The Danger of “Financial Astrology”

I have always felt that if the Universe wanted us to be able to predict the future, It wouldn’t have given us a life of mystery.  The unfolding of the mystery and the ability to make choices every moment that affect the rest of our lives is a key part of our journey here.

An awareness of planetary cycles give us the ability to work with the planetary gods in order to maximize the potential of each cycle of change, but it doesn’t give us the ability to predict the future.  The gods do not reward hubris, as Icarus discovered when he flew too close to the Sun, and as soon as we believe we are beyond the boundaries of time and space our wings are likely to melt and we will likely fall back to Earth.
So I was not surprised to seelinked from on the fall of Chartwell Enterprises:

CHARTWELL Enterprises used astrology to help predict stock market trends and profile investors, the Geelong Advertiser has learned.

The mystical learnings were explained as part of a system used for more than 20 years to global market trends, investors said.

The latest revelations follow a similar discovery on Tuesday that Graeme Hoy paid spiritual business planner Suzanne Goodchild an estimated $200,000 a year to help run the business.

Ms Goodchild confirmed she worked for Mr Hoy but refused to comment any further.

Open folders with investor details, seen by the Geelong Advertiser after staff rushed from the building following their sacking, showed a detailed analysis of star signs and what motivated an investor, from wealth creation to family and health.

“We were told it was part of the Gann investing system,” said one investor, who fears she has lost $5.7 million from three generations of her family.

“They […]

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Britain’s biggest banks use astrology!

From Newsmonster:

Christeen Skinner blinks at the screen of her computer and takes another slurp of coffee. It’s half past seven in the morning and she’s preparing for a crucial meeting with the chief executive of the High and Mighty fashion chain.

Apart from the black cat dozing on her lap, the only clue to Christeen’s occupation as a 21st century astrologer is a copy of an Ephemeris that lies open at a page marked “Mercury March 25th”.

“The financial crisis has ensured that I’m busier than ever,” says Christeen. “People in the City need to know what is just around the corner. I can help with that.”

Christeen is one of a growing, albeit secretive, network of astrologers who work for seemingly conservative British institutions such as high street banks, City investment funds and retailers. Desperate to avoid financial meltdown in the ongoing ‘credit crunch’ and to spot fashions and consumer trends before they start, these institutions have turned to the stars to divine the future.

“Most academics distrust astrology and regard it as mumbo-jumbo,” she says. “The thing is, it works. Nobody’s sure how it works but it does. Most of my clients are businesspeople who are very canny. If it didn’t work for them, then why would they use it?”

One of Christeen’s clients is Judith Levy, chief executive of the High and Mighty retail chain.

“I’m fairly pragmatic,” says Judith. “I will only spend money on an astrologer if the decision I have to take is very important – the kind of decision which will cost me a lot of money if I get it wrong.

“When we launched our Kayak brand a few years ago we used astrology to decide the launch date. Since […]

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Cell Salts through the Signs

Thanks to Robert Wilkinson for posting making recommendation of certain cell salts for various astrological signs. Robert writes:

The 12 cell salts are considered to be necessary to our health, and I have found over the years that the salts corresponding to the Ascendant and sign on the 6th house are very important in our biochemical workings.

The Ascendant, of course, represents the physical vehicle and therefore the primary chemical makeup of a person. The sign on the 6th house also shows important factors concerning the physical health, since the 6th represents the health of an individual. I’ve also found that if a person has a stellium (3 or more planets) in a given sign, that mineral salt needs to be kept in the diet regularly, as do the substances ruled by the Moon sign, since the Moon rules our absorption and is active in our biochemical processes on a constant basis.

I would add that if you have a weakness in one of the elements, such as Mars blocked by Pluto which would signify difficulty in Fire, or a dearth of an element in the chart, you may want to try the cell salt and suggested food for the signs in that particular element. Or if you have a complex of challenging aspects, or a planet under stress by a current planetary cycle, the sign corresponding to the planet that is most under duress might be the one to require more nourishment from these salts. For example, if your Cancer Mars is under siege by transiting Mars, you may want to combine the salts for Cancer and Aries, the sign associated with Mars.

I found more fascinating information on astrological correspondences with cell salts […]

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Astrology is better than therapy

This is what a client told me yesterday, and while psychotherapy is a great tool for change and healing and helped me tremendously, an understanding of the astrological chart goes right to the heart of the matter and identifies where the inner conflicts are coming from and describes how best to resolve them. “Suddenly I feel there’s a map that I can use for my life,” this client said, and she is exactly right.

Once we have identified those inner patterns, though, then it’s up to us to make the changes in our life that will help us to become more integrated, more aware, and happier in general. It mystifies me that astrology is not taught in schools, can you imagine if we learned in childhood that we didn’t have learning disabilities, it’s just that our minds work differently because we have Mercury in Pisces square Uranus. Or that the reason we have trouble committing to relationships is because our Venus is opposed by Pluto which engenders a deep fear of intimacy that we need to work with.

I’m so happy about the burgeoning astrology blogosphere which is bringing real astrology out into the mass media where the average person can learn more about what astrology really is and what it does for us. We do have a map – the map was given to us at the moment we were born, and it provides a guide and a weather forecast throughout our life. What an incredible blessing!!

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Was Hillary Clinton Crucified on Friday’s Grand Cross?

I apologize in advance to my dear readers who are Clinton supporters. A bit of snark may leak into this post.

Most of you are probably aware by now of Senator Clinton’s on some of the statements that she made about landing in the midst of sniper fire during her trip to Bosnia in 1996 which was first who was along on that trip, and most recently who was also there.

While this story started leaking out in the middle of March it didn’t start really erupting until Saturday morning, just hours after the Cardinal Grand Cross that included the Full Moon and the Equinox, confirmed Sinbad’s version of the story that “the “scariest” part was deciding where to eat. As he told Mary Ann Akers of, “I think the only ‘red phone’ moment was ‘Do we eat here or at the next place?’ “

Senator Clinton’s progressed Sun is at 3 degrees Capricorn and has been opposed by Mars since the beginning of the month, and since the Full Moon exactly squared Pluto and by reference Mars as well, the entire Grand Cross formed a tight aspect to Clinton’s progressed Sun suggesting a major shift in her life path.

The timing of all of this is quite interesting and it will be even more interesting to see how this event plays out in the long run. Transiting Saturn is trine the progressed Sun which adds an element of stability and strength and Clinton is known for her indefatigability so she will likely weather this storm as she has so many […]

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