On the heels of the eclipse, the Equinox!!

Following the New Moon at the end of Pisces, squared by Pluto, the sign of endings, we find ourselves balanced on the cusp of the seasons at the Vernal Equinox! The Equinox is celebrated as the time when the Sun spends an equal amount of time above and below the equator, when the length of the days become longer than the nights and the power of light rises while the darkness recedes.

Today is also the time when the Sun enters Aries, the sign of initiation and energy. The past seven New Moons have all been at the end of a sign, with the last one incorporating a square from Pluto, forcing us to let go of all that no longer serves us. Now the energy shifts as we begin to move into a new adventure!

Beginning a new phase of our life is not always easy. Recently I’ve had quite a few emails from people who are worried about their upcoming transits of Saturn and Pluto since having had their fill of upheaval in their lives, they crave some stability and peace for a change. If I could teach one thing it would be this: that we can trust in the power of the planetary gods to carry us into our future in the way with the least possible pain and the greatest joy if we will only stop resisting our destiny. Our fear and resistance are often the things that create the problems for us.

Years ago I went whitewater tubing in Colorado. Armed with nothing but an inner tube, my friends coaxed me into a rushing creek and told me to let go and let the water carry me. With my T-square in cardinal planets and fixed […]

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Gaiafield Global Meditation

Thanks to Astrid for posting l and inspiring film of the beauty of our blue planet and the people with which we share it. From the film, these words from Thich Nhat Hahn:

Following the sound of the bell, my breath brings me back to the safe island of mindfulness. In the garden of my heart, the flowers of peace bloom beautifully. . . .

May the sound of the bell penetrate deep into the cosmos.
Even in the darkest spots living beings are able to hear it clearly.
So that all suffering in them cease. Understanding comes to their heart, and they transcend the path of sorrow and death

This is the announcement site of a Global Meditation and Prayer Vigil to be held March 28 from 10-11 PST, or 1-2 EST. What a beautiful way to be reminded that we truly are all one in our love of life and of the planet, and to unite our energy in a positive manner to effect real change in the world.

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More on the Pisces Eclipse

has a way of describing planetary events in a way that make them real to people that don’t really get the planets. Here’s a bit of what he has to say on the eclipse:

As the Sun is covered by the shadow of the Moon, emotions (moon) cloud our very being momentarily. Suddenly we’re irrational creatures, operating entirely through our unconscious motivations (namely all those reactions that have been repeated so often as to become part of our ‘auto-pilot survival system’.) So expect some old patterns to play out which will force you to stop and say ‘Whoa – this again?’.
This time we get to do it differently, by choosing to DELIBERATELY REACT DIFFERENTLY.

Pisces is the most sensitive sign because it involves a surrender of sorts – a cosmic orgasm, a sigh of “reality-relief” when we exhale, let go, release and give it up. Give what up? The emotion, the desire, the game, the fight, the trying, the maintaining, the working, the stress, the frustration, the elation, the hope, the anxiety, the excitement, the possibility.

We just are.

Everyone on Earth is participating in this grand Letting Go. Some people will choose to exit their bodies at this time (which is a regular daily occurrence but which may become significantly higher at this time, whether in the public eye or the person on the street) because death is a form of letting go. There are many manifestations:

Suddenly you don’t want to keep pushing and you stop all activity and just breathe.
You decide to go swimming instead of sitting around stressing about what to do next.
You sleep in an extra 12 hours with no alarm clock.
You cry – at a memory, a movie, something happens […]

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A celebration of Neptune

quickening1The Quickening, by the fabulous Willow Arlenea

Found this on : a brilliant homage to Neptune and the path to ecstasy:

Time is now for religion to cease from disparaging Mankind’s humanity. True theology should no longer regard Humankind as perennially deficient and in a permanent state of spiritual shortage, but rather recognize that our plentifulness of naturally human traits are truly signs of our collective spiritual abundance. Religion has indeed initiated society into the Mysteries of God; but time is now for religion to evolve our society into a civilization capable of exposing its own true Godlikeness, a more fully evolved species thoroughly readied and enabled to manifest and reveal its own innate, natural-born Divinity.The mystic transcendence of our mortal limitations into which our religions initiate us is no lonely flight away from the World, nor does it encourage the continued condemnation of the human condition. On the contrary: the transcendent viewpoint bestowed upon those gifted with the theophany of mystic ecstasy provides them the inspiration for a deeper participation in the life of the World– the fostering of a more angelic human species, and the nurturing of the long promised Utopia, the Golden Age that yet awaits the full employment of our deific inventiveness for its future construction. True theology does not disparage the natural World, nor the inclinations to which authentic participation in the life of Nature dispose us. Genuine religious faith makes us better caretakers of the blessings we find everywhere disclosed in the natural World, and allows the Spirit its rightful freedom to partake of the God-given miracles that naturally exude from our healthy human bodies.

Humankind’s natural tendency towards mystic transcendence is not something to be cloistered away in hermitages and chapels. The […]

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The Pluto process and the galactic center shift

With Mars conjunct Pluto and the G.C. this week there are a lot of theories about the significance, if any, of the Galactic Center shift. The spirituality boards are fired up and here are some of the things I’ve found:

Mars conjuncts Pluto near the Galactic Center on the 13th. Mars then enters Capricorn on the 16th. The Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th. Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Uranus in Pisces on the 22nd. Venus enters Pisces on the 27th. There’s a sense of deepening heaviness, gravity as time goes on. It’s ironic that the energies are so flowing now in comparison to recent years. You wouldn’t expect this mounting heaviness. But this is the nature, the gravity of the unconscious. If you are not conscious with it, it will drag you down. Your intentions will come manifest. Do you want your intentions to be unconscious based on your karmic crud? Or would you like to be consciously intending your manifestations? Time will tell. Mark Krueger

Remembering that we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us and noting the coming together of these major transformative cycles with the December Solstice near Galactic Center (a 26,000 year timing) with Pluto (a 248 year timing, with the Lunar Standstill (a 19 year timing) with Jupiter (a 12 year timing) this may well be a once in many eons of time kind of Celestial Event. We at least know it can’t have happened since the last turning of the Galactic Wheel 26,000 years ago. Cosmologically this is, simply said, bigger than BIG and the question is how are we choosing to participate? When we use the power to inform with the intent to transform ourselves and the planet without attachment to the results, but rather trusting what […]

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