Astrology and Sacred Geometry

Planets and signs are just a small facet of the astrological mandala – the geometry of the relationships between the planets is the factor that deepens our understanding of the unique individual that bears a particular birthchart. The angles that the planets make to each other describe the way the functions represented by those planets interact and create a completely unique energy imprint on our personality.

The traditional (or Ptolemaic) angles in the birthchart include what I call the “3-series” because they divide the chart into thirds: sextiles (60 degrees) and trines (120 degrees), and what I call the “4-series” because they divide the chart into fourths: of squares (90 degrees) and oppositions (180 degrees). These basic aspects give us triangles of all kinds as well as hexagons – they also create rectangles and half-squares. The geometry of the birthchart is all contained within a circle, one of the most sacred symbols of all.

has posted a link to a site on sacred geometry that reminded me of an article I wrote last year about Jung, “squaring the circle” and alchemical transformation:

When the points of a triangle are connected they form a circle, and circles have long been associated with the heavens, the infinite and the creative spark of divine consciousness. The square is associated with the manifest earth – finite and able to be grasped with the human mind. The alchemical process seeks to transmute that which is finite and earthbound (lead) into something divine (gold), and in alchemical psychology and transformation astrology we seek to transmute the challenges and burdens that keep us locked into an existence of habit and compulsion into divine gifts that open the doors […]

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The astrological symbolism of Ceres

shaman-caselli-empressEmpress card fom the Sharman-Caselli tarot deck

The traditional astrological symbolism of Ceres has not really worked for me and I’m finding it not to be useful now that the importance of Ceres has been promoted with her reclassification as a “dwarf planet” along with Pluto. Some of the interpretations assigned to Ceres by astrologers are these:

Ceres in the horoscope shows the early nurturing we received and how we nurture others. It also directly rules food and clothing. I have seen two cases of professional designers who had Ceres aspecting Pallas (which rules the ability to see patterns). Ceres in the Houses shows where we are most likely to express our nurturing side and also where we can best receive nurturing. (astrologer Bob Marks)

* * * * * *

The Ceres asteroid represents the rhythms in a woman’s procreation cycles. In her role as mother, the Ceres woman treasures family heirlooms. The biology of life cycles and female passages are within Ceres’ domain. The asteroid, in charge of mothering and the family tree, rules the blossoming of a young girl’s body into womanhood. Eating disorders that result when a woman resists this entrance into fertility also have their place under Ceres’ skirts. (

* * * * * *

In astrological delineation, we can look to her for very specific information about matters relating to food and nurturing, and where the two meet. She can represent the quality of nurturing we got as a child, and how we function (or don’t) as nurturers in our relationships. (astrologer Eric Francis)

* * * * * *

The problem for me with these definitions is that they are either too oriented towards female psychology, in which […]

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Astrology certification – pros and cons

I found this article on Elsa’s Astrology News feed from astrologer John Marchesella who equates the :

We could tell you in no uncertain terms that knowing the math by heart really does explain a lot of the astronomy of astrology. We can also assure you that a professional astrologer feels more solid with the chart, so to speak, when he or she knows where all the parts of it come from. (I heard Rob Hand once say that calculating the horoscope by hand is the astrologer’s “yoga” with the interpretation of it). And finally we can hope that the math will back up your performance with clients, especially the suspicious ones who like to pull the trivia quiz on the science of the chart.

That’s all true, but you know what? After all these years of learning, teaching and practicing, I really think it is about eating your spinach, and it’s the spinach that really counts in a good reading with a client. Call it character-building, call it grunt work, call it a lesson in compassion for your client’s hassles, or just call it the math of the chart. I say it’s spinach and it’s good for you.

I support the concept of certification in theory, but the idea of going back and learning how to cast a chart all over again after nearly 30 years is a daunting idea. I began studying astrology around 1980 which was long before computer programs were around, and I like everyone else learned how to cast a chart by hand. The process of casting a chart took about an hour, but by the time you were done you really understood the chart. I used to love drawing the symbols […]

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The Ides of March

The ides of each month were days in the approximate middle of the month – in March, May, July and October the ides fell on the 15th, and in other months the ides were the 13th. Until the solar calendar was adopted by Julius Caesar, the roman calendar was lunar based and the ides of the month corresponded to the full moons.

The Full Moon and the Ides of the month were dedicated to Jupiter in his role as Lucetius, the Supreme Lightbringer, and the Ides have only come down to us as a warning because of the famous warning in Shakespeare’s play advising Julius Caesar to “beware the Ides of March.” So this March 15, let us honor Jupiter: bringer of good fortune, abundance, an awareness of possiiblities and an understanding of truth.

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Privacy and the ethics of blogging

As an astrological counselor, I am a strong believer in the privacy of the clients who come to me for a consultation. I will never mention in casual conversation that so-and-so came to me for a reading, nor do I discuss the contents of their charts with others. So I was mortified to learn that a certain planetary combination recently discussed in this column was recognized by that client’s astrologer friends.

There is so much that we can learn about astrology through the charts of others; yet in an environment like the web which is so public extra care must be taken to maintain the privacy of individuals. I had not realized that the web of readers of this column was so intimate and so knowledgeable that they would recognize an individual through a few words about a planetary aspect.

So be assured, dear readers and clients, that from this point forth I shall not post a single word about the charts of individuals whom I know personally without first obtaining their express permission. As much as I value the ability to teach astrology through these examples, I value your privacy more and will continue to make that a priority.

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