Mars Squares Neptune Today

Mars is the god of war, motivating us to aggressively act out our desires and establish good boundaries to protect what we have. Neptune tends to blur the boundaries of ordinary realities and offers us aspirations to seek a higher level of consciousness, an experience of the divine. When these two gods are in conflict, life can get confusing and facts are often obscured. When you include Jupiter, which expands us and brings confidence and philosophical ideals.

The current spying scandal is a good archetype for the planetary system we have in effect right now. The system is called a “T-square,” and it consists of Mars opposite Jupiter, with Neptune squaring both of them (hence a T-shaped formation). This type of “hard angle” aspect creates conflict and challenges, but also energy for change.

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Mercury Enters Capricorn Today

Mercury has been traveling through the upbeat sign of Sagittarius for a month or so, and now moves into the serious sign of Capricorn. Mercury rules the mental functions, communication, small machinery and telephones, and generally the way we process information. When Mercury is in Capricorn, the sign of goals, accomplishment and leadership, information processing happens to serve a purpose. Capricorn is the sign that says “the ends justify the means,” and the means is often to preserve the established social order which is also signified by Capricorn.

Over the next few weeks while Mercury is in Capricorn we are likely to see even more rationales for government malfunctions that claim to be “for the good of the country.” On the positive side, Mercury in Capricorn can be good for the financial markets as there is an added note of practicality to business decisions that promote sound “bottom line” thinking.

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Mars Square Saturn

Although this aspect didn’t culminate until yesterday, it’s been in effect for some time as part of the Grand Cross so it hasn’t received the attention from me that it deserved. Mars square Saturn is often described as “driving with the brakes on” – Mars wants to go, to take action, and Saturn is the brakes that doesn’t allow motion to happen. Mars often represents willful behavior, arrogance, aggression, and Saturn is the paternal scolding voice. We can see this at play in the escalation of tension in Iraq, in the increased outrage over the National Security Agency spying scandal, the pending Tube strike in London and the standoff between Russia and the Ukraine over gas supplies.

The Mars/Saturn combination can offer a productive flow of energy if properly utilized: Saturn requires hard work and discipline, and if the energy of Mars can be harnessed and put to work great things can happen even in the challenging aspects between these planets.

As discussed in other posts below, the tension of the Grand Cross builds until there is a release of energy that is a catalyst for change. Although all four planets are no longer in tight formation, they continue to dance around each other and we are likely to see a continuation of this tension over the next two weeks as Mars moves towards a stressful aspect with Jupiter and the ideological (Jupiter) battles (Mars) become louder and more strident, with Neptune entering the picture to mystify and confuse the issues. Neptune rules martyrdom and self-sacrifice, and we may see an increased number of suicide bombings in mid-month when Mars, Jupiter and Neptune are in tight formation.

The Sun is approaching a conjunction with Venus in Capricorn over the next few days, usually […]

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Update on the Grand Cross

(For more information, see these past articles discussing the Grand Cross of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in effect for the next few weeks.)

For the past month or so, four planets have been dancing in a “Grand Cross” formation, with two sets of two planets opposite each other and square to their neighbors. Since early November, we have seen a face-off with Mars (god of war and aggression) in a square (90 degree angle, within 5 degrees) to Saturn (restriction and limitation). Saturn has been opposite Neptune (the hidden or mysterious, confusion and illusion). Jupiter (god of philosophy, religion, theology and meaning) joined the party in early December, and the so-called War on Christmas became the focal point for some of the tension evident in American culture. In other parts of the world, the Iranian president denied that that the Holocaust ever took place, and in Iraq the historic election demonstrated the obvious fact that the Iraqi people self-identified along cultural lines.

These planets will continue their dance through the end of January, culminating in the middle of the month when the formation between Mars, Jupiter and Neptune is exact at 15-16 degrees. Saturn will have retrograded backwards to the point where its influence falls out of the picture, which will soften the effect somewhat. Saturn is rigid and creates tension which often results in an explosion that instigates change, where Neptune is soft and fuzzy and creates mostly confusion. With Mars and Jupiter there is a lot of spiritual ego and self-righteousness, with little possibility of compromise. However, the fiery drama we’ve seen over the past month is likely to subside.

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Venus turns Retrograde and Conjuncts Chiron

Venus, traveling through Aquarius, turns retrograde on December 24. When Venus is retrograde we are often forced to pay more attention to our dealing with others and our own sense of connectedness and how well we manage our connections with those around us. At the same time, Venus has been moving into a conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer. What a perfect time for this to happen as many of us regroup with our families at the holidays!

In Aquarius Venus tends to be less emotional, more concerned with matters of fairness and equality and ensuring that everyone is given fair treatment. Connected to Chiron, however, old wounds and damaged places could erupt in a process that can ultimately be healing for all involved. The key to successfully navigating Chiron events is to pay attention and try not to hide from emotions as they attempt to make themselves known.

During this period watch for there to be greater consideration of others in the public eye as well as in our personal lives. Venus will remain in retrograde motion through February 3, and the conjunction with Chiron will remain in effect for most of the holiday week.

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