Nidal Malik Hasan: An Astrological Analysis of the Fort Hood Shooting

Military personnel are struggling to retrace the steps of the suspected shooter in Thursday’s massacre at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a devout Muslim, has been named as the gunman.  He allegedly opened fire shouting “Allahu Akbar” (god is great) before killing thirteen people and wounding 28 others.  He was shot down by police and is currently on a ventilator.
Hasan has described himself as being of Palestinian descent (second generation), although some sources have listed his background as Jordanian.  He was born in Arlington Virginia on September 8, 1970 (no time available), and joined the army immediately after completing high school, against his parent’s wishes.  He attended Virginia Tech as an enlisted soldier and went on to medical school at a military university, earning his medical degree in 2001.  Further education trained him to be a psychiatrist, and he was promoted to Major in 2008.
Hasan’s parents died in 1998 and 2001, after which time he is said to have become more devout, attending the local mosque regularly and after September 11 he became more and more outspoken against the “war on terror” which he felt was a war against Islam.  Perhaps as a result of his increasing distress about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he became the target of harrassment from other soldiers and had recently hired an attorney to attempt to be released from his military obligations.
Hasan’s astrological chart reveals a deeply introverted individual, with four planets in the service–oriented sign of Virgo.  Virgo is very much about rules and the need for life to follow a certain order, and it is likely that Hasan embraced life in the military as a means to achieve that sense of order.  News reports suggest that he joined the army against […]

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The Jaycee Lee Dugard case

When word of Jaycee’s release first surfaced on Friday I of course took an immediate look at her birthchart.  You would expect that someone who was kidnapped and forced to be a sex slave for 18 years would have a horrific chart full of Plutonic undertones but that did not turn out to be the case.  We do not have a time of birth for Jaycee, and while her chart (May 3, 1980) does show a conjunction of the Sun to Chiron which does suggest a wounding in childhood, there is also a strong fantasy element to the chart.  That Sun/Chiron conjunction is in the earthy sign of Taurus showing that she is a person who needs to feel that life is stable (Taurus), but that an early wound (Chiron) made that impossible.

Jaycee’s birthchart has the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune, fusing the emotions (Moon) with creativity and imagination (Neptune).  Moon/Neptune people are extraordinarily creative, but also sometimes have difficulty being grounded in reality.  That Sagittarian Moon longs for freedom and does not like to dwell in despair.

Her Moon/Neptune conjunction is opposed by Venus which enhances that powerful creative imagination even more, adding to the picture of a young girl who perhaps found an opportunity to escape from a life that was difficult and unhappy.  We don’t know much about Jaycee’s family, but news reports suggest that her biological father left the family at an early age and made no contact after that.  Aspects to the Sun often reveal the relationship of an individual to a father, and a Chiron/Sun conjunction often will show the death or abandonment by the father.

Saturn in Jaycee’s chart is retrograde, indicating an individual who tends to be more self-critical than […]

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Michael Vick wants a second chance

Here is a repost of the profile I did on Vick last November. Vick was just signed by the Philadelphia Eagles thanks to Coach Andy Reid’s compassion for Vick’s situation. Andy Reid’s own sons were jailed on drug charges and he welcomed the opportunity to give another young man a second chance. My update is at the end of the post.

Michael Vick plead guilty in November of 2008 to dogfighting charges at the state level after serving nearly a year for federal charges. The horrific nature of these crimes, which as an animal lover I cannot bear to repeat in this column, led me to investigate his astrological chart (born 6/26/1980, time unknown, Newport News VA) to look for clues to his behavior. I am in

no way excusing the actions of criminals in this kind of chart research – Vick’s chart did not doom him to cruelty and he always had the choice to choose a different path.

The psychospiritual development of a human being is the result of a combination of the psychological and spiritual factors in the birthchart, the family environment, and the choices that we make at every moment of our lives. The raw material in a
birthchart will not help us to predict which individuals will become psychopathic criminals and a criminal may share a birthchart with a brillliant philanthropist. It is easier to look back and see clues in the birthchart that can help to explain where the psychopathic behavior originates.

In the case of Michael Vick, his Sun is in Cancer, the sign of emotional sensitivity. Cancer is a difficult sign for a man – its extreme sensitivity often does not easily find expression in most […]

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Astrologer is suspect in husband’s murder

A news report reveals that Pamela Phillips, founder of the now-defunct Starbabies website, may have to go on trial as a suspect in the murder of her ex-husband, Arizona real estate developer Gary Lee Triano, in Aspen back in 1996.  Investigators believe that Phillips paid Ronald Young $400,000 to murder Triano in anticipation of a $2  million life insurance payout.  Phillips has disappeared and has not cooperated with the investigation.

The “Dateline” program  on Monday night this week and claims that they found Phillips in Switzerland. The Aspen home that she bought with the insurance proceeds is under foreclosure, and she has been profiled on the television program “America’s Most Wanted.”


The case goes to trial in November of this year.  Now THAT’s a profile I would really like to do, if I could find a date of birth!

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Abortion doc murder: painful reminder of the abortion issue

With the furor over gay marriage and health care reform taking precedence over the past few years, the battle over abortion has faded into the backdrop of American society.  But just as the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune is culminating, the murder of one of the few doctors who performed late term abortions as he worshipped in his church is bringing the abortion discussion back into the public consciousness.

Jupiter is the planet that gives us the desire to play God.  Jupiter, you may remember, was King of the Gods, and his exuberance and confidence often gives us the feeling that we ARE King of the Gods.  Jupiter is the planet of righteousness and judgement; the dispenser of laws and the creator of theology.  In the Judeo-Christian mythology, Jupiter is Yahweh, the harsh god of justice, where Neptune is Jesus, the god of compassion and love. (The original Jesus bears very little resemblance to the Jesus of the militant right wing and Christian terrorists.)

The addition of Jupiter to the Chiron/Neptune mix is very visible in the murder of George Tiller on May 31st. The Chiron/Neptune conjunction is reaching down into the soul and exposing old wounds so that they can be healed, and this can happen on a global level, a national level, a family level and as individuals.

Tiller’s murderer, Scott Roeder (born 2/25/58, Merriam Kansas, time unknown) was a member of several anti-government and militant anti-abortion groups.  said that he believed murder to protect the unborn was justifiable homicide.  Roeder’s birthchart shows the Sun conjunct Mercury in sensitive Pisces.  Pisces is known as the sign of the Saint and the Sinner, because its tendency to blur the boundaries of reality can be channeled into a spiritual life or a life of […]

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