Robert Wilkinson on Bad Karma

Robert Wilkinson is the author of , one of the earliest astrology blogs and still one of the best.  He of one of his readers in India who sought astrological advice in his home country and was told to wear an amulet to ward off bad karma. Robert has some good advice for his reader, as always:

First, regardless of whichever bangle you choose, your life will shift for the good in just a few weeks anyway if you mobilize your intensity and focus on beginning the favorable “journey” about to come to you….

I do not accept the power of bangles as something greater than the indwelling Atman (Spirit) which is supreme over all material things. You have the supreme power within you, much more than any thing or stone on Earth. While sapphires do have a unique and special energy, they are nothing compared to the Divine Power within YOU that you can summon at any time and change your life forever in that moment.

This is well established by many respectable Gurus, Saddhus, and other wise beings. Though a bangle can have an effect, there is no power greater than your own Spirit to change unfortunate karmas to good effects almost immediately. I have seen this countless times over many decades of counseling people in urgent need. A being only needs bangles if they give the power to external material things. As soon as you surrender to the Universal power within you, your karmas will change forever. Atman is forever greater than any forms or material tendencies.

To paraphrase the great Jivanmukti Sri Yukteswar, Paramanhansa Yogananda’s guru, the deeper the Self-realization of a man (or woman) the more s/he experiences the whole Universe by […]

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Astrology: Misunderstood, disrespected

I love finding quirky little articles that “debunk” astrology and posting them here. Like this one:

Think there’s no harm in astrology? Click around and you’ll find cases such as that of Myanmar’s former prime minister, General Ne Win, who decided to issue the nation’s currency in denominations of 45 and 90 and other multiples of nine, a number his astrologer said was his lucky number. The move immediately made citizens poorer since all other once-valid forms of currency were now worthless.

This comes from about a new website that evidently debunks just about everything, including veganism.

My brilliant readers know that astrology has nothing to do with lucky numbers, and this is just the kind of misconception that causes the kind of disrespect that astrologers have had over the centuries. There are more intelligent skeptics out there, but lumping so-called astrology in with veganism and calling them both irrational beliefs is more hilarious than insulting!

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Obama, Neptune and Me

Barack Obama has a square from Neptune to the Sun in his chart.

Neptune, the planet that is shrouded in mists and mystery, is a difficult planet to have in challenging aspect to one’s Sun, the essential Self. I know this for a fact, because Neptune sits right on my own Sun in Libra. The challenging aspect from Neptune to the Sun makes it difficult for others to see you as you are; those Neptune mists obscure the rays of the Sun/Self and create a situation where others can easily create fantasies and ilusions (Neptune) about who they think you are. Later they may decide that the Neptune/Sun person was false, rather than admit to their own misconceptions and failure to see clearly what was there all along.

There is no better example of this than a man I knew quite a few years ago when I was single. I knew him for about five years before he asked me out. We dated for a couple of months, and then, in a fury, he said to me, “For five years I’ve had a fantasy about you, and you’re nothing like I imagined.”

Many of us have done the same thing with Barack Obama. Despite the fact that Obama’s positions were clear in position papers on his website, we fell in love with his beautiful voice and the inspiration of coming together for change. It never occurred to us that in uniting the country compromises would have to be made to our cherished principles.

Gail Collins had a great column in the New York Times last weekend called “She writes,

I know, I know. You’re upset. You think the guy you fell in love with last spring is spending the summer flip-flopping his way to the right. […]

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Britain cracks down on astrologers

New consumer protection regulations in Britain classifies astrologers along with fortune tellers and double-glazing salesman under a new consumer protection act. Astrologers, faith healers and spiritual advisers will now have to post a sign that says “for entertainment purposes only.” Consumer protection is a wonderful thing, and I am all for prohibiting fraudulent treatment of consumers under any circumstances. But astrological consultations are NOT for entertainment purposes only!


Andy Millmore, a partner at the law firm Harbottle & Lewis in London, said: “What is significant is the sweeping nature of the regulations. They will effectively criminalise actions that might in the past have escaped legal censure, even if they may perhaps have been covered by industry voluntary codes.

“Personalised services may also come under scrutiny. A tarot pack reader, for instance, cannot just pick one of several templates – it would have to be a proper reading designed for that person.”

Claims to secure good fortune, contact the dead or heal through the laying-on of hands are all services that will also have to carry disclaimers, other lawyers say. “You could argue that this is no different from promises given by the Church of Eternal Life, which people pay for, in the sense that they feel obliged to give to the collection,” one said. “It’s no more proven.”

Mr Millmore said that the changes created a lower test for prosecution. “Before, a prosecution had to show that there was a false or misleading trade description. Now the test is, is it an unfair commercial trade practice? So we are likely to see more prosecutions,” he said.

Certainly no one wants to see little old ladies taken advantage of. But are spiritual advisers any less vetted than church parsons or priests? […]

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Astrology in the Mainstream: Mother Earth News!

Thanks to for this enlightening link about America’s Seventh Saturn Return by astrologer Robert Cole that appeared in in 1981. I love it when astrology is taken seriously by the mainstream media!

On October 22, 1981—in the midst of a massive solar system alignment which is currently happening in the ancient zodiacal symbol of Libra—the United States experienced its seventh Saturn return. (The return of Saturn in Libra occurs only once in approximately 29 years, and its strong influences can be noted for as much as a year’s time on both sides of such dates.)

Astrologically speaking, whatever was born on earth from 1775 through 1777—including nations such as ours—has Saturn “exalted” in the sign of Libra . . .the symbol representing the “Balance Beam of the Law”, which justifies the “defense of liberty” on one hand, and the “infringement of liberty” on the other. Indeed, according to its national astrological chart, the United States can represent both the positive and negative extremes of law and order. In the Declaration of Independence, for example, the country took on the responsibility of constructing a new order of freedom . . .yet more than once, in defense of our own liberties, we’ve considered it just to deny those of others.

Furthermore, on July 4, 1776 the hot summertime sun was moving into a “square”—or 90° aspect—with ponderous, restrictive Saturn. In proper astrological terminology, then, in the birth chart of the U.S., Saturn would be considered “afflicted” by the sun.

Now many people will doubt the significance of such occurrences, but the fact is that every Saturn return for the United States has been marked by at least one direct and harsh confrontation with other countries over what is fair internationally, and—on those occasions—every President […]

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