Saturn: Both Beast and Prince

Saturn beast and princeSaturn is well known as the Celestial Taskmaster, and very few of us relish the idea of being called into the principal’s office. However, there is another side of Saturn that is truly wonderful if we get to know him for who he truly is. Liz Greene says, “[Saturn’s] face as the Beast is well-recognized but [his] alternate face as the Handsome Prince is not often considered; however, without both of these, the symbol cannot communicate its meaning.”

As Saturn and Neptune approach the third phase of their opposition cycle, it may be useful to delve a little more deeply into both gods as we strive to balance the two forces. Saturn is the architect and builder of the structures which give form to our lives. Saturn gives us rules and boundaries to keep society functioning smoothly, and confers on us the discipline and ability to work hard and seek achievement. Saturn’s influence also builds strength of character that helps us withstand the storms of life, a characteristic not often recognized.

It is this quality of building inner strength that I value most about Saturn, but in order to obtain this gift we must follow his rules. When we have Saturn prominent in our charts or affecting us by transit, Saturn demands certain things of us. He wants us to spend time alone in introspection. He wants us to evaluate what we have done with our lives and what we have accomplished thus far. He demands that we seek nothing less than perfection and is ready with criticism when we fall short of our goals so that we will work to correct our errors. He restricts us from enjoyable pursuits unless we have achieved […]

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Neptune Rx and Disillusionment

Urania had a wonderful post subtitled “The Magic of Believing” (sadly her blog has disappeared without a link).

Fairy Godmother’s magic can only last so long, and when midnight strikes, the coach turns back into a pumpkin.

Ah, the pain of disillusion.

We’re all there to some extent: feeling a bit lost and wondering if we really must grow up, as Saturn, ruler of time and bringer of old-age, stands opposing Neptune, fantasist, ecape-artist, and ideologue.

Neptune goes Stationary Retrograde on May 24, 2007 at the 23rd degree of Aquarius, a degree associated with the modern, electronically broadcast imagery of celebrity. . . .

The Neptune in Capricorn years, 1984 to 1998, were the years that the Religious Right, under the guidance of politician Newt Gingrich and the television evangelists, primarily Pat Robertson and the recently deceased Jerry Falwell, planted the seeds that grew into an extensive underground network for the complete takeover of the United States government.

In the area of law, the theocrats used an organization called the Federalist Society, a country-club organization for right-wing lawyers to network and take over the federal judiciary and turn the country toward fascism. The Federalist Society is the jump start from law school to the country club, the way to get juiced into the system. All you have to do is be TC, theologically correct. And a totally loyal Republican.

Now that we are experiencing the final third of the Saturn in Leo/Neptune in Aquarius opposition, we are coming to realize the vast religio-political deception that has been foisted upon the most gullible sectors of the population.

Never was a more dangerous and deceptive ploy for a totalitarian takeover revealed than is now coming to the fore as book after book is published documenting the chicanery.

And hopefully, by the time this oppostion is over and […]

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Astrology and C-section births

made a comment in response to the earlier post “A Sad Tale” about a man who killed his son because of his astrological chart. John noted:

One of the results of having astrology as a major part of the culture is that you get a lot more really strange and often tragic stories. In the last year we’ve linked tales from the Subcontinent and environs that include the astrologer who led a lynch mob (because of an improper marriage)and one who burned himself to death in the public square, among other sad and crazy tales. Add a lot of Caesarians, particularly recently, to get the right birth time, and it adds up to what would be the expected occasional misuse of a valuable tool when a lot of people are using it…here next, perhaps…

Although I would love to see astrology become so mainstream in the western world that it is taught in schools to help people navigate challenging times in their life, I think it’s silly to use astrology for what is effectively genetic engineering. In India it is said that up to 70% of all patients in one hospital selected caesarian birth in order to choose an auspicious birthchart for their child. Evidently the trend is up elsewhere as well: in South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand.

I’ve done readings for people who were born by C-section or whose mother’s labor was induced pharmaceutically, and their charts are as accurate as any others so I have to conclude that no matter what the birth method the soul is still in charge.

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It’s a feisty weekend sky

from Melody
This evening, Saturday, the Moon enters Aries until Monday morning. On Sunday, Mars in Pisces is exactly squaring Pluto in Sagittarius at 28 degrees – very near the Aries point. In fact, Mars will be moving into Aries on May 15th. The balsamic Aries Moon is squaring Venus in Cancer for a short while on Sunday morning and the Sun in Taurus is also exactly squaring Neptune in Aquarius at 22 degrees.

Happy Mothers Day!

Feelings are likely to be intense. There will be lots of energy, and very likely some relationship friction. But that’s all surface stuff and you have secret knowledge in your back pocket so that when irritations or tempers flare, yours or others, it will be easier to objectify and step back. That energy is always a sign that something needs to push through, so it’s an opportunity to stay aware and ask, what is it?

The warrior energy of Mars clears the way at the cutting edge of our soul’s journey, and when in aspect to Pluto is a definite pitchfork in the butt push. So while these times can be challenging in general, they can also be very transmutative.

Here in Boulder on Thursday, two suspicious characters in camouflage, one with a ski mask on and lurking in the early morning hours inside Boulder High School, brought out the swat team, FBI and an explosive sniffing dog. There was lots of noise, non-stop helicopters all day, as well as the following morning when the kids returned to school. It was drama, fear, frustration, steroids and testosterone, all focused on a collective fear that has been in the background since Columbine in 1999 […]

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Astrology and Sacred Geometry

Planets and signs are just a small facet of the astrological mandala – the geometry of the relationships between the planets is the factor that deepens our understanding of the unique individual that bears a particular birthchart. The angles that the planets make to each other describe the way the functions represented by those planets interact and create a completely unique energy imprint on our personality.

The traditional (or Ptolemaic) angles in the birthchart include what I call the “3-series” because they divide the chart into thirds: sextiles (60 degrees) and trines (120 degrees), and what I call the “4-series” because they divide the chart into fourths: of squares (90 degrees) and oppositions (180 degrees). These basic aspects give us triangles of all kinds as well as hexagons – they also create rectangles and half-squares. The geometry of the birthchart is all contained within a circle, one of the most sacred symbols of all.

has posted a link to a site on sacred geometry that reminded me of an article I wrote last year about Jung, “squaring the circle” and alchemical transformation:

When the points of a triangle are connected they form a circle, and circles have long been associated with the heavens, the infinite and the creative spark of divine consciousness. The square is associated with the manifest earth – finite and able to be grasped with the human mind. The alchemical process seeks to transmute that which is finite and earthbound (lead) into something divine (gold), and in alchemical psychology and transformation astrology we seek to transmute the challenges and burdens that keep us locked into an existence of habit and compulsion into divine gifts that open the doors […]

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