Do “Celestial Portals” really exist?

celestial portalsAs new and ever more incredible scientific discoveries expand our awareness of what is possible, the new knowledge is beginning to overlap with ancient knowledge that was previously dismissed as fantasy or myth.

on outlines this phenomenon in great detail:

Curiously, peoples on both hemispheres held that such sky holes open and close with great rapidity, not unlike the ‘Symplegades’ of classical mythology. As part of their initiation rituals, prospective shamans of the Wiradjuri people, of southeast New South Wales, Australia, used to believe that they were led upwards by their spiritual guides to the celestial abode of the supreme god Baiame.

From an anonymous medicine-man or ‘doctor’ of the kangaroo totem of the Muri subclass of this nation, interviewed before 1887, comes the following account: “We went through the clouds, and on the other side was the sky. We went through the place where the doctors go through, and it kept opening and shutting very quickly.” Just so, the Tsimshian, of northern British Columbia, observed prior to 1909 that the sky, “a beautiful open country,” “is reached through the hole in the sky …, which opens and closes.” The Buryat are an ethnic minority in Siberia, who envision the sky as a giant inverted ‘kettle’ that alternately lifts up and comes down to the earth; ‘when the cover of the sky is raised, an opening arises between its rim and that of the earth.’

A similar belief was subsumed in the esoteric tradition of Hind?ism. According to this, the universe consists of three layers, the earth, the ‘air’ or atmosphere, and the sky, that look like ‘bricks’ with a perforation in the centre of each. As the soul of the visionary ascends towards the sky, […]

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The Messier Marathon: How many galaxies can you see?

Messier MarathonWhen the New Moon occurs near the spring equinox and the sky is dark, there is an opportunity to view up to 110 deep sky objects . These include galaxies and nebulae and star clusters that are normally not visible with amateur astronomical equipment.

For you astronomy buffs out there,  to view all 110 objects at a leisurely pace over an eleven-day period, ten at a time.  They started yesterday though, so you may have to do a bit of catching up!

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The Moon/Venus Dance

The Moon conjuncts Venus nearly every month, but NASA reports that this encounter is somewhat unique:

(1) Venus is at maximum brightness: magnitude -4.6. The planet is twenty times brighter than Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. It is so luminous that it can actually shine through thin clouds and cast subtle shadows on the ground.

(2) As seen from North America, the Moon-Venus separation is only a little more than 1o. Stick up your thumb and hold it out at arm’s length. Venus and the Moon will fit comfortably behind the thumb-tip. Tight conjunctions like this are the most beautiful of all.

(3) Not only is the Moon a crescent, but so is Venus. A small telescope pointed at the glittering planet will reveal a slender 20%-illuminated disk.

The article goes on to explain why Venus is brightest when it’s in the crescent phase.  Because astrology views the planets from our perspective on Earth, I would argue that unlike the Moon, whose effect on humans is stronger when in the Full phase when it is opposite the Sun, Venus has a stronger effect when it is brightest.

Venus and the Moon both represent the Divine Feminine in astrological symbolism: Venus is the goddess of love and beauty; the bringer of artistic talents and a love of comfort and luxury.  The Moon is both the divine nurturing force and the inner child, requiring safety, security, and the expression of our deepest feelings.  When the Moon and Venus combine, our emotions and our sensibilities merge in a fountain of creativity and love for those around us.

Venus is particularly strong right now because it is slowing down in preparation for its retrograde turn next week.  We’ll be talking more about that over the next few days!

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The Comet Cometh – the astrology of Lulin’s approach

photo from 

Comet Lulin will make its closest approach to Earth on February 24.  Joseph Mina wrote in the comments a few days ago, ” interesting how Comet Lulin, whose orbital movement is opposite (clockwise) the planets, will conjunct Saturn during the current Saturn/Uranus opposition. Wonder what message this “uranian type” cosmic messenger has to share?”

(e.)  This Comet is particularly Uranian because its orbit is in the opposite direction from other planetary bodies.  It does not appear to have a regular visitation pattern, and coming during this intense Aquarian time perhaps it brings a message of surprises that come out of nowhere to completely change our world.

Comet Lulin is making its visitation on the day of the New Moon when six planets are in Aquarius and the New Moon is in Pisces.  Pisces is the sign of transcendence, where ordinary reality becomes blurred and we become open to higher powers, divine beings, and creative inspiration.  Combined with the sudden electrical surprises of Uranus and Aquarius, the transcendence of Pisces creates an openness to the spiritual realms that can be quite intense.

The comet will be traveling through Virgo when it is visible, and it will be very close to Saturn so it will set off the opposition of Saturn and Uranus.  The New Moon also forms a sextile to Pluto, so there is a transformational element at work here.  The symbology of the Comet, a temporary visitor to the Universe in the midst of this planetary festival, suggests to me a dramatic turn of events that gets our attention!

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5000 year old solar calendar found in Canada!

Rich sent me , and this is a wonderful example of the way new discoveries (Uranus) often have to battle with old and rigid ideologies (Saturn).

An academic maverick is challenging conventional wisdom on Canada’s prehistory by claiming an archeological site in southern Alberta is really a vast, open-air sun temple with a precise 5,000-year-old calendar predating England’s Stonehenge and Egypt’s pyramids.

Mainstream archeologists consider the rock-encircled cairn to be just another medicine wheel left behind by early aboriginals. But a new book by retired University of Alberta professor Gordon Freeman says it is in fact the centre of a 26-square-kilometre stone “lacework” that marks the changing seasons and the phases of the moon with greater accuracy than our current calendar.

“Genius existed on the prairies 5,000 years ago,” says Freeman, the widely published former head of the university’s physical and theoretical chemistry department.

This doesn’t surprise me one bit.  Rich and I have for many years both been avid readers of the work of , who has devoted his life to searching for evidence of an advanced ancient civilization.  It seems perfectly plausible that there are ancient civilizations buried under the ocean after the last ice age in 10,500 bce.  After all, archaeologists used to think the story of Troy was just a legend until the city was discovered buried under rubble in the early 20th century.

The Antikythera Mechanism that we discussed earlier this year is another example of advanced knowledge available to the ancients.  Much of what was yesterday’s science fiction is today’s science, and I believe that we will see the same thing happen in archaeology.  In order for that to happen, though, the archaeological establishment will have to cultivate more of an open mind […]

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