Weather manipulation

When I was a child there was an old TV commercial in which a nature goddess, adorned with daisies, was fed margarine and then told it was butter. The goddess lets loose a stream of thunder and lightning and shouts “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!!”

The planet formerly known as asteroid Ceres is one aspect of the Mother Nature archetype, and it’s interesting to me that her star has risen (when she was declared a dwarf planet along with Pluto) now when the natural world is being manipulated by humans to an incredible degree. The hubris of this manipulation ignores the fact that nature exists in a delicate ecological balance.

China has the largest weather modification program that exists with public knowledge, with each of its 30 provinces possessing its own weather modification base. I’m not certain how this can take place since weather modification has been prohibited by the United Nations since 1976, but it has long been rumored that the US, Israel and Russia have been carrying on secret weather manipulation experimentation, and after Hurricane Katrina there was much speculation that the increase in hurricanes that year could be a result of that manipulation. Meanwhile, the US Air Force used that event to announce their ,” ostensibly to be able to predict future weather events but also to use weather as a weapon.

Ancient myths are full of warnings for men who attempt to take on the tasks of the gods, and I can’t help but wonder at the ecological balance that changing the weather may bring. The discovery of new planets has historically engendered a new way of looking at the world, and the reclassification of Ceres with Pluto and the new planet Eris seems significant in its timing. […]

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Musings on Live Earth

I didn’t think I’d find much of interest in the Live Earth concerts, thinking it little more than a big hype, but nevertheless I tivo’d all 20-some hours of it. When I sat down to watch it yesterday I found it both inspiring and annoying. There are incredible little films interspersed throughout the concert footage that tell small stories of the effect of climate change that made me want to make big changes in my own “carbon footprint” by doing things like turning off lights that I’m not using and using less water. And then you have these incredibly huge stages with billions of watts of power being used for flashing light shows and electrified instruments. Not to mention Madonna’s really bad song “Hey You” being promoted throughout the entire 20 plus hours of video.

Madonna is another issue – posted a link to a Fox News article that outlines the investments of Madonna’s foundation in companies like

Alcoa, Ingersoll Rand, Weyerhaeuser, and several others associated with oil exploration, digging, and refining including British Petroleum, Schlumberger (a chief competitor of Halliburton), Devon Energy, Peabody Energy, Emerson Electric, Kimberly Clark and Weatherford International.

In 2002, the University of Massachusetts’ Political Research Institute ranked Alcoa No. 9 on a list of all-time toxic American companies. And I don’t mean toxic as in toxic bachelor. This is toxic as in air pollution.

The same UMass PRI study ranked Ford Motor Company at No. 7 on the Toxic Top 10. Northrop Grumman was No. 17. Weyerhaeuser was No. 42. Emerson Electric was No. 56. 3M Corp was No. 70. Kimberly Clark was No. 96.

You get the picture. Madonna’s Ray of Light Foundation has stock in each of these […]

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Saturn/Neptune and Poison in our Food

The Saturn and Neptune opposition is associated with the forced revelation (Saturn) of that which is hidden and obscured (Neptune), and the forced exposure (Saturn) of the dangers of poisons, drugs, and food additives (Neptune). The Saturn/Neptune opposition which began last summer has brought us a variety of food scares and recalls: an epidemic of e-coli from bagged spinach, salmonella in commercial brands of peanut butter and melamine-tainted pet food, diethylene glycol in toothpaste. Some of these poisons are from China, necessitating a new round of debate on the wisdom of globalization (Pluto in Sagittarius).

Now an Italian study confirms the dangers of the artificial sweetener Aspartame (Nutrasweet and Equal) as a carcinogen, especially for children. An earlier study by the same researchers was rejected by the FDA as insufficient to overturn previous studies that showed no causal connection between aspartame and cancers (many of those studies were paid for by Searle, the manufacturer of Nutrasweet). For more information on the history of aspartame and its approval despite the presence of multiple studies showing a causal connection to cancer, .

More and more it is becoming evident that the safest and most wholesome way to eat is by buying and consuming local foods. This not only helps our bodies to stay healthier but supports our communities as well.

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Weather forecast for August

for weather events in late August:

August 20-25:

The Sun’s conjunct to Saturn indicates the possibility of a tropical system or at least tropical moisture off the Carolinas in the western Atlantic that affects the Southeast (Carolinas). Since other planetary indicators involve the Northeast and New England, one scenario could be that a tropical system that hits the Carolinas and then creeps up the coast to New England.

Another possibility would involve a severe weather system, not tropical in nature, over the Mid-Atlantic States and New England characterized by strong thunderstorms, damaging winds, and heavy downpours.

August 26-30:

Triggers to the Lunar Eclipse of March 2007 should bring a potent weather system over the Mid-Atlantic and through the Northeast. This may be tropical as was the last time the Sun triggered the eclipse in June. At that time the remnants of TS Barry visited the area. If
not an actual tropical system, at least strong storms assail the area.

Other areas that stand out for possible tropical activity or at the least some type of severe weather are the eastern Great Lakes, the Carolinas and the West Coast of Florida.

Astrological signatures for this time period include a triple conjunction in Leo trine Pluto/GC and two related mutable T-squares evolving into a Grand Cross involving Mercury in Virgo, Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces.

As far as I can tell so far, his accuracy rate is far more accurate than the weather channel!!

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Lake disappears in Chile

I don’t know if this falls under Saturn/Neptune (waking up from our illusions about the health of the planet) or the reclassification of Ceres which seems to be associated with a burgeoning concern for the health of the planet. But whatever astrological category it falls in, scientists have discovered that a five acre glacial lake in the Andes has disappeared since March, leaving only a 100 foot crater. Scientists are stumped as to the cause of the disappearance of the lake.

Perhaps it has gone with the honeybees.

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