Happy Birthday Private Bradley Manning

Bradley ManningIn the story of the Wikileaks cables that has dominated the news over the past month or so there are two big players.  The first is Julian Assange, whose mysterious past and controversial present has captivated the curiosity of newshounds everywhere.  The second player in this drama is Private First Class Bradley Manning, who actually leaked many of the cables and documents regarding Afghanistan and Iraq to the Wikileaks organization.

Julian Assange is free on bail today, staying in a 10-bedroom mansion in England while awaiting trial over extradition to Sweden, but Private Manning is incarcerated at the Marine Corps Brig in Quantico.  Today (December 17th) is his birthday.

Bradley Manning (born December 17, 1987, time unknown, Crescent Oklahoma) has an interesting chart as one would expect.  His Sagittarius Sun is tightly conjunct Uranus, the planet of radicalism and sudden change.  He shares this tendency towards revolutionary behavior and radical ideas with Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, who has the Sun in a square formation to Uranus.

Manning has four planets in Sagittarius (Uranus, Sun, Saturn, Mercury), revealing his love of adventure and the desire for a life that expands beyond ordinary boundaries.  Sagittarians seek to live a life that is bigger than life – where there are no limits, and the inclusion of Uranus, the boundary-buster, into the mix gives him a reckless quality, especially since Jupiter, the planet of confidence and expansion, is in a harmonious aspect to his Sagittarian planets.  Because Jupiter rules Sagittarius, this expanded confidence and sense of inner glory bestows an Icarus-like overconfidence that can lead to one’s flying too close to the Sun.  In fact friends have described him as having “.”  However, the planet Saturn which bestows […]

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The astrology of Julian Assange: we have a birth date!

Updated 12/2/10  with more chart details. As you may know, on Tuesday the Wikileaks website released hundreds of cablegrams from diplomats in a variety of countries around the world.  The feedback against Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, has of course been profound.  In fact, Interpol has just issued a “” for Assange for an investigation into his “sex crimes.”  This makes a date of birth available for Assange, something we have been craving since he burst onto the scene.

that his next target is Big Business.  In any case, Assange isvirtually single-handedly acting out the planetary drama of Pluto (destruction and revelation of secrets) in Capricorn (governments and Big Business) about to be set off by a square from Uranus (radical revolutionary behavior) in Aries (individual rights).  In fact, right now Uranus is at a virtual standstill and is acting most powerfully, which has stimulated the revolutionary fervor of the Wikileaks action.

Julian Assange astrologyJulian Assange (born July 3, 1971 according to the Interpol documents, time unknown, Townsville Australia) has the Sun in Cancer, with a nearly exact square from the Sun to Uranus which explains his radical tendencies.  People with the Sun in Cancer or with Cancer strong in their charts are extremely sensitive to the needs of others, and as a rule feel the pain in the world far more than the average person.

You can read a quasi-biography of him here in my earlier post; very little is known about his early life but he was used as a model for a work of fiction which reveals some clues.

Chiron is also square to Assange’s Sun, and […]

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Six teen suicides in September

The much publicized suicide of Tyler Clementi last week after a roommate posted a streaming web video of him in intimate contact with a male friend was only one of what appears to be an epidemic of suicides by gay teenaged boys.   Asher Brown was 13 when he killed himself after coming out to his stepfather as gay.  Seth Walsh was another 13-year old who hanged himself after being relentlessly taunted and bullied.   Billy Lucas was 15 when he killed himself after what friends call a lifetime of bullying.

It’s not just closeted teens that suffer.  Fifteen-year old Justin Aaberg, who had been out since he was 13, hanged himself after a short lifetime of hidden suffering and the recent end of a relationship. And the most recent victim, Raymond Chase,  19-year old college student who hung himself last Wednesday in his dorm room, was openly gay.  The reason for his self-destruction is not yet known.

And September was just another month.  This summer three young gay men in Utah killed themselves, a fact which drew fire to the Mormon Church which was accused of bigotry.

It’s appalling that in today’s world, when we claim to be so much smarter and more accepting than our forbears, that this kind of bullying is allowed to happen.  It’s certainly nothing new – at a music workshop last week we learned a tune called Hector the Hero.  This tune was penned in tribute to Major General Hector MacDonald, a well-respected Scottish general who killed himself in 1903 after he was outed by rumors of his homosexuality.

It’s difficult to draw astrological conclusions without the birthdates of the individual boys, but it’s noteworthy that this suicidal climax follows the summer of the Cardinal Climax, with its interplanetary conflict and stress.  The suicide […]

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The astrology of the Cumbria shooting and a word about twins

This mass murder occurred while we were still in England and it was very much in the news. This kind of murder spree almost never occurs there and was quite shocking. The shooter, Derrick Bird, first shot his twin brother and the family lawyer, and then went on to shoot a coworker and a string of anonymous strangers before killing himself. As so often happens, Bird was described as “a quiet and unassuming man,” “friendly and quiet.” So what made him snap in such a horrific manner?

Bird (October 8, 1957) had four planets in Libra: the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. We don’t know his time of birth so we cannot tell his ascendant which would provide more clues, but with three of his personal planets in Libra he was very much motivated towards peace and harmony between people. The conjunction of the Sun to Jupiter typically reveals a jovial and optimistic outlook, but that conjunction to Mars is troublesome as it brings a stronger drive and need for assertion of the aggressive instinct. Mars in Libra finds it difficult to express itself aggressively and is said to be in its detriment there. When our Mars cannnot find release, it becomes blocked and a deep rage can result.

This would have been exacerbated for Bird because he was born with the Moon in Aries in opposition to the Libra stellium (grouping of planets). The Aries Moon craves to be first – to be a leader, to be respected and honored. Aries also needs to be able to demand and receive satisfaction; simply said, they need to have their own way. The strong Libra component makes […]

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Times Square bomb suspect 2010: the radicalization of youth

Times Square bomb suspectI have been predicting for some time that the focus as Uranus moves into Aries (at the end of May) will shift from terrorist groups like Al Qaeda to the “lone wolves” who are operating primarily at their own instigation and with their own motives.

When an outer planet changes signs or begins a dance with another planet that stimulates a  shift in the energies around us, there is an eruption into the mass consciousness of thought forms that up until that time were isolated incidents.  So recently we had the case of Andrew Joseph Stack flying his plane into an office building housing the IRS, and the Pentagon shooting by John Patrick Bedell.  Both performing terrorist acts but with no connection to any known terrorist groups.

On Saturday night New York police were alerted to smoke coming out of a Nissan Pathfinder and found a failed bomb inside the car.  On May 3 federal agents arrested Faisal Shahzad, a 30-year old Pakistani man who became a citizen in April of 2009.

Shahzad says that he was trained in bomb making in Waziristan in Pakistan, and the ongoing investigation has uncovered links to several other associates of Shahzad.  However, it still does not appear that this bombing is tied to any organized terrorist organization.

The threat of violence from individual extremists is not limited to extremists from Pakistan or other Muslim countries.  There appears to be a growing number of young Americans who are converting to Islam and pursuing an agenda of extremism and vilence.  Last year seven North Carolina men were indicted for conspiring to wage violent jihad.  The FBI has discovered terrorist plots in Dallas, Detroit and Raleigh.  […]

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