The light side of Mercury Retrograde

Even my assistant, who doesn’t believe in astrology, now is an expert on Mercury Retrograde. The expression “forewarned is forearmed” was never truer than when dealing with Mercury’s retrograde travel time.

So I was pleased to see posted in :

There is an ancient Roman saying: “Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit.” Called or not called, the god will be there.

Since the god Mercury or Hermes (the Greek equivalent) in retrograde is inevitably going to come a calling, regardless of our best-laid plans, we might as well look further into how to make better use of his regular visits.

“Hermes is the god of the unexpected, of luck, of coincidence, of ‘synchronicity.’ The ancient Greeks would say: ‘Hermes has entered our midst,’ whenever a sudden silence had entered the room, descended on conversation and introduced into the meeting another dimension.

Whenever things seem fixed, rigid, ‘stuck,’ Hermes introduces fluidity, motion, new beginnings – as well as the confusion which inevitably precedes new beginnings.” Arianna Stassinopoulos, The Gods of Greece

New Beginnings
Where are you stuck? Where do you need a new beginning? Mercury (Hermes) in retrograde will be glad to help “unstuck” you and provide you with that new beginning.

After all… Mercury (Hermes) is the archetypal deal-maker and broker within the horoscopic chart, and as such he’ll be more than glad to strike a mutually beneficial deal with you!

Too Rigid, Too Stuck
Yep! It’s often when we’re too rigid and too stuck in our ways that Mercury (Hermes) springs out from behind a bush and reveals himself to us in the guise of a malicious bogey-man.


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Astrologer is Sorry For Failure to Predict Cyclone

Continuing on the theme of what can and cannot be predicted, the weather is the next logical topic and evidently a noted Burmese astrologer has publicly apologized for his failure to predict Cyclone Nargis. But in a country like Myanmar where they take astrology seriously, evidently the citizenry depends on their astrologers :

Myanmar astrologer Myint Lwin is upset because he failed to see Cyclone Nargis coming.

In a country where personal, political and economic destiny are intertwined with mysticism and astrology, he vows to do better next time.

“Many people died, so I’m very sorry,” Myint Lwin said, flipping through a folder of lunar, solar and stellar charts on his tatty wooden desk. . . .

Working in a shop-house on a bustling Yangon street of tea shops and trading companies, Myint Lwin has studied interplanetary alignments during tropical storms over the past two years.

He is vice-chairman of the Myanmar Astro Research Bureau, which aims to bring together a handful of eminent astrologers to train budding seers.

Word of Myint Lwin’s study of cyclones has spread among astrologers in the wake of Cyclone Nargis, which struck the southwestern Irrawaddy Delta and the former capital on May 2, leaving nearly 134,000 dead or missing and 2.4 million destitute.

Almost anyone in Myanmar who can afford it will see an astrologer before making an important decision, even the generals of the military government.

Ken over at The Weather Alternative ay about the cyclone:

The last lunar eclipse of February 2, 2008 provides us with a glimpse of the astrological aspects at the time of the cyclone’s landfall. On the 3rd, Mercury was parallel Mars. Conjunctions, squares, oppositions, and parallels between these two planets have long been known to produce whipping winds. […]

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Retrogrades galore this month!

Jupiter turned retrograde last week (on May 9), and Chiron turns retrograde May 25, just before Mercury and Neptune on May 26. Planets don’t really move backwards, but because we view the motion of the planets from our perspective on earth in astrology, they sometimes appear to turn backwards, or retrograde.

Retrograde planets operate on a more internal, deeper and more personal level. Individuals with a large number (4, 5 or more) of retrograde planets tend to be more inverted, with a greater internal focus and less attention to the outside world.

Before planets turn retrograde, they slow down to what is called a “station” as they prepare to turn. This is very like a car making a U-turn, which remains in the same general location for quite a while as it makes that turn. When the motion of the planets appears to slow down, the influence of those planets becomes more powerful and more intense, and this is true right now. Jupiter and Saturn (which turned direct earlier this month and is still traveling very slowly) will only cover a little more than one degree all month; Uranus about the same. Neptune travels only about ten minutes worth of distance, and Pluto only about 30 minutes. This intensifies the effect of all of the planets and their influence.

By the end of the month we’ll have four traditional planets plus Chiron traveling retrograde and it may be more difficult to navigate through the world during this time. This is rather like navigating a ship in the dark of night – we have to rely on our instincts and our inner maps rather than guidance from external landmarks.

Retrograde periods are not “bad,” they […]

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Prediction using Astrology and the Reality of the Now

I found this article on using astrology to predict the future from the December 2000/January 2001 issue of The Mountain Astrologer by Tem Tarriktar:

The investigation of where astrology’s influence really is may raise the question of whether things are predestined or whether free will exists. Even if events, life circumstances, and behaviors are, to some degree, predestined, we discover that we are timelessly free when we place our attention on the Here and Now and open ourselves to the present moment {3}. In this expanded state of Being, there is no separate identity left to have free will. This shifting of one’s attention to “the Now moment” is essential: although past and future seem substantial, only Now is real. Eckhart Tolle, in his book The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, says it beautifully:

Have you ever experienced, done, thought, or felt anything outside the Now? Do you think you ever will? Is it possible for anything to happen or be outside the Now? The answer is obvious, is it not?

Nothing ever happened in the past; it happened in the Now.

Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.

What you think of as the past is a memory trace, stored in the mind, of a former Now. When you remember the past, you reactivate a memory trace – and you do so now. The future is an imagined Now, a projection of the mind. When the future comes, it comes as the Now. When you think about the future, you do it now. Past and future obviously have no reality of their own. Just as the moon has no light of its own, but can only reflect the light of the sun, so are past […]

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