The Pesky Inconjunct and Quincunx

Many people have commented ever since the eclipse about the heightened rage, anger and arguments in the air. Jill wrote asking “Is Aries in Mars or something”? Evidently the political blogosphere had heated up with diatribes and blogroll deletions, and her comment threads had turned into dogfights. I responded to her that Mercury was conjunct Chiron at that time, evoking painful discussions and hurt feelings. The Mary wrote, “There seems to be a madness going on. I’m witnessing so many arguments… on the subway, even at my acupuncturist and personally as well. Maybe people are desperate to get their point across and the violence is one way people are doing that. After it passes I hope we can all learn how to communicate our truth in a better way.” So I took another look and noticed the inconjunct to Uranus.

Warning: geeky astrological details ahead: There are all kinds of appellations for the 30 degree and 150 degree angles between planets, but the ones that make the most sense to me are the inconjunct (30 degree) and quincunx (150 degree). Some astrologers call the 30 degree aspect the semisextile and the 150 degree angle the quincunx or inconjunct interchangeably, and some say that the 150 degree angle is only an inconjunct if it is between two fixed signs. Some say that an unaspected planet is inconjunct.

The geometric angles that planets form to each other describe the way the characteristics of those planets work together. Most commonly we talk about the harmonious aspects, where planets work together easily, or challenging aspects which promote crisis and change. In both the 30 degree and 150 degree aspects, or planetary relationships, […]

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Star Guide to Weddings!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, astrosistah April Elliott Kent has come out with her new book! Check it out:

Do you want a “rock star” Leo marriage or an enduring Taurus union? Wedding planning mixes with astrology in Star Guide to Weddings — a cosmic cocktail of marriage insight based on the Sun sign of your wedding day.

You can’t choose your Sun sign, but you CAN choose the sign of your marriage! This fun-to-read guide takes you through every sign of the zodiac, describing how each can flavor your new life as a married couple. See how your career, health, children, creative spirit, friends, spiritual beliefs, and the overall “personality” of your marriage can be influenced by the stars.

The perfect gift for engaged couples, this entertaining guide also includes tips for choosing a wedding date along with ideas for celebrating the special day with flowers, colors, and other symbols to honor the astrological energy enriching your union.

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A week of Venus

art from occultopedia

Venus rules the skies this week.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, and her namesake planet presides over all things relating to interpersonal relationships, the force of attraction, aesthetics, values, sensuality, self-indulgence, harmony and balance. As Venus transits through the sky it is barely noticeable to us because it moves so quickly and its effect is so mild.

In its role in the governance of attraction, Venus is involved in matters of wealth and prosperity. Last week Venus made a square to Saturn (exact on the 6th) and the stock market plummeted as investors lost confidence in fears that the recession (Saturn in Virgo/Pluto in Capricorn) had arrived. Still, Venus is in Sagittarius where it bestows confidence, and Pluto is still going through the last degrees of Sagittarius as well.

Yesterday’s sextile of Venus to Chiron was a sweet harmonizing influence that is very beneficial to relationships, but today Venus makes a square to Uranus that is likely to bring about a fierce need for autonomy in relationships and could create disruptions in the financial markets. Ben Bernanke’s speech to the Fed last Thursday is widely supposed to be a harbinger of bad financial news next week. Short-term interest rates are expected to be slashed which will bolster the stock market but create inflation risks that cannot be supported under Saturn in Virgo.

Just as things calm down from the excitement of the Venus/Uranus square, Venus makes a lovely sextile to Neptune on the 16th. Neptune is often referred to (by me, anyway) as the “higher octave of Venus.” Where Venus is associated with personal relationships and affection, Neptune is divine love and compassion. When Venus and Neptune dance together, a flood of creativity and […]

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Astrology in the corporate world

I was interested to find this article about the growing acceptance of astrology in the business world, since it has long been my fantasy to work with Human Resource departments to explain the behavior of employees:

Fate and timing have a vital role to play in the success of a business — or so say the soothsayers. Astrology tells us that the time of a year a person is born can influence much about their lives. Now corporate astrology is being applied to businesses from India to the UK, the US and South Africa.

Anita Noyes-Smith, an astrologer who has been involved in the field for over 20 years, primarily in the corporate arena, explained that astrology can provide important insight into planning.

One may be able to find out, for instance, when the best time is to expand or close a business.

“It gives everyone a rational process and a sense of timing which ultimately allows you to minimise your risk. If this didn’t work I wouldn’t be in the business of fate and timing,” said Noyes-Smith.

This does not mean she’s allowed to be a psychic or intuitive — it’s all mathematically based.

“If your business proposal doesn’t have an exit plan, no one will look at it. I apply the same principles of life to businesses. A business is like a giant family.”

Family businesses are potentially the most volatile environment, mixing blood, emotion and business.

In a corporation you can lock the door, hide what you’re doing from your wife or husband. No such luck with family businesses.

People are searching for answers that ordinarily aren’t found through the rational process of teaching, said Noyes-Smith.

“Most people understand […]

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The return of Earth

photo by Tony Howell

Dharmaruci wrote a post yesterday citing my comments about the return of the outer planets to the earth element after nearly ten years, and noting the connection to the lack of achievement and accomplishment on the world stage since then:

it is no surprise, for example, that it has been impossible to establish an international agreement on the environment and climate change. The earth element is concerned with the facts on the ground (to borrow an unfortunate Israeli expression). If earth is lacking, then these facts don’t count for very much, they don’t impact. The Kyoto protocol was agreed in 1997 – the last gasp of Neptune in Capricorn – but has since proved impossible to implement.

Incredibly, in 2003 the US went to war in Iraq without a proper plan as to what to do afterwards, and without reasons that could be backed up by facts. During the 90s, with Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn, the US had been able to restrain itself.

Since 1998, we have had 2 financial bubbles: the dotcom bubble of 2000, when stocks prices in the newly established dotcom sector went way over the top, causing a hangover for the US economy . . . ; and now there has been a credit bubble, in which banks have lent huge amounts of money in irresponsible ways and passed the buck all over the world, so no-one knows who is liable; and in which consumers have also built up large amounts of debt.

The downside of earth is that the imagination can get stifled, everything becomes defined by what seem to be fixed practical limitations and traditions. This time of no earth has also been the period in which the internet […]

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