Looking Ahead by Looking Back, Part 2

Bark Bark Woof Woof has an interesting post today comparing Bush’s speech to the troops yesterday with Nixon’s speech in 1969 about fighting the war in Vietnam.

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Who’s Really at War with Religion? Pluto in Sagittarius

Sometime soon I’ll post a link to a new article about Pluto’s travel through Sagittarius, which is about two-thirds completed. Pluto is all about destruction and transformation, and in Sagittarius Pluto has been creating havoc in the religious arena. Meanwhile, the Green Knight’s posts today are all about the conflicts (Pluto) that are erupting over religious ideas (Sagittarius), beginning with a great tale of the current “War on Christmas” in a suburban neighborhood and moving on to Bill O’Reilly’s paranoid rantings about left-wing moonbats coming after Christmas supporters. I couldn’t find the quote online, but heard O’Reilly on the Stephanie Miller show say “Retailers should get on their knees and thank Jesus for Christmas.” Is THAT what Christmas is all about?

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A Look Ahead by Looking Back

No one can really explain how astrology works, but anyone who has had a chart reading by a competent astrologer will verify that somehow the planets do possess certain energies that affect us in various ways. Because each of us has a very different birth chart makeup, we are affected by planetary movements differently. For some, a challenging Mars transit can be exhilarating and energizing, and for others it can cause great stress and conflict. Still, the dance that the planetary bodies move through day to day creates energy shifts that affect us on a global scale.

The harmonious aspect (trine) between Jupiter and Uranus of the past week has opened the door to a new way (Uranus) of finding meaning in life (Jupiter), and perhaps the beginnings of a revolution (Uranus) in established religions. (Jupiter). Expansive Jupiter trines tend to bring investor confidence and improve the stock markets, and Uranus tends to require a more utopian view of life. In harmonious aspect like the trine (120 degrees), Uranus calls on us to leave the past behind in order to create a new way.

Over the past few months of retrogrades (with Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Mercury all retrograde for at least part of this period), global politics seem to have become stuck in recriminations and retributions. There have been short outbursts of conflict calling for change, but the momentum for change is lacking. During retrograde periods, we tend to re-view the past and find it difficult to move forward. The positive aspect of the retrograde periods is that in this perpetual review we are able to discover new ways of solving problems so that when we finally do begin to make progress, it is with […]

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Mercury Retrogrades Back into Scorpio

As it continued its apparent backwards travel (as viewed from Earth), Mercury changed signs and moved back into Scorpio. The sign that Mercury is in colors the way that communication patterns evolve for everyone, and because Scorpio is a sign that relishes intensity and depth in thinking and expression events while Mercury is in Scorpio often reflect that intensity. Scorpio also likes to uncover hidden secrets, and during the transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius we saw the indictments in the CIA leak case, the fall of the Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination, and the eruption of brutal name calling in the race for Governor of Virginia and New Jersey. Mercury turned retrograde on November 13, and attention now turns back to issues that may not be resolved. Mercury retrograde periods are often difficult times to move forward since communication can be confusing, but they are excellent times to look back and clean up lingering past events that were never finalized. They are also great times for writing and introspection.

Mercury moved into high spirited Sagittarius on October 29, but today it is back in Scorpio where it will stay until December 12. Expect an added level of intensity in interactions with others, and in the news.

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Happy Pre-Solstice Holiday!

I still have trouble with the concept of celebrating a holiday that honors what is basically the beginning of the annihilation of Native Americans, but still I am thankful for the many gifts that life has to offer, and even more for the ability to be grateful for what I have instead of envious of what I have not.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury today, facilitating communication despite the famous difficulties of Mercury Retrograde. The Sun will illuminate matters of thought and information, and sure enough a South Korean cloning expert admitted and apologized to “shameful ethical lapses,” the Chinese government admitted to a Benzene spill that caused the poisoning of drinking water for millions of people, Jessica Simpson and Nick boy singer finally admitted their long-rumored separation, and it was discovered that yes, Iran actually is working on nuclear warheads.

The Sun moves quickly and this influence will have passed by tomorrow afternoon. This is a favorable aspects for all kinds of negotiations since hidden agendas come to the forefront, so if you’re involved in this sort of matter it will help to facilitate your situation.

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