A close encounter with Jupiter

Jupiter is approaching a close encounter with the Earth, which will make it appear beautifully bright in the sky.  The night of the closest contact will be September 21st, very close to the Autumn Equinox, but until then it will be gloriously bright.  Jupiter is near its perihelion, where it is closest to the Sun and brighter than in its twelve-year orbit.

Enjoy the view!

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Mercury direct! And other planetary news

Mercury turns direct today after three weeks in retrograde motion, so after today communication will get a bit easier and we are less subject to all kinds of snafus.  It will take a few days for Mercury to pick up steam after its change of motion, but Mercury is in its own sign of Virgo where it is strong and able to operate without hindrance.

Additionally, Mercury is  in harmonious aspect with both Pluto (transformational power) and Venus (the power of attraction and love), so there is an agility now with the mind and communication matters that will serve us well.

As I wrote last week, the influence of Pluto is still strong and tomorrow it too changes direction as it begins its six-month forward travels.  The outer planets travel retrograde for six months out of the year, ensuring that we retrace the steps of any path that needs greater balance or perfection.  When Pluto begins moving direct again, its transformative power will be seen in the outer expression of our lives to a greater degree.

That transformative power deepens even more tomorrow as Mars, the planet of drive and desire, enters the passionate sign of Scorpio.  Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and is quite at home in the intense emotional drive of the Scorpio influence.  But some of us are not quite as comfortable with this degree of intensity and you may need to take some time to acclimate to this new energy.  I’ll be writing more about Mars in Scorpio over the next few days.

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Stephen Hawking and the supernatural

Stephen HawkingInteresting timing, as Jupiter and Uranus continue their conjunction in Pisces, blowing apart (Uranus) the conventional wisdom and accepted belief systems (Jupiter) having to do with all that is transcendent and beyond ordinary understanding (Pisces).

Stephen Hawking has created a firestorm in his new book, The Grand Design, in which he declares that an intelligent creator was not necessary for the creation of the Universe. This is nothing new – Hawking has long argued against the need for a supernatural being to create the Universe, but in this new book he speaks out with particular clarity, saying that the laws of physics can create the universe out of nothing, it doesn’t require God.

Though not a scientist, I will argue that the creation of the Universe and the planet is a separate issue entirely from the creation of consciousness. Human beings are conscious creatures, and there is growing evidence to suggest that most animals and birds possess a level of consciousness as well. I am certainly not arguing for the Genesis-tale of creation, where a god variously termed Jehovah, Yahweh, and the Elohim (Plural) created the heavens and the earth. But it is difficult to imagine a scenario where conscious beings formed without a conscious intention of some kind.

Hawking’s Sun is in achievement-oriented Capricorn, and he has a Grand Trine of planets in earth that includes Mercury, Uranus and Neptune. Uranus opens his mind (Mercury) to fresh new insights, and Neptune adds a creative note which helps to raise his mental abilities.  Hawking was an underachiever in college until ALS began to rob his physical body of its abilities, after which time he began to work hard and focus all of his energies through the mind. […]

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