The astrology of the recent earthquakes

There was a huge seismic event yesterday, and I’m not talking about the resignation of Simon Cowell.  A 7.0 magnitude quake shook the capital of Port au Prince at 4:53 pm local time on January 12.  The extent of the damage is not yet known but this quake is being called the strongest one to hit the island in 200 years.
This event follows closely on the heels of a 5.8 magnitude quake in Baja on December 30th, two earthquakes in the Solomon Islands on January 4th, a 6.5 magnitude quake in Northern California on the 9th, and a 4.3 magnitude quake in Southern California on the 11th.  All of this occurs as Saturn, planet of structure, prepares to face off in a challenging aspect (square) to Pluto, planet of explosions and transformation, in between two eclipses.  Pluto is in the earth sign of Capricorn, the sign of earthy stability and its placement there suggests some danger for earthquakes and volcanoes as well.
There is some conjecture that earthquakes do tend to follow a lunar eclipse although no research study has been able to prove a connection.  We did just have a lunar eclipse on December 31st, and we have a solar eclipse coming up on January 15th.  This eclipse, as I noted in my previous post, has a powerful Saturn/Capricorn signature which does suggest some disturbances to the Earth, since Saturn and Capricorn both represent the Earth element.
As I wrote recently, the upcoming planetary alignments that involve not only Saturn and Pluto as described above but also Uranus, planet of revolutionary change, could bring about some major changes in the earth’s structure.  In the meantime, please send your donations to the people of Haiti who are among the poorest in the western hemisphere.

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The Astrology of “Climategate”


The case for the fight against global warming took a blog in late November when a hacker stole more than 1,000 emails and 3,000 other documents from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.  The unidentified hacker then uploaded a copy of the documents to the Real Climate website on November 17.
At the time, Saturn was in an exact square (90 degree angle) to Pluto.  Saturn regulates the establishment, and Pluto is the Great Transformer so when these two are in conflict, there is general an upheaval in the established order of things.  In its role as Lord of the Underworld, Pluto is also the revealer of secrets and anything that has been buried.
At one time “global warming” was the radical idea, but over the past ten years the concept that the earth is warming and that humans have something to do with it has taken hold and is the prevailing theory in scientific research.  So in this instance, the global warming theory is represented by Saturn, and here comes Pluto to upset the applecart and create conflict among scientists.
The story really took hold around November 20th, with Mars (in Leo, where the assertive energy of Mars gets to be even more inspired and grand in its gestures) in a close square to both Venus, goddess of human relations, and Ceres, goddess of the Earth.  Mars/Venus squares often signify conflicts in our interpersonal relations.  Ceres is an Earth goddess, but more than that she represents the relationship between the Earth and human sustenance.  There is a sense with this aspect of an aggressive (Mars) rush to protect the Earth (Ceres) and her resources, regardless of any need to […]

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Pluto in Capricorn and the Eroding Infrastructure

One of the things I believe we’ll be facing over the next few years as Pluto travels through Capricorn is the erosion of the structures that support our human lives on the planet. Bridges, tunnels, buildings – all are ruled by Capricorn and subject to transformation while in Pluto’s domain.

Governors meeting the other day with President Bush pushed for him to include funding for various infrastructure repair projects for their states, which were turned down by the President. Bush said that he would rather wait to see the results of his stimulus package, which consists mostly of tax cuts, rather than fund infrastructure projects which would put Americans back to work.

The American Society for Civil Engineers estimates that $1.6 trillion dollars is needed to restore the aging and unsafe infrastructure in the United States. The areas that need rebuilding include toxic waste sites, sewage treatment systems, dams, water treatment facilities as well as roadways.

Janet Kavinoky, director of transportation at the US Chamber of Commerce, stated last year:

America’s infrastructure is not only showing its age, but showing that it lacks capacity to handle the volume of people and goods moving today. From exploding steam pipes under New York streets, to record level flight delays in the skies across the country, it is evident that now is the time to move on a robust, thoughtful, and comprehensive plan to build, maintain, and fund a world-class 21st century infrastructure. There can be no more delay.

Washington’s Governor Grigoire said, “”In order for us to be able to avoid a Minnesota situation across America, we need a dramatic infusion of federal dollars throughout this country to rebuild our basic infrastructure.” The Canadian government […]

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China: The face of Pluto in Capricorn

If you have any question about where the balance of power in the world is heading, check out this article from Mother Jones entitled “The Last Empire: Can the world survive China’s rush to emulate America’s way of life?”

The grander astonishment is the most massive and rapid redistribution of the earth’s resources in human history. In a mere two and a half decades, China has awakened from Maoist stagnancy to become the world’s manufacturer. Among the planet’s 193 nations, it is now first in production of coal, steel, cement, and 10 kinds of metal; it produces half the world’s cameras and nearly a third of its TVs, and by 2015 may produce the most cars. It boasts factories that can accommodate 200,000 workers, and towns that make 60 percent of the world’s buttons, half the world’s silk neckties, and half the world’s fireworks, respectively.

China has also become a ravenous consumer. Its appetite for raw materials drives up international commodity prices and shipping rates while its middle class, projected to jump from fewer than 100 million people now to 700 million by 2020, is learning the gratifications of consumerism. China is by a wide margin the leading importer of a cornucopia of commodities, including iron ore, steel, copper, tin, zinc, aluminum, and nickel. It is the world’s biggest consumer of coal, refrigerators, grain, cell phones, fertilizer, and television sets. It not only leads the world in coal consumption, with 2.5 billion tons in 2006, but uses more than the next three highest-ranked nations—the United States, Russia, and India—combined. China uses half the world’s steel and concrete and will probably construct half the world’s new buildings over the next decade. So omnivorous is the Chinese appetite for imports that when the […]

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Dry and hot in NC, flooding in the UK and Asia!

Today it is 98 degrees with expectations that the temperature will reach over 100 later this week! I have been playing with a variety of astrological configurations to see if I can come up with some astrometerology that makes sense for me, with no luck.

Then I read John Townley’s August forecast:

Summer may have been late in coming for some, with July skies still replete with both earth and water, but as August moves in it all dries up, so anything you need done with your feet on the ground or some semblance of sensitivity should be taken care of by the end of the first week. Within the four days Aug. 4-8, Mercury moves out of watery Cancer into Leo and Mars flees earthy Taurus for some Gemini air, gracelessly squaring Venus backing out of Virgo into Leo, leaving the sky earthless and – except for Uranus – waterless. Hot and thirsty, pedal-to-the-metal summer has arrived. Only the Moon provides the occasional respite, with retro Venus herself in a last uncertain embrace with Saturn as he finally makes his move to Virgo.

Meanwhile, all the planets conspire to flee Mars, who dominantly becomes the bucket handle of action, swinging the rest of the sky for the rest of summer and all the way through the fall, where he turns retro and bogs down after going a bridge too far. Impetuosity rules, then reaps its usual rewards after tripping over two eclipses, one kicking near Saturn at his last lordly Leo degree with Regulus, and the other right opposite explosive Uranus, as August passes into September. Labor Day/Bank Holiday weekend falls right at the heart of the action. Lots of surprises, especially for those who forgot to check their brakes, which could be most of us.

Jupiter, meanwhile, […]

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