More thoughts on Planetary Reincarnation and how astrology works

Edgar CayceI’m reading an out-of-print book by astrologer Ry Redd called Toward a New Astrology that is quite interesting.  Redd went through thousands of Cayce’s readings and extracted the astrological signatures for each individual.  It is astounding that Cayce, with no astrological training and without casting a chart, was able to pick up the planetary vibrations at work in the astrological charts through his clairvoyant readings while in a trance.

I remembered that I had written a post a couple of years ago on this very subject after finding an article online.  If this subject interests you I suggest that you go back to the original post and the article to which it links on  which includes these paragraphs:

… Cayce revealed that our life experience involves more than just the earth. It involves our entire solar system. Through the principles of astrology, each solar system in the universe is like a “university” – a place for higher learning. Our solar system has nine planets and each planet is a physical representation of a particular afterlife realm (or dimension). Our universe is only one realm out of many afterlife realms. Our universe (including the earth) is the third realm in the afterlife hierarchy and represents three-dimensional life.

Because Cayce associated each planet as a physical (three-dimensional) representation of a particular afterlife realm, Cayce referred to these afterlife realms using the name of the planet associated with it. For example, when Cayce uses the name Venus, he is referring to the afterlife realm that are associated astrologically with the planet named Venus. When Cayce mentions that souls inhabit Venus, he does not mean that souls live on the surface of the planet Venus, he means that souls inhabit the afterlife realm […]

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Finding the balance between surrender and power

I was listening last night to a podcast on the subject of making money in a bad economy, and one of the recommendations was to turn off the news so as not to create fear in one’s consciousness. “What we don’t know won’t hurt us” appeared to be the general theme.

I would strongly disagree. If we are to be fully empowered, consciously creative beings on a planet in which we create our own reality, we must be aware of the dynamics of the world around us. In this era of globalization, where we truly are one world and everything each individual does affects the entire planet, it is more important than ever to remain informed about the truth behind the lives that we lead.

Certainly we do not want to become lost in a morass of fear and despair and helplessness at the terrible situation the world is in at any given moment. But our human existence is a series of cycles, and this is where astrology comes in to provide assistance. We have been talking for years about the advent of Pluto’s entry into Capricorn, and we were not surprised by the events that followed. We are looking ahead at the upcoming square between Uranus and Pluto in 2013, and we know that there will be an increase in social strife and conflict. But we also understand that these cycles are divinely guided, and part of the ongoing story of life in a body on Planet Earth.

On the one hand, we must surrender to those things over which we have no control. This has nothing to do with being religious: I know many people who would call […]

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More on the Aquarius lineup

This image is from a work called Theologue from Alex Grey.  Aquarius has an electromagnetic energy component as portrayed in this painting.   The subtitle of the work is “The Union of Human Consciousness: Weaving the fabric of space and time in which the Self and surroundings are embedded.”

Last night I gave a talk at a meeting of our local NCGR Chapter, the , and George Ward, one of my colleagues who works at the bookstore where the meeting was held, said that at the Expo last weekend they sold twice as many books as they usually sell at that show.  He attributed this dramatic increase to the Aquarius stellium which continues to send out intensive energy alerting more and more people to the fact that our world is changing at a dramatic rate.

As we’ve discussed in this column over the past few months, Aquarius has the double rulership of Saturn and Uranus, and those two planets are opposing each other in the sky right now, an aspect that will be in effect over the next year or so.  Aquarius is the revolutionary thinker – the brilliant mind that puts aside conventional wisdom in order to create something entirely new.  Aquarius and Uranus is the inventor, the futurist and the economist; the revolutionary who strives for social justice and the cruel tyrant who chooses to eliminate those who don’t fit the idealistic Aquarian view.  Adolf Hitler’s chart shows Uranus on the ascendant, opposing the Sun on the descendant – his way of creating Utopia on earth was to murder all those that didn’t fit his view of the ideal future.  I mention this only to remind us that Aquarius and Uranus, its […]

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The Awakened Dream: Chiron conjunct Neptune

If you know who created this wonderful image please let me know!

I found , which is a very cool website with lots of interesting writers and it occurred to me that this expresses one aspect of the conjunction of Chiron to Neptune which has been forming over the past several months.  Chiron and Neptune will be within a degree of an exact conjunction in June, but due to their retrogradation the conjunction won’t be exact for another year.  Still, their influence is combined in a slow infiltration of wisdom (Chiron) through dreams and inspiration (Neptune), or perhaps the wounding (Chiron) of our inner Mystic (Neptune).

In this article Paul Levy writes:

The Buddha, which literally means “the awakened one,” said “My form appeared like a dream to sentient beings who are like a dream. I taught them dreamlike teaching to attain dreamlike enlightenment.” When we begin to awaken to the dreamlike nature of reality, we realize we are all characters in each other’s dream. Like reflections in a mirror, we are all interconnected aspects of each other’s being.

To recognize the dreamlike nature of our situation is to recognize that we don’t exist as isolated entities separate from the universe, but rather as relational beings who only exist relative to each other. We are all related, parts of a greater family, the living multifaceted expression of a singular divine being. When we begin to awaken to the dreamlike nature of the universe we realize that the “dream ego,” which is who we’ve been imagining we are, is only an un-reflected-upon and assumed model of who we are and is not who we really are, but is itself being dreamed by a deeper part of […]

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The Joy of Sadness

You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.

— Chinese proverb


A post in Beth Owl’s Daughter about Seasonal Effective Disorder started me thinking once again about the way our culture attempts to medicate all emotional reactions out of its citizens (and thank you Beth for that wonderful proverb!!).  She 

When I was many years younger, I used to be hit hard by what later came to be known as SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. As Autumn proceeded from its kaleidoscopic colors into rusts and browns, and finally into Winter’s endless grays, my own spirits would slump accordingly. As the days grew darker, my moods followed along, bringing bouts of tears, withdrawal, and lethargy. By the time I crawled into late February, I would often be struggling with outright despair.

But, thankfully, that changed. Perhaps, it was in part that I fell in love with a man who truly revels in the cold time of year. And maybe as I got older, my hormonal changes helped. But the truth is that, long before I was perimenopausal, my Autumns and Winters were beginning to pass without loss of emotional equilibrium.

Was it just coincidence that this shift was in synch with the deepening of my Pagan spiritual practice? As I attuned myself to the seasons of the Earth, and embraced the cycles of life and death, growth and surrender, rather than dreading the darkening of the year, I learned to love it.

Don’t get me wrong. … I am well aware that for many people, it is a very painful and serious problem.

But I wonder if there could be any correlation between SAD […]

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