yet more than once, in defense of our own liberties, we’ve considered it just to deny those of others.

Furthermore, on July 4, 1776 the hot summertime sun was moving into a “square”—or 90° aspect—with ponderous, restrictive Saturn. In proper astrological terminology, then, in the birth chart of the U.S., Saturn would be considered “afflicted” by the sun.

Now many people will doubt the significance of such occurrences, but the fact is that every Saturn return for the United States has been marked by at least one direct and harsh confrontation with other countries over what is fair internationally, and—on those occasions—every President […]

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The light side of Mercury Retrograde

Even my assistant, who doesn’t believe in astrology, now is an expert on Mercury Retrograde. The expression “forewarned is forearmed” was never truer than when dealing with Mercury’s retrograde travel time.

So I was pleased to see posted in :

There is an ancient Roman saying: “Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit.” Called or not called, the god will be there.

Since the god Mercury or Hermes (the Greek equivalent) in retrograde is inevitably going to come a calling, regardless of our best-laid plans, we might as well look further into how to make better use of his regular visits.

“Hermes is the god of the unexpected, of luck, of coincidence, of ‘synchronicity.’ The ancient Greeks would say: ‘Hermes has entered our midst,’ whenever a sudden silence had entered the room, descended on conversation and introduced into the meeting another dimension.

Whenever things seem fixed, rigid, ‘stuck,’ Hermes introduces fluidity, motion, new beginnings – as well as the confusion which inevitably precedes new beginnings.” Arianna Stassinopoulos, The Gods of Greece

New Beginnings
Where are you stuck? Where do you need a new beginning? Mercury (Hermes) in retrograde will be glad to help “unstuck” you and provide you with that new beginning.

After all… Mercury (Hermes) is the archetypal deal-maker and broker within the horoscopic chart, and as such he’ll be more than glad to strike a mutually beneficial deal with you!

Too Rigid, Too Stuck
Yep! It’s often when we’re too rigid and too stuck in our ways that Mercury (Hermes) springs out from behind a bush and reveals himself to us in the guise of a malicious bogey-man.


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Astrologer is Sorry For Failure to Predict Cyclone

Continuing on the theme of what can and cannot be predicted, the weather is the next logical topic and evidently a noted Burmese astrologer has publicly apologized for his failure to predict Cyclone Nargis. But in a country like Myanmar where they take astrology seriously, evidently the citizenry depends on their astrologers :

Myanmar astrologer Myint Lwin is upset because he failed to see Cyclone Nargis coming.

In a country where personal, political and economic destiny are intertwined with mysticism and astrology, he vows to do better next time.

“Many people died, so I’m very sorry,” Myint Lwin said, flipping through a folder of lunar, solar and stellar charts on his tatty wooden desk. . . .

Working in a shop-house on a bustling Yangon street of tea shops and trading companies, Myint Lwin has studied interplanetary alignments during tropical storms over the past two years.

He is vice-chairman of the Myanmar Astro Research Bureau, which aims to bring together a handful of eminent astrologers to train budding seers.

Word of Myint Lwin’s study of cyclones has spread among astrologers in the wake of Cyclone Nargis, which struck the southwestern Irrawaddy Delta and the former capital on May 2, leaving nearly 134,000 dead or missing and 2.4 million destitute.

Almost anyone in Myanmar who can afford it will see an astrologer before making an important decision, even the generals of the military government.

Ken over at The Weather Alternative ay about the cyclone:

The last lunar eclipse of February 2, 2008 provides us with a glimpse of the astrological aspects at the time of the cyclone’s landfall. On the 3rd, Mercury was parallel Mars. Conjunctions, squares, oppositions, and parallels between these two planets have long been known to produce whipping winds. […]

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