Uranium and Plutonium = Uranus and Pluto

MOX fuelIn a stunning display of astrological synchronicity, it turns out that the reactor (known as Unit 3) in the Fukushima nuclear plant that exploded yesterday is more toxic than the other reactors because of the fuel that’s been used there.

At a press conference in Tokyo, Masashi Goto, who worked for Toshiba as a reactor researcher and designer, said the mixed oxide (MOX) fuel used in unit 3 of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant contains plutonium, which is much more toxic than the fuel used in the other reactors.
MOX fuel is a mixture of uranium and plutonium reprocessed from spent uranium, and is sometimes involved in the disposal of weapons-grade plutonium.
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Uranus and Pluto are about seven degrees from an exact square (90 degree) formation, but with Uranus moving into Aries the faceoff between the two planets begins.  This summer the alignment between the two planets will be as close as it will be this year, about a degree from the exact square which will not culminate until next year.

I’m not a scientist, and perhaps some of my scientist readers (and husband) will weigh in on this issue. It is my understanding that Uranium has some unique (of course) properties in that it can quickly generate a nuclear reaction but cannot sustain it.  This correlates with the qualities of astrological which instigates a radical reaction but often doesn’t stay around to put the pieces back together.  Plutonium is evidently made FROM Uranium and in combination with Uranium can sustain a chain nuclear reaction for power plants.

The combination of Uranium and Plutonium would be the astrological equivalent of a conjunction, in which the elements are fused and work as a team.  But we […]

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Will the Supermoon wreak more havoc on the world?

SupermoonAstrology is back in the mainstream news, with articles like this that have been circulating the internet lately:

The powerful tsunami that today slammed into Japan’s eastern coast comes just two days after warnings that the movement of the moon could trigger unpredictable events on Earth.

Astrologers predicted that on March 19 – a week tomorrow – the so-called ‘supermoon’ will be closer to Earth than at any time since 1992, just 221,567 miles away, and that its gravitational pull will bring chaos to Earth.

Others on the Internet have predicted it will cause further catastrophes such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

I’ve written quite a few times on this blog about the “Supermoon” phenomenon, which can be traced back to astrologer Richard Nolle who coined the term.  A “Supermoon” is said to occur when the Full Moon is at perigee, meaning it is closer to the Earth than any other time.  Is the March 19 Supermoon that different from any other Full Moon at perigee?

Now that Richard is being bombarded with questions on this topic he’s put up a special page to clarify the mystery:

There are 4-6 SuperMoons a year. The one on March 19, 2011 is in fact the closest SuperMoon of the year, but it’s not by any means the first one in 18 years, nor even the first extreme SuperMoon in 18 years. The truth is, March 19 will be the second SuperMoon this year, and we only have to go back to January 30, 2010 to find the last example of an extreme SuperMoon; as revealed in my tables published in the last century. There was a SuperMoon in effect February 12-21 this year in fact, which anyone who actually read […]

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And now, earthquakes and tsunamis

Anyone who has been reading this blog will remember that when Pluto (the destroyer/renewer) entered Capricorn, the Earth sign of material stability, I (and other astrologers) predicted that when Uranus, the planet of radical change, entered Aries and began to form a challenging square to Pluto that earthquakes, pole shifts and other earth changes were likely to occur.

Right on schedule, with Uranus entering Aries today, the largest earthquake ever to hit Japan (8.9 magnitude) struck today, resulting in a tsunami that swept across the Pacific and forced evacuations in California and the entire west coast of the United States.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s Mount Karangetang also erupted today, just hours after the earthquake in Japan, and new studies suggest that “resting” volcanoes can wake up much more quickly than previously believed possible.  Uranus can be fairy explosive in its actions, and in the fiery sign of Aries is associated with volcanoes and other explosions of fire.

Not only has Uranus just entered Aries, the Planetary K index has been at a high level of 5 for the past 24 hours.  The Planetary K index measures the level of geomagnetic activity, and an elevated K-index can bring about disturbances not only in satellite equipment, but also in the electromagnetic fields with which we are surrounded and in which we live.  So if you are feeling somewhat scattered today it’s probably not your imagination!

Richard Nolle



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Pluto and Ceres: The Hungarian red sludge disaster

The first phase of the Pluto/Ceres conjunction brought us the Horizon oil rig disaster, and now as Ceres prepares to conjoin Pluto for the second time we have a “flood of red sludge” that could equal or exceed the negative effects to the environment of the oil spill:

As Hungarian authorities take stock of the formidable task to clean up a toxic sludge spill that has killed at least four people, many environmentalist groups say the government should outlaw storing toxic red sludge from alumina processing in open reservoirs.

Those living near the Ajkai Aluminia Refinery, which is about 100 miles southwest of Budapest, say a wave of “red mud,” which is a byproduct from turning bauxite into alumina, washed through their towns Monday afternoon after a dam that holds the sludge burst.

At least 100 people have been injured in the incident that has prompted officials to issue a state of emergency for the communities near the refinery. Several days of heavy rains caused the dam to break.

“The long-term consequences could be very bad,” says Marton Vau of Greenpeace Hungary, noting that the sludge could leak into the drinking water supply, and, if allowed to dry, could become airborne and inhaled. The alkaline substance, which is already responsible for killing fish in local rivers, could also threaten the Danube River.

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Sadly, humans have very short memories and no sooner was it clear that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico did not appear as devastating as feared (although the long-term effects are not yet known), oil companies were clamoring to expand deep ocean drilling.  But the combination of Pluto’s potentially devastating transformations with Ceres’ call to respect the Earth will be a potent reminder that […]

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Catching up after vacation: Horizon Oil Rig disaster

I’m back, and what a wonderful vacation!  But there is so much to write about…

I wrote about this oil spill a few months ago in connection with the conjunction of Pluto to Ceres that was occurring at the time.  But it’s now clear that this eruption is a major ecological disaster that could have horrific long-range effects so I took another look at the chart of the event (April 20, 2010, 9:45 am CDT, coordinates 28N 88W).  This chart shows the approaching Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Pisces (the sea) straddling the Midheaven and opposite Saturn (challenge and tests) sitting on the Nadir of the chart.  The Moon is in Cancer (more water) and it conjoins the South Node exactly.

I have long written that when Uranus in Aries begins to square Pluto in Capricorn we would see the beginnings of serious earth changes, including earthquakes and volcanoes.  Astrology never works exactly the way we predict because the Universe needs to surprise us into change, and here instead of a volcano we have an explosion of oil from beneath the sea.

This disaster is likely to have long-ranging implications that include changes in the way we approach the hunt for oil (especially as Neptune moves into its own sign of Pisces next year (Neptune and Pisces rule all liquids including oil AND the sea), and with Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of the corporation, we may see the collapse of certain corporations that have had a stranglehold on the global economy such as British Petroleum, the owner of the Horizon rig.  BP has been a major player in the Iraq oil fields as well, and it is my hope that when Uranus comes along to square Pluto some of […]

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