Pluto in Capricorn – destruction of the Vatican?

Pope BenedictCapricorn rules the structures that give our society form and maintain social order, and for 1500 years the most powerful social structure on our planet has been the Roman Catholic Church. With its own city, its own government and its own rules, the Church answers to no worldly leaders. In fact, for hundreds of years the Church was the supreme authority over even the most powerful of monarchs.

So the current scandal in the Catholic church is about more than pedophilia; it’s about the very question of whether or not the Church is answerable to the governments of men. Dharmaruci at Astrotabletalk has had an interesting series of articles on “Popegate.”   In one recent article :

This could be a terminal crisis for the Catholic Church. It is a huge issue. Rowan Williams, the head of the Anglican Church, recently commented on BBC Radio 4: “I was speaking to an Irish friend recently who was saying that it’s quite difficult in some parts of Ireland to go down the street wearing a clerical collar now. And an institution so deeply bound into the life of a society, suddenly becoming, suddenly losing all credibility – that’s not just a problem for the Church, it is a problem for everybody in Ireland.”

I am sure the same situation must be arising wherever the paedophile scandal has come out. And of course it is not just about paedophiles. It is about the whole culture that has created so many of them. They are symptoms of a deeper sickness. The Church of course does not see it like that, and to that extent I think it will not be able to adapt and survive.

DR also […]

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The astrology of the Pentagon shooting

Pentagon shooterI’ve been predicting that as Uranus (revolutionary rebellion and individuality) edges closer to Aries (warfare) and begins to form a challenging square to Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (government),  we will be seeing more “lone wolf” acts of rebellion such as the one last week where someone piloted a plane into an IRS building in Austin Texas.  Now, with Mars closely approaching it’s stationary point which will culminate March 10, we have another “lone wolf” act of rebellion against the symbols of the government of the United States.

Today John Patrick Bedell, questioned for ID as he ventured off the subway at the Pentagon, opened fire on police guards and was himself shot and killed.  Like Joseph Stack, the pilot who crashed into the IRS building in Austin, Bedell was an intelligent and thoughtful individual who was furious at what he saw as government corruption.  Like many of us, Bedell was suspicious of the US government’s role in the September 11 tragedy and the ongoing drug war.  Like Stack, Bedell acted alone and there is no sign of conspiracy.  He and Stack, I believe, are the face of the new type of war we will be facing in the coming few years as Uranus in Aries faces off against Pluto in Capricorn.  Both were tied more to the left than to the right wing of the spectrum.

Bedell (5/20/1973, no time known) was a highly intelligent and emotionally sensitive individual, with the Sun at the last degree of Taurus conjunct Mercury (mind).  That last degree of Taurus is starting to bleed into Gemini, the sign that is ruled by Mercury, and Bedell was likely haunted by flood of images and ideas (Gemini) that he found difficult to process […]

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Pluto in Capricorn: Death to the Corporation

See below for update on the chart of the shooter.

I’m a little late on this subject because I was out all day yesterday preparing for a lecture so I missed the big news event: the crash of a private plane into an IRS building by Andrew Joseph Stack.  I’m hunting hard for a birth date for him and will post a character analysis as soon as that becomes available.

I did find a cache of the pilot’s online diatribe at .  Some Tea Partiers are acclaiming Stack as the hero of their cause, but they are missing the point.  Stack’s diatribe appears to favor communism over capitalism when he says “Capitalism: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

Pluto’s entry into Capricorn, as we have been discussing over the past two years, is indicative of destruction and transformation (Pluto) of the foundational structures of our society (Capricorn).  Chiron and Neptune are still nearly exactly conjunct, bring up the anxiety and emotional wounds (Chiron) as well as creating potential delusion (Neptune).  I’ll know more when I have a birthtime, but it appears that the Chiron/Neptune conjunction was likely nearly exactly opposite Pluto in his own chart, activating a deep need within him to make some kind of permanent change.

I’d also like to reiterate something I’ve been saying for quite some time – that this kind of “lone wolf” act is what we have to look forward to when Uranus (radical revolutionary behavior) enters Aries (warfare and aggression) and begins to demand justice.

In other news…I’ve also been looking at the Tea Party phenomenon as being illustrative of the opposition between Saturn (conservative status quo) and Uranus (radical change and new ideas), but it’s starting to look more […]

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New CIA warnings and the upcoming Cardinal Drama

The  that Al Qaeda will attempt an attack on the United States in the next 3-6 months is not a surprise to those of us monitoring the stars.  The square of Saturn to Pluto that occurred on January 31st, just two days before the announcement, is an aspect of fear and challenge.  After all, the opposition of Saturn to Pluto, the last major cycle of these two planets, coincided with the attacks of September 11.

The final phase of the Saturn/Pluto square occurs August 21st and that would be a likely time for another attack.  Saturn is in Libra right now, with Pluto in Capricorn.  Both are “Cardinal” signs, meaning they are the signs that mark the turning of the seasons.  Cardinal signs are action-oriented and create a great deal of movement and initiation of new things.  Uranus will enter Aries in late May of this year, and at that point we will enter what Ray Merriman calls the “Cardinal Climax” and other writers have called this event the “Cardinal Crisis,” but I prefer to use the term “Cardinal Drama,” even if it means losing the alliteration of the double “Cs”.  There’s no guarantee that this will be a climax of any kind, or even a crisis.  But there will certainly be drama.

This Cardinal Drama is a major event lasting for the next three or four years, in which Uranus in Aries will face off first against Saturn in Libra, and then enter into a square to Capricorn Pluto which will continue from 2010 to 2013.  (For more on this subject please see the radio show/podcast on the .)  Uranus in Aries will bring about violence (Aries) by individuals (Uranus) rather than nation against nation, especially as Uranus gets involved in a challenging square […]

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Nidal Malik Hasan: An Astrological Analysis of the Fort Hood Shooting

Military personnel are struggling to retrace the steps of the suspected shooter in Thursday’s massacre at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a devout Muslim, has been named as the gunman.  He allegedly opened fire shouting “Allahu Akbar” (god is great) before killing thirteen people and wounding 28 others.  He was shot down by police and is currently on a ventilator.
Hasan has described himself as being of Palestinian descent (second generation), although some sources have listed his background as Jordanian.  He was born in Arlington Virginia on September 8, 1970 (no time available), and joined the army immediately after completing high school, against his parent’s wishes.  He attended Virginia Tech as an enlisted soldier and went on to medical school at a military university, earning his medical degree in 2001.  Further education trained him to be a psychiatrist, and he was promoted to Major in 2008.
Hasan’s parents died in 1998 and 2001, after which time he is said to have become more devout, attending the local mosque regularly and after September 11 he became more and more outspoken against the “war on terror” which he felt was a war against Islam.  Perhaps as a result of his increasing distress about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he became the target of harrassment from other soldiers and had recently hired an attorney to attempt to be released from his military obligations.
Hasan’s astrological chart reveals a deeply introverted individual, with four planets in the service–oriented sign of Virgo.  Virgo is very much about rules and the need for life to follow a certain order, and it is likely that Hasan embraced life in the military as a means to achieve that sense of order.  News reports suggest that he joined the army against […]

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