Profile of Cho Seung-Hui: Virginia Tech killer

I want to preface this post by reiterating that no astrological chart reveals a predestination to be a killer, and there is no way we could have looked at this young man’s chart before yesterday and predicted that he would go out and start shooting at his classmates.

Cho Seung Hui’s Sun was at 27 degrees Capricorn, bleeding into Aquarius but still strongly Capricorn in nature. Capricorn is the sign of responsibility; of making something of yourself. As the son of immigrants who were blue collar workers Cho was likely under tremendous pressure to achieve and establish an identity of respect for the entire family in their new country. His Moon was in sensitive Cancer and opposite his Sun; where his Sun applied continuous pressure for achievement and success, his Cancer Moon longed to be nurtured and held, to feel safe and cared for.

The Cancer Moon is one of the more sensitive Moons around. Cancer likes to appear tough and somewhat evasive, like the crab with its hard shell and sidewards approach, but in reality there is an extreme sensitivity and emotional craving that can be difficult to express. This vulnerability is particularly difficult in men who find it difficult to be vulnerable in most situations other than the most intimate and personal. A trine of Saturn to his Moon shows a fair amount of emotional strength and balance, however, and deepened his sense of responsibility.

Mars in Cho’s chart was in Scorpio, showing that he had an extremely passionate nature, and it was conjunct Pluto which is Scorpio’s ruler, a “double whammy” (technical astrological terminology) connecting the compulsive power of Pluto/Scorpio with the aggressive urge of Mars. Mars/Pluto people are extremely intense and can be obsessed with issues of power and secrecy; in an individual who […]

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The Smartest Guy in the Room

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Jeff Skilling is currently on trial for his role in the Enron debacle which brought down an entire company and most of its employees and was likely the major culprit in the California energy crisis of a few years ago. Under Skilling’s leadership, in less than a year Enron’s stock soared and then crashed in a spectacular flame of arrogance and deceit.

Skilling’s story is the age-old story of hubris. writes that “the very qualities that make Icaran executives special – self-confidence, visionary insight, and extreme competitiveness – spur them to take misguided and even illegal chances.” This sentence could have been written for Jeff Skilling.

“In part, Jeff Skilling’s influence can be explained by his particular brand of intelligence. When people describe Skilling they don’t just use the word “smart” — they use phrases like “incandescently brilliant” or “the smartest person I ever met.”
Skilling in the late 1980s wasn’t a physically striking man — he was smallish, a little pudgy, and balding — but his mental agility was breathtaking.

He could process information and conceptualize new ideas with blazing speed. He could instantly simplify highly complex issues into a sparkling, compelling image. And he presented his ideas with a certainty that bordered on arrogance and brooked no dissent. He used his brainpower not just to persuade but to intimidate.
Without question, Skilling’s formidable intelligence had a lot to do with turning Enron into a company that was successful — at least for a while.

But he also had qualities that were disastrous for someone running a big company. For all his brilliance, Skilling had dangerous blind spots. His management skills […]

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A Loose Cannon in Chapel Hill

I live in the (usually) peaceful town of Chapel Hill, where the only big news is usually about the local Tarheel’s sports teams. Last week that changed when a would-be Islamist drove a rented Jeep through a busy campus courtyard gathering place called the Pit, striking nine pedestrians with the intent to kill. His stated motive was to avenge the US for its treatment of Muslims. He later called 911 and calmly turned himself in. Photos and footage on the nightly news show him smiling directly into the camera, looking very pleased with himself. The disconnect between this expression and the gravity of the situation motivated me to take a look at Taheri-Azar’s birthchart to see what could possibly be behind this.

Mohammed Reza Taheri-Azar was born to Iranian parents, and lived with his mother and sister in Charlotte NC after his parents divorced in 2003. Reports differ as to whether he was born in Iran or the US. He was a fan of fast cars and had a history of speeding and other violations. He was a member of the Sigma Epsilon fraternity, but was either expelled or not admitted for his antisocial behavior (depending on the news source). Fraternity members say that he smoked marijuana and drank heavily, and was nearly always high–behavior that does not accord to Islamic law.

The local Muslim student community quickly reacted to the attack, saying that Taheri-azar was not a member of the Muslim Student Association. Some Muslim students said that he practiced his own unusual form of Islam, and one said he had never met a Muslim who was so “anti-Arabic.” He would not respond to the […]

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