White House email: Mars/Mercury in action

It was only Friday that I wrote:

Mercury is the planet that rules over communication, the transmission of information and the operation of small machinery, and for the next week or so it will be under stress, potentially causing disruptions in the way we communicate with others and the smooth operation of business. …

Mars is the planet that stimulates desire and passion, and it is in Mercury’s other sign of Gemini.  A heightened intensity in communication is one of the hallmarks of Mars in Gemini and we are certainly seeing this with the fervor exhibited in the Town Hall meetings over healthcare that began last week when Mars (aggression) made a square to Saturn (authority figures)..

Today hysteria erupted on Fox News over unsolicited emails from the White House regarding health care reform.  In a press conference on August 13, a correspondent from Fox News, Major Garrett, asked press secretary Robert Gibbs about complaints Fox had received regarding unsolicited email from the White House.  Gibbs asked Garrett whether he had the email addresses that were the subject of the complaint so that he could check those addresses against the White House distribution list, and Fox News has distorted this to appear that the White House has a list that targets dissenters and sends them unsolicited propaganda emails.

This story actually began last week, when Senator John Cornyn reacted to a request from the  White House Director of New Media to report “fishy” emails about health insurance reform to a special email address.  Cornyn wrote to President Obama of his concerns about what he called a “White House program to monitor” the speech of American citizens.

The fervor over free speech that has suddenly erupted with the Town Hall hysteria and the flak over emails from the White House is consistent with the planetary aspects […]

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The Danger of “Financial Astrology”

I have always felt that if the Universe wanted us to be able to predict the future, It wouldn’t have given us a life of mystery.  The unfolding of the mystery and the ability to make choices every moment that affect the rest of our lives is a key part of our journey here.

An awareness of planetary cycles give us the ability to work with the planetary gods in order to maximize the potential of each cycle of change, but it doesn’t give us the ability to predict the future.  The gods do not reward hubris, as Icarus discovered when he flew too close to the Sun, and as soon as we believe we are beyond the boundaries of time and space our wings are likely to melt and we will likely fall back to Earth.
So I was not surprised to seelinked from on the fall of Chartwell Enterprises:

CHARTWELL Enterprises used astrology to help predict stock market trends and profile investors, the Geelong Advertiser has learned.

The mystical learnings were explained as part of a system used for more than 20 years to global market trends, investors said.

The latest revelations follow a similar discovery on Tuesday that Graeme Hoy paid spiritual business planner Suzanne Goodchild an estimated $200,000 a year to help run the business.

Ms Goodchild confirmed she worked for Mr Hoy but refused to comment any further.

Open folders with investor details, seen by the Geelong Advertiser after staff rushed from the building following their sacking, showed a detailed analysis of star signs and what motivated an investor, from wealth creation to family and health.

“We were told it was part of the Gann investing system,” said one investor, who fears she has lost $5.7 million from three generations of her family.

“They […]

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Saturn in Virgo: Food Rationing

Many parts of America, long considered the breadbasket of the world, are now confronting a once unthinkable phenomenon: food rationing.

Major retailers in New York, in areas of New England, and on the West Coast are limiting purchases of flour, rice, and cooking oil as demand outstrips supply. There are also anecdotal reports that some consumers are hoarding grain stocks.

At a Costco Warehouse in Mountain View, Calif., yesterday, shoppers grew frustrated and occasionally uttered expletives as they searched in vain for the large sacks of rice they usually buy.

“Where’s the rice?” an engineer from Palo Alto, Calif., Yajun Liu, said. “You should be able to buy something like rice. This is ridiculous.” …

An employee at the Costco store in Queens said there were no restrictions on rice buying, but limits were being imposed on purchases of oil and flour. Internet postings attributed some of the shortage at the retail level to bakery owners who flocked to warehouse stores when the price of flour from commercial suppliers doubled. …

Saturn’s limitations combined with Virgo’s interest in diet and health is creating some interesting challenges but it’s not always easy to predict where shortage will occur. When Saturn was in Virgo from 1948-1951, this cycle coincided with a worldwide food shortage in a post-World War II world.

In 1978-1980, Saturn in Virgo presided over a nurse (Virgo) shortage (Saturn) as well as a shortage of gasoline which led to a worldwide energy crisis. Neptune rules oil and other liquids, and Neptune is currently in Aquarius where it has been seeking energy alternatives. Chiron is as close now (4 degrees) to a conjunction with Neptune as it will be until the two collide in 2010, and these two will be locked in a dance until next fall where they begin […]

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Pluto in Sag Wrecks the Airline Industry

When Pluto first entered Sagittarius I wrote an article for a local magazine predicting, among other things, that during the Pluto Sag period there would be so many airplane crashes that it would transform the airline industry. That, of course, didn’t happen. Instead we had war (Pluto) with airplanes (Sag) on September 11, and a slow but steady erosion of the travel industry.

Because Sagittarius rules adventurous experiences that expand our horizons, it is associated with travel and airplane flight (shorter car trips are related to Gemini). Under Pluto’s Sagittarian influence since the mid-1990s the local travel agency has been virtually obliterated. Theme travel (Sagittarius) that is expected to transform lives (Pluto) has exploded, and there have been many other changes made to the way humans move around the earth.

The airline industry suffered some setbacks, but nothing overly dramatic that would reflect the transformative power of Pluto. Until now, as Pluto retrogrades back towards Sagittarius for the final time until another 244 years have elapsed. A scandal (Pluto) over air traffic safety has grounded over the past few days (since the Aries New Moon which tightly involved also Mars and Jupiter and created a huge burst of energy for many of us). And now a new report reveals that 2007 was the most chaotic in terms of delayed and canceled flights than any in the history of air travel. Consumer dissatisfaction with the airline industry is at its highest level ever, rising over 60% last year alone.

And distress over the airline industry is occurring all over the world, but in various ways: travelers are unhappy too, but they are more unhappy about […]

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Five years later: The War in Iraq

Judging from the chart for the war in Iraq, events are about to make a surprising turn. After two years of a challenging transit (square) from Pluto to the Sun/Mercury conjunction in the chart, which seems to have had the effect of relentless and unending death and destruction (Pluto), Uranus (radical change) is about to transit Pluto (power and transformation) in the invasion chart.

Pluto sits prominently on the Midheaven of the chart which seems appropriate for the chart of a war, but it also opposes Saturn exactly on the IC (nadir) which suggests a terrible challenge for the families of war who have lost their homes (fourth house) and connection to their country. The fourth house deals not only with the personal and individual home, but also with tribal affiliations and Saturn at the cusp of the fourth house can show rigid delineations of those affiliations as well as tests and disappointments. This angular Saturn/Pluto opposition describes an endless war that rips families and tribes apart. The transit of Pluto across the angles and opposing Saturn in the invasion chart continued into the end of 2005.

Uranus will be square to the Saturn/Pluto MC/IC opposition for the next two years which is likely to bring about an increase in internal rebellion that breaks up the status quo (Uranus) and shifts the course of the war. A harmonious transit (sextile) of Chiron to these points has also just begun and this could bring about some internal healing to facilitate change.

Uranus is the awakener, and until the people of the world wake up to what is transpiring in the name of the so-called War on Terror, the travesty will continue. In the 1960s, we turned […]

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