Modern Piracy during the Saturn/Uranus opposition

modern pirates. When I first heard about the new epidemic of piracy in Somalia I confess I thought it was a joke. Pirates, I thought, were the legendary ruffians that terrorized the Caribbean hundreds of years ago.  It turns out I was wrong, and piracy is alive and well and has been for years, particularly off the Somali coast and other areas including Indonesia, Bangladesh and Brazil.

Modern piracy evidently thrives on political unrest, and political unrest is often seen when Saturn is in a stressful aspect with Uranus.  Saturn represents established governments and the status quo, and Uranus is the revolutionary, the oddball, the eccentric.  Pirates act outside of any governmental system, and seek to undermine the conventional structure through acts of rebellion and violence for financial gain.

The last peak of piracy incidents occurred in the first half of 2003, the worst 6-month period on record according to Wikipedia.  This coincides with the opening square in the Saturn/Uranus cycle, when Saturn in Cancer formed a square to Uranus in Pisces.  The entry of Pluto into Capricorn in 2008 witnessed another uptick in incidents of attacks by pirates, accelerating as Saturn moved into position to oppose Uranus in the sky.  By September and October and into November and December, when Saturn and Uranus were within five degrees of their exact opposition, the incidents of pirate attacks had accelerated steeply, reflecting the intensification of the conflict between the radical behavior of Uranus, which seeks to break up the power structure, and the suppressive factor of Saturn.

The second phase of the Saturn/Uranus opposition occurred in early February and seems to have coincided with increased publicity for the piracy incidents.  Saturn and Uranus will face off […]

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The Astrology of the Alabama Gunman

Alabama shootingOn March 10, 2009, Michael McLendon (4/11/1982, time unknown) went on a rampage in his home town of Kinston, Alabama, resulting in the death of eleven people including his grandmother, aunts and uncles.  He killed his mother and her three dogs and then set the sofa on fire, an act of extreme rage.  Although he left a “grudge list” of people that he felt had harmed him, none of those individuals were killed.

As in so many cases like this, people that knew McLendon have said he was a “quiet, very reserved individual.”  But another report quoted a neighbor as saying that McLendon was always firing off guns and scaring his cows.  Astrology can provide a clue into the underlying psychology behind these events now that we have a birth date for the shooter..

Michael McLendon was born when the Sun was in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.  Aries is the sign of initiation, of inspiration, and of warfare.  Ruled by Mars, Aries individuals need to express themselves through acts of courage and independence and you can see in the little that is known about McLendon’s  history that he tried to do just that.  Graduating from high school he enlisted in the Marines, only to be discharged a month later for “fraudulent enlistment” (no details available).

The Sun in this chart was opposed by both Saturn and Pluto, the two planets of challenge, death and transformation.  When Saturn is in a challenging aspect to the Sun there is a sense of isolation and loneliness, and Pluto in that position tends to create an intensity and a thirst for power that needs expression in some way.  The combination of Saturn and Pluto in that position can be quite challenging. […]

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Robert Hawkins: Astrological profile of the Mall Shooter

Last Thursday, December 5, a young man walked into a shopping mall in Omaha Nebraska and shot thirteen people, eight of them fatally, before turning the gun on himself. He left a suicide note saying that he was a piece of s&*t and that now he would be famous.

Nineteen year old Robert Hawkins had a long and troubled history of rage and depression. At the age of three his parents divorced, and by the age of six he was in trouble at school for biting and hitting his teachers. He became the subject of a messy custody dispute that included allegations of cocaine and drug use by Robert’s mother. Robert’s father subsequently gained sole custody and Robert was raised along with his father’s two children with his new wife. By the time he was fourteen (the age when transiting Saturn opposes its place in the natal chart) he had been hospitalized twice for psychiatric illness. Counselors reported that Robert longed for the attention of his parents.

In 2002 he was sent to a treatment center for threatening to kill his stepmother, and made a ward of the state. He was treated for depression and was in foster care and various institutions and in 2005 was convicted of felony drug possession. In mid-2006 he moved in with two friends and their mother because of problems at home, but when his girlfriend broke up with him a few months ago his fragile mental condition began to deteriorate. He was arrested November 24 for underage possession of alcohol, and lost his job at McDonald’s on December 2.

Hawkins’ chart
shows a rage problem, but certainly his chart is not more troubled than many others. His Taurus Sun is in a tight square to Mars […]

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Cho Seung-Hui: Ismail X

I was astonished by the superficiality of the psychological profiles of the so-called experts analyzing the 1800 page manifesto mailed to NBC by the Virginia Tech killer. It’s easy to dismiss these actions as psychotic delusions of grandeur from an individual who had lost touch with reality and ranted against rich kids and religion, but it seems to me they are missing the huge clues that are hidden in plain sight.

I have been unable to find any information about Cho’s family other than the fact that they moved to the US when he was 8. But it was clear that Cho’s anger and rage had been repressed for a long time, something we often see with a conjunction of Mars (aggression) to both Saturn (repression) and Pluto (power struggles) such as Cho had in his chart. The fact that he didn’t speak to anyone at school is quite revealing, as is the fact that after being questioned by police for “bugging” a coed with instant messages (communication) he became suicidal. His only efforts at communication came via his writings. Plays that he wrote in class talked of a pedophilic stepfather that that killed his father. At the end, the stepfather kills the boy.

Newspeople and so-called professional psychologists and FBI profilers have taken Cho’s video rants at face value, saying they are directed at all of us, at rich kids, at no one in particular. But it seems to me the messages are quite clear.

The name on the return label of the package sent to NBC and found in his dorm room is Ismail Ax. Ismail, or Ishmael, was the illegitimate son of Abraham. Ishmael was sent away by Abraham, who favored his son Isaac, and later became a hero of the Islamic religion. I wonder if […]

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Profile of Cho Seung-Hui: Virginia Tech killer

I want to preface this post by reiterating that no astrological chart reveals a predestination to be a killer, and there is no way we could have looked at this young man’s chart before yesterday and predicted that he would go out and start shooting at his classmates.

Cho Seung Hui’s Sun was at 27 degrees Capricorn, bleeding into Aquarius but still strongly Capricorn in nature. Capricorn is the sign of responsibility; of making something of yourself. As the son of immigrants who were blue collar workers Cho was likely under tremendous pressure to achieve and establish an identity of respect for the entire family in their new country. His Moon was in sensitive Cancer and opposite his Sun; where his Sun applied continuous pressure for achievement and success, his Cancer Moon longed to be nurtured and held, to feel safe and cared for.

The Cancer Moon is one of the more sensitive Moons around. Cancer likes to appear tough and somewhat evasive, like the crab with its hard shell and sidewards approach, but in reality there is an extreme sensitivity and emotional craving that can be difficult to express. This vulnerability is particularly difficult in men who find it difficult to be vulnerable in most situations other than the most intimate and personal. A trine of Saturn to his Moon shows a fair amount of emotional strength and balance, however, and deepened his sense of responsibility.

Mars in Cho’s chart was in Scorpio, showing that he had an extremely passionate nature, and it was conjunct Pluto which is Scorpio’s ruler, a “double whammy” (technical astrological terminology) connecting the compulsive power of Pluto/Scorpio with the aggressive urge of Mars. Mars/Pluto people are extremely intense and can be obsessed with issues of power and secrecy; in an individual who […]

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