Solar eclipse pits superstition against transformation

An article in Yahoo News yesterday was entitled “Solar eclipse pits superstition against science,” but to me there is no better example of the split between traditional Vedic astrologers and “modern” transformational or evolutionary astrologers.  I welcome my Vedic astrologer readers to chime in on this topic and look forward to an interesting discussion.

From the article:

Indian astrologers are predicting violence and turmoil across the world as a result of this week’s total solar eclipse, which the superstitious and religious view as a sign of potential doom.

But astronomers, scientists and secularists are trying to play down claims of evil portent in connection with Wednesday’s natural spectacle, when the moon will come between the Earth and the sun, completely obscuring the sun.

In Hindu mythology, the two demons Rahu and Ketu are said to “swallow” the sun during eclipses, snuffing out its life-giving light and causing food to become inedible and water undrinkable.

Pregnant women are advised to stay indoors to prevent their babies developing birth defects, while prayers, fasting and ritual bathing, particularly in holy rivers, are encouraged….

In point of fact, the effects of the eclipse ARE likely to be felt more powerfully across India since that is the path of the total eclipse.  Because astrology is so much more accepted in India, there are many more astrologers and many more of them follow the traditional line of thinking.  In the West, astrology was lost for many hundreds of years and when it was reclaimed over the past few hundred years it was able to grow and evolve along with the consciousness of the masses.  It’s interesting to me that Indian astrologers sometimes use this fact to support their claim that Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, is superior to Western astrology.  But as you’ve heard me say a million times, […]

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Death and the Lunar Nodes

Traditional astrologers seem to like to predict death.  Because traditional astrology is based in prediction and the concept of fate, the question of when a person will die becomes a subject of inquiry and analysis in the traditional modalities, whereas modern branches of astrology and certainly what I call “transformational” ‘astrology is more concerned with the evolution of the personality and the soul and our ability to transform our karma and create our destiny.  (You might be interested in my earlier article on this topic as well.)

In my personal theology, the chart is the karma that we are given, and our dharma, or soul work, is to maximize the potential of the chart and integrate the individual pieces that are often in conflict.  As we begin to make conscious choices rather than using reactive impulses in our day-to-day life, we are able to change our destiny and create a magnificent life.  This has been my experience as someone who has Saturn conjunct the Sun, Moon conjunct Pluto squared by Venus and Jupiter, and lots of other “bad” stuff in my chart, and this is what I teach my clients and students.

is a classical astrologer who has a new article out regarding the sudden rise of celebrity deaths over the past week, with the loss of major icons of popular culture (including Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Billy Mays within a 5-day period in June).

I have talked in these pages about the association of Jupiter with death.  Although I do not believe we can predict death from the birthchart (the “malefiic” planetary cycles that are said to predict death are experienced by people every day without resulting in death), we can often […]

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Rick Levine on Fate vs. Free Will

Thanks to Al for this link to a great video of Rick Levine, one of the founders of the great StarIQ site, who writes the sun sign column for Tarot.com and BeliefNet.  One thing I really like about Rick’s “horoscopes” is that he doesn’t pretend to make predictions for each Sun sign; instead he is looking at the planetary weather through the lens of each sign.

In this video Rick describes the relationship between astrology and particle wave theory in a way that makes it easy to understand.  He also discusses the fallacy of predictive astrology.   He reminds us that modern life is very different than life in earlier centuries, and that we have more free will because we have more “metaphysical mobility”

In this video, Rick completely and eloquently expresses my own view of the alchemical nature of the astrological consultation in helping us to transform our reality.  Rick makes a very logical case for the way in which we use the conscious mind to help to determine our fate, just as a sailor can use the force of the winds to direct a ship.

The video can’t be embedded, so f

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Pondering the question of Fate

The latest issue of  has an article by Brad Kochunas which kind of bothered me.  The article is called “In Praise of Melancholy,” so I expected to love it in light of my recent article “The Joy of Sadness.”  Kochunas writes:

Our psychological orientation via the humanistic transpersonal perspective is that we should spend our lives enthusiastically committed to seeking personal growth, self-actualization, peak experiences, liberation (i.e., expanded perspective)

so far so good…but here’s where he loses me:

and – with the recent emphasis on positive psychology – happiness.  This manic search leaves us with a lopsided vision of the world.  I might argue that life is too precious and brief to exhaust it seeking enlightenment.

Kochunas then goes on to ask: “Is it possible that the pervasive presence of depression in our nation arises from the inevitable voices of Saturn and Pluto trying to be heard in a culture bent upon endless growth while denying both decline and demise?”  Yes, absolutely?  But one can experience deeply the darkness of Saturn and Pluto yet still use those experiences for personal growth and ultimately the ability to walk in and out of the dark realms without getting stuck there.

This portion of the article really annoyed me since this speaks directly to the work that I do in my own practice:

[A]strology has followed [the field of psychology] in its efforts to assist clients to find happiness, success, health, wealth and the reassurance that they are living their lives in a manner that will get them what they want. This narcissistic focus has brought about a loss of soul, a dismissal of Fate and a secularizing perspective to astrology.  There is a certain hubris and shame in the idea of […]

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Another Musing On Predicting the Future

Astrology is a wonderful tool for explaining human behavior, for timing periods of challenge and change, and for providing a map to navigating our way through life most effectively.  What it can’t do, though, is predict an event with any certainty.

That’s not to say that astrologers don’t try.  Earlier in the year, before it appeared possible that Barack Obama could win the election, included noted Vedic astrologer Joni Patry who predicted that John McCain would win.  The Astrology Chick predicted in January that Hillary Clinton would win the Democrative nomination with John Edwards as her running mate, noting that Edwards had better transits than Obama.  We all know how that turned out!

A great astrologer can make a bad prediction, not because astrology is faulty but because our premises are often faulty.  If we think that a good transit will make for a successful year, we will often be wrong.  Sometimes the most challenging transits create the crisis that propels us into our future in a way that would never happen under an easy trine or sextile.

This can be disappointing for my clients, who really want to know WHEN will they meet their soulmate – WHEN will they get that job they want.  As an astrologer, I spent much of the time between 1993 and 1998 peering at my transits and progressions, searching for the cycles that would bring me closer to the relationship of my dreams.  Many auspicious times for relationships came and went, but no lover.  It wasn’t until much later that I realized that these beneficial times helped to provide the changes within myself that facilitated my ability to connect with my […]

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