10 reasons not to worry about the July 11 eclipse

July 11 eclipse Path of the July 11 eclipse

Bad news sells, and this is true for astrology websites as well as any other news media.  Eclipses are not so mysterious today, but “astrologic dangers [are] portended” on many sites, :

Next week, on July 11th, we have a total Solar eclipse coming up. The New Moon and the total Solar eclipse will create some disturbing Cosmic energies and will affect many countries around the world.

As per Vedic Astrology, the Sun, Moon, and Ketu are together in Gemini and Rahu opposite them. Mercury is in Cancer, Mars and Venus together in Leo, and Saturn in Vigo casting his glance at Sun, Moon and Ketu. This is not a good situation and could cause dangers all around. The Earth will shake due to strong electromagnetic forces and will cause a lot of disruption on Earth.

Countries and places around water would get most affected. Islands, peninsulas, and gulfs would be most susceptible to major dangers. There could be floods, storms, Tsunamis, and many accidents. I also see areas of green getting affected. Flora, fauna, valleys and lakes could be affected. All these need not happen just on July 11th, but does create energies for these things to come soon.

It does tend to be mostly the Vedic astrologers who are more bold in their predictions of both doom and glory, but I get plenty of emails from clients who want to know what kind of earth-shattering effects to expect.

So here are ten reasons not to worry about Sunday’s eclipse:

  1. Eclipses tend to be most powerful where they are fully visible, and the path of the July 11 eclipse travels primarily across the southern Pacific ocean, so unless you […]
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The Music of the Sun

have recorded the “musical harmonies produced by the magnetic field in the outer atmosphere of the Sun.”   The scientists converted visible vibrations into sound and sped up the frequency so that it was audible to the human ear.

Gustav Holst wrote a series of musical interpretations for , taking into account their astrological meaning.  Perhaps all of the planets resonate to an audible frequency that can be translated into music!

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The Sun is waking up

solar flare
Recent solar flare

Solar scientists met last week to discuss the higher levels of solar activity that are likely as we move out of the Solar Minimum of the past few years.  The head of NASA’s Heliophysics Division says “our technological society has developed an unprecedented sensitivity to solar storms.”

reports an M2-class flare on June 12th that hurled a billion-ton coronal mass ejection into space, and a new sunspot has emerged with a series of its own eruptions.   Solar flares have been connected with weather extremes, and there have been some powerful lightning storms over the past few days.

There are proven connections between Jupiter and sunspots, so the fact that the Sun is erupting into flares at the time that Jupiter conjoins Uranus in the fiery sign of Aries is an interesting coincidence.

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The significance of the recent Jupiter impact

Astrologers everywhere have noted with glee that as Jupiter approached its exact conjunction to Uranus, Jupiter was struck by a bit of cosmic debris or an asteroid.  Uranus relates to surprising or shocking events, potentially resulting in a dramatic change.

The event occurred on June 3, 2010, at 20:31 GMT and that was observed by several amateur astronomers.  The conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus occurs in Aries, the cardinal and arguably most fiery of the fire signs.

Jupiter began changing as the conjunction to Uranus began to approach, including losing its stripe.

The impact on Jupiter is not likely to have any significant or measurable astrological effect, but the synchronicity of the event is startling!

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A “Golden Age” of cosmological discoveries?

Yesterday I wrote about the transition into a new 200-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle into the air element as the harbinger of new ideas and ways of thinking about our world.  Evidently cosmologists agree, and in a brand-new conference on the Future of Cosmology they declared that we are in a “golden age” of cosmological discovery.

An interesting article in suggests that the Big Bang Theory, the sacred cow that describes the origin of the Universe, may not hold up under new cosmological discoveries.   “Although the “Big Bang” is often presented as if it is proven fact, there is a wealth of data, including recent revelations of the several space probes and findings in fundamental physics, which possibly tell a different story.”

Every year we learn more about the origin of life on Earth as well, resulting in the shifting and expansion of our concept of time.  The Universe is ever older than previously thought, and the origin of human life and civilization continues to be pushed back as well.  Indeed, the very nature of reality is being stretched beyond recognition so that we can perhaps understand life to a greater degree than ever before.

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