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John Roberts takes a fall – the astrology of seizures

robertsJohn Roberts suffered a seizure yesterday and fell at his Maine vacation home on Monday, July 30. This was the second time he had blacked out after experiencing what they are calling a “benign idiopathic seizure,” meaning the medical experts don’t know what caused it. That always sends me running to the chart, because undiagnosable medical maladies are often energy imbalances in the physical structure.

Roberts’  has an Aquarius Sun.  Aquarians often have an interesting medical history because as a rule their inventive, rational mind typically takes control of their emotions. Roberts has the Moon in Pisces, which does add water to his chart and shows a deeply sensitive nature, and his Moon is part of a Grand Trine in Water which includes a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer as well as Saturn in Scorpio. This suggests a comfort with the emotional realm overall (Pisces Moon) with a need to care for others (Jupiter in Cancer) although that must be done in a way that retains his autonomy and freedom (Uranus conjunct Jupiter).

Saturn in Scorpio reveals a strongly fixed nature and works well in the trine; however, that same Saturn in Scorpio also squares his Aquarius Mercury and Pluto. Mercury and Pluto are in opposition which lends an intensity (Pluto) to the mental realms (Mercury) and can indicate a tendency towards obsessive thinking. This is not easy for the Aquarian Mercury, which prefers to live in the more subjective realms where life makes sense and there are no underlying psychic demons such as the ones that Scorpio embraces. In this T-square the Saturn in Scorpio suggests a fear and discomfort (Saturn) with the Scorpio realm of the emotional underworld.

It is this T-square that […]

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Good news from Mercury Retrograde

Last year we were told that Echinacea does not prevent colds; says that researchers have REviewed a dozen studies and have REvised conclusions from these studies to show that as suspected by herbalists for hundreds of years, echinacea really does help to strengthen the immune system:

The studies they reviewed took into account two ways of testing against the common cold. One way was to allow the participants to catch a cold “naturally” and see how effective echinacea was at this. The other way was to inject participants with rhinovirus, one of the many viruses that causes the common cold.

Echinacea reduced cold incidence by 65 per cent when it was used as a protective against catching it naturally. It still gave protection against the injected rhinovirus but this was only at 35 per cent. The researchers said that:

“With over 200 viruses capable of causing the common cold, echinacea could have modest effect against rhinovirus but marked effects against other viruses.”

Retrograde periods do serve a purpose; they enable us to go back and REview, REvise, REnovate, REconcile. Two steps forward, one step back but eventually we do get there!

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For women only

Since this is an astrology blog I feel I have to make a connection here so I’ll file this under “where reality meets our illusions: the Saturn/Neptune opposition.” Recent news reports cite a dropping breast cancer rate, and while these statistics were first linked to the sudden drop in the number of women taking hormone replacement thereapy, news reports now link the drop in breast cancer incidence to a corresponding drop in mammography rates.

The news articles suggest that the drop in breast cancer incidences must mean that there are simply fewer breast cancers found because fewer women are going for their annual mammograms. But what if there’s a more insidious connection? What if, as I have always suspected, an annual dose of radiation is more likely to cause cancer than to cure it?

I am not a lone nut in thinking this. points out:

Screening mammograms pose significant and cumulative risks of radiation-induced breast cancer for pre-menopausal women. The routine practice of taking 4 films of each breast each year results in approximately 1 rad (radiation absorbed dose) exposure, approximately 1,000 times greater than that from a chest x-ray.

The pre-menopausal breast is highly sensitive to radiation, with each 1 rad exposure increasing breast cancer risk by about 1%, which results in a cumulative 10% increased risk for each breast over a decade’s screening. Furthermore, radiation risks are 4 times higher for the 1 to 2% of women who are silent carriers of the A-T (“ataxia-telangiectasia”) gene.

A few years ago I was unable to find a doctor who support my desire to avoid so-called “hormone therapy,” but a few years later my fears of hormones were justified. I have had two mammograms in 15 years and have refused to have […]

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It’s a Brave New World

art by Scott Mills

A that 25% of all patients diagnosed as suffering with depression are actually just sad.

[Jerome] Wakefield and Allan Horwitz, a researcher at Rutgers University who studies the sociology of mental disorders, said their study, which was published in this month’s issue of the Archives astrology of General Psychiatry, pointed out that sadness has increasingly come to be seen as pathological in the United States. They have written a book called “The Loss of Sadness: How Psychiatry Transformed Normal Sorrow Into Depressive Disorder.”

Pharmaceutical companies, the psychiatric profession and patient advocacy groups have all contributed to the phenomenon, Horwitz added. Companies stand to make more money from the one-size-fits-all approach, researchers find the cookie-cutter model of disease makes it easier to do studies, and psychiatry has come to think of itself as “the arbiter of normality,” he said.

Patient groups, Horwitz added, think that the stigma attached to mental illnesses would be reduced if they were shown to be more common.

“The way in which people interpret their emotions is changing,” Horwitz said. “People are starting to think that any sort of negative emotion is unnatural, that they can take medication and feel better. What that can also do is . . . make it less likely for people to make real changes in their lives that might be better than medications.”

As someone whose Saturn/Neptune conjunction straddles my Sun and with Pluto conjunct my Moon, I am no stranger to depression. Many clients that I have seen who suffer from clinical depression have either tight Saturn or Pluto aspects or their chart is heavy in the fire element that is unable to find expression. Emotions are given to […]

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Five Steps to Healing with Jupiter/Chiron

Graphic from Ursi’s site

Thanks to for this link to Judith Orloff’s five steps to healing:

Step 1: Notice Your Beliefs
Your beliefs set the stage for healing. Positive attitudes stimulate growth. Negative attitudes impede it. It’s important to rid yourself of counterproductive attitudes that you may not even realize you have. If you examine your beliefs, choose life-enhancing ones, you’ll create optimal wellness. No organ system stands apart from your thoughts. Your beliefs program your neurochemicals. I’m not suggesting that you be Pollyannish, but that you be completely true to yourself. This will free you from unconscious negative beliefs that can sabotage your healing.

Step 2: Be In Your Body
Your body is a complex and sensitive intuitive receptor. You must make a commitment to be in it completely to heal. Most people in Western society are conditioned to live from the neck up, ignoring the rest of their body. This stance is counter-intuitive. I’d like you to shift that perspective-to enjoy your intellect but revel in your physicality as well. Being aware of the sensuousness of your body opens intuition. Then you’ll become more cognizant of early warning signs your body sends. This gives you a head-start on preventing illness, choosing healthy relationships, and avoiding detrimental situations.

Step 3: Sense Your Body’s Subtle Energy
We are composed of flesh and blood, but also of subtle energy. Chinese Medical Practitioners call it “chi,” a vital substance which penetrates the body and extends many feet beyond it. From an intuitive point of view, these vibrantly colored energy fields, whose centers are called chakras have a significant effect on our health. For that reason, it is important that we learn to sense this energy within us, recognize when it is off, and learn to correct the imbalance. […]

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