Close encounter with Mars and the Geminid Meteors


On Tuesday evening, Dec. 18th, Mars makes its closest approach to Earth until the year 2016. At a distance of only 55 million miles, Mars outshines every star in the night sky (it is slightly brighter than Sirius) and draws attention to itself with its distinctive red color.

This is not to be confused with the famous Mars Hoax that claims that Mars is as close as it will ever be. That happened back in 2003, and it will not be that close again until 2018. Still, Mars is spectacular right now and worth a look!!

Take a look at from the meteor shower last week too!

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The Exploding Comet and the Galactic Message

holmes.   The timing of the exploding Comet Holmes at the exact moment of the conjunction of Pluto to the Galactic Center is a fascinating coincidence. Add to this the timing right at the Full Moon and there is a sense of something very significant going on.

Comets have long been thought to be harbingers or omens, and this new comet has defied the understanding of scientists and their efforts to strip the magic from this type of event. If the Universe was trying to get our attention, it makes sense that It would create a vision in the sky that was unlike anything ever seen before.

Pluto conjuncts the Galactic Center approximately every 250 years. In this earlier article I reviewed some of the history of previous cycles that heralded a shift in focus of the human species.

We are clearly on the brink of a shift in human evolution:

  • Threats of mass extinction ignore the fact that extinctions are already occurring at a rapid rate. Species are becoming extinct at a rate , and a third of all amphibians and primate species with nearly a quarter of mammals are threatened.
  • The Middle East, “cradle of civilization,” is now the fulcrum of a major shift in global power from two “superpowers” to a multitude of smaller powers and tribal allegiances.
  • A new race to space pits China against rivals Japan and India for the first moon landing by an Asian country.
  • Syria has possibly  of countries possessing nuclear technology, bringing that number to ten or possibly eleven, depending on the degree to which Iran has acquired this technology.
  • Scientists are working hard to 
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Comet Holmes: “Just Plain Funky”

cometWildfires, exploding comets…what’s next?

Up until yesterday Comet Holmes, an obscure comet discovered in 1892, was  than the faintest star that can be seen without a telescope. Suddenly it brightened 400,000 times, becoming clearly visible to the naked eye. asks, where did the energy to brighten the comet come from? From outside the comet or within?

Viewers at  report a “nova-like” looking comet whose brightness is not even obscured by the full moon, approximately as bright as the star Polaris, with no tail.

Comet Holmes is traveling away from the Sun and can be viewed  between Aries and Taurus. An ephemeris can be found here but I don’t know how to translate this into astrologese, if any of my readers can identify where this comet can be located let me know!


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Beware the annual Mars Hoax

An email is circulating, as it has every August since 2003, announcing a once-in-a-lifetime event during which Mars is closer to the earth than it has ever been, and that it will look as large as the Moon. This event actually took place in August 2003, when the Moon was at a perihelic opposition to the Earth and appeared larger than it is likely to appear in our lifetime.

A significant Mars event will occur in December 2007, according to NASA:

Earth and Mars are converging, and right now the distance between the two planets is shrinking at a rate of 22,000 mph–or about 25 miles per sentence. Ultimately, this will lead to a close approach in late December 2007 when Mars will outshine every star in the night sky. Of a similar encounter in the 19th century, astronomer Percival Lowell wrote the following: “[Mars] blazes forth against the dark background of space with a splendor that outshines Sirius and rivals the giant Jupiter himself.”

But while the email announcing the August 27 date is incorrect, there is still something unique occurring on that day:

While there won’t be Two Moons on August 27th, there will be Two Eyes. At 3 o’clock in the morning on that date, Mars will rise in the eastern sky alongside the red giant star Aldebaran. The two red lights side-by-side will resemble two eerie, unblinking eyes. This is worth waking up for!

Source: NASA article (courtesy of )

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